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    File originally posted on 9/13/2007 9:11 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/13/2007 9:11 PM PST

    Jlh3120 [07:09 PM]: are there many hot guys you see at school that you'd like to be with?
    14-year-old [07:09 PM]: uhmm m YEA!
    14-year-old [07:09 PM]: lol
    14-year-old [07:09 PM]: there 1 guy in my math class i just sit there an think about him instead of learning math lol
    Jlh3120 [07:09 PM]: he must be hot
    14-year-old [07:10 PM]: yup
    14-year-old [07:10 PM]: he is :)
    14-year-old [07:10 PM]: his name is Tim
    Jlh3120 [07:12 PM]: hang on a sec..phone
    14-year-old [07:12 PM]: k
    Jlh3120 [07:14 PM]: ok..back
    14-year-old [07:15 PM]: howdy!!
    Jlh3120 [07:15 PM]: uummm...hi
    14-year-old [07:15 PM]: who was it
    14-year-old [07:15 PM]: :)
    Jlh3120 [07:15 PM]: a friend
    Jlh3120 [07:16 PM]: i'd love to show you how good it feels sometime...as long as you're completely comfortable with it
    14-year-old [07:16 PM]: ok ya
    14-year-old [07:17 PM]: sound good 2 me actually
    Jlh3120 [07:18 PM]: i'm in my 40s but guarantee you that i'm not some old guy wanting to perv a younger boy....i just enjoy being with younger ones and they seem to enjoy me...so theres nothing to worry about as far as i'm concerned so long as you're ok with it
    And he ends up actually being 61 years old.

    Thomas Campbell uses email and IM to stalk what he thought was a 14 year old boy. Campbell would later show up to our Fort Myers, Florida Dateline sting operation and be arrested. Campbell is one of the oldest online sexual predators we've run across in our years of operation.

    Campbell received 9 months in jail, three years probation and registration as a sexual offender for the rest of his life. From all walks of life and ages do internet predators come.

    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    People like Thomas Campbell scare the hell outta me. Here we have a 61-year-old man wanting to hook up with a 13-year-old boy for sex. I mean really - what the hell is wrong with him? Did he keep getting older, but the people he is attracted to not get older? Is it pathological? Is it both? A man as old as Campbell really should know better. Yet, as evidenced in the chatlog, Campbell does not know better. He lies about his age, tries to act \"hip\" and proclaims his attraction to \"younger guys.\"

    I would rate the sentence given to Campbell as \"adequate.\" Sure, more jail time is always ideal for guys like him, but 270 days is no walk in the park for an older man who likes children in jail. Hopefully, Campbell has taken the time to identify what makes him want to have sex with underage boys and is working on making sure that he will never do it again.

    Many thanks go out to the authorities who worked this sting in Ft. Myers. It was a pleasure working with them and helping them nail some seriously sick perverts. These guys know what it takes to keep their local children safe from online pedophiles. Their dedication should be applauded.

    This is our 223rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 102nd conviction for 2007 so far.