• Conviction - cobbler1976 - Livonia, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 11/30/2009 5:46 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/30/2009 5:46 PM PST

    cobbler1976 (02/19/08 10:22:25 PM): sorry
    cobbler1976 (02/19/08 10:22:34 PM): u there?
    that_polish_chick94 (02/19/08 10:24:36 PM): yeah sorry
    that_polish_chick94 (02/19/08 10:24:44 PM): was getting food
    that_polish_chick94 (02/19/08 10:24:52 PM): my mom brought thai
    cobbler1976 (02/19/08 10:25:12 PM): yum
    cobbler1976 (02/19/08 10:25:31 PM): there is a lot of garlic in that though
    that_polish_chick94 (02/19/08 10:25:43 PM): really?
    that_polish_chick94 (02/19/08 10:25:52 PM): i thoght it was curry
    cobbler1976 (02/19/08 10:28:08 PM): not sure but nasty
    Why did you say "yum" if you think one of the main ingredients is "nasty"? You're an idiot.

    Marino Nicholas Apollinari was arrested as part of our Wayne County, MI sting in March of 2008. The case against him was pretty slam-dunk and he pled guilty within a few months to "using a computer or internet to communicate to commit crime." He received 1-20 years in prison, fines, and had to register as a sex offender with the usual restrictions. He remains in jail as of this posting, so his sentence has extended beyond the minimum of one year he could have served (he started serving in September, 2008).

    The contributor for this chat was Snocap.

    This is our 449th conviction since June of 2004, our 144th conviction for 2009, and our 55th conviction in Michigan thus far.