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    File originally posted on 11/25/2007 2:11 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/25/2007 2:11 AM PST

    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:50:20 PM): u should have some fun with him
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:51:22 PM): y?
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:51:53 PM): why not
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:52:01 PM): see how a man responds to u
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:52:14 PM): oh
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:52:37PM): i know u dont like that
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:52:51 PM): like wat?
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:55:05 PM): let him see u kinda nude
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:55:56 PM): ok
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:57:00 PM): will if u want but y?
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:57:19 PM): what sexy
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:58:10 PM): just wonderin y u want me to?
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:59:04 PM): so if u dont its cool
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 9:59:11 PM): it it is strange to u
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 9:59:33 PM): just not sure wat to do i never did that
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 10:00:35 PM): well kinda like come out the shower with ur towle showing some of ur breast
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 10:00:46 PM): oh
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 10:01:13 PM): is that bad
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 10:01:28 PM): idk is it?
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 10:02:14 PM): no
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 10:02:20 PM): u think he will be mad
    erin_lynnb (07/24/06 10:03:09 PM): no idea never thought bout doin that
    swgamaleyess (07/24/06 10:03:28 PM): so ur not going to do it huh

    The \"he\" in the above chat is the decoy's fictional grandfather. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this predator.

    Marvin Harrison Smith hit up our decoy contributor during the Georgia TCAP sting operation. He was, in a word, vile. One of the most vile chats we've ever posted on the site, in fact. Easily the most whacked out and disturbing chat-log from the entire Georgia sting operation. So vile that every contributor who has seen this log was more than pleased when footage of him being tasered by Harris County police was shown during the Georgia \"To Catch a Predator.\" That's how vile he was.

    And of course, he wanted to go to trial... for some reason.

    Well, Smith went to trial and was promptly convicted. His family reacted with rage because well, likely they've never seen these logs. Smith received 25 years in jail, he'll have to serve a minimum of 13 years. If he acts up in jail or post-release, it'll be longer. He'll also be a registered sex offender for life.

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    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Marvin Harrison Smith was one of the most disturbing individuals who have ever contacted one of my minor profiles. I must warn anyone who reads this chat that it can be upsetting. His graphic descriptions of multiple prior molestations of minors are horrifying.

    Smith not only described all manner of sex acts he wanted to perform with my 15 year old profile,
    He planned to have his adult girlfriend join in sex acts with them,
    He discussed having two other adult male friends of his have sex with the minor,
    He encouraged this 15 year old to, and instructed her on how to, seduce her grandfather,
    He wanted the minor to leave home to live with him,
    He sent links to porn sites to the minor instructing her to view them...
    The list of shocking things in this chat just goes on and on.

    Within the first hour of chatting, his intent to meet this 15 year old for sex was clear. He spent the next days planning how to meet...plans to come to the minor's house, asking the minor to get her grandparents to take her to a hotel where he would meet her, trying to get his girlfriend or someone else to bring the minor to him, even hitting up a 19 year old on-line and asking her to pick the minor up for him.

    While he was making plans to meet and describing the multitude of sex acts he wanted, he also revealed a dominant, violent side, saying things such as \"dont ever make me have to hurt u\", and \"never betray me\", making the minor call him \"sir\", talking about how things would hurt, about the minor crying, and as for screaming...he said \"well that turns me on\".

    When he decided to show up at the bust house in Fortson GA, he was cautious, as he had frequently mentioned that he knew he could get in trouble and go to jail for what he was planning. When he spotted the Dateline cameras in the house he ran even when police ordered him to stop, resulting in an additional charge of obstruction.

    Van De Camp has my extreme gratitude as the verifier on this case. Talking on the phone with this man was not easy. She also accompanied me to GA to testify in his trial, as he unwisely turned down a plea deal for 6 years in exchange for a jury trial. The jury found him guilty of attempted child molestation, attempted enticing a child for indecent purposes and obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.

    Many thanks to Harris County Superior Court Judge Frank Jordan Jr. for protecting the children of Georgia from this danger by sentencing Smith to 25 years, 13 of which will he will be in prison and 12 on probation, in addition to RSO status and all that comes with it. Thanks also to Chief Assistant District Attorney Mark Post and Chris Samra, as well as the Harris County Police Department, who also take their responsibility for the safety of the children of Georgia very seriously.

    This is our 240th conviction since June of 2004 and our 119th conviction for 2007 so far.