• Conviction - Wulfker_Dragonslayer - Lawton,Oklahoma, Oklahoma

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    File originally posted on 8/17/2007 1:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/17/2007 1:45 PM PST

    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:25:19 PM):i bet i know a few guys that would pay 100's of dollars just to see you naked
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:25:27 PM): rlly?
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:25:32 PM): r u serious?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:25:43 PM):some would pay alot to have sex with you
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:25:49 PM): rlly?
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:25:52 PM): but y?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:26:03 PM):they like young girls
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:26:09 PM): like me?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:26:11 PM):would you like to do that?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:26:12 PM):yes
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:26:18 PM): rlly?
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:26:23 PM): how would i do that?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:26:50 PM):i could find some people and then if you wanted to we could charge them to see you
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:27:01 PM): wow
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:27:14 PM): so i would only hafta let them c me?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:27:31 PM):if they wanted more they would have to pay much more
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:27:50 PM): man but im a virgin
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:27:52 PM):i bet guys woiuld pay close to 300-500 to have sex with you
    jess_chattin1993 (01/11/07 7:28:08 PM): but what kind of guys?
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:28:23 PM):guys between 21-and 34
    wulfker_dragonslayer (01/11/07 7:28:42 PM):and i would be there to make sure they didn't hurt you
    This is just one snippet of one of the most disturbing chats we've ever seen.

    Scott Johnson defines a five on the slimy scale. And the disturbing scale and the disgusting scale and about a dozen other "scales" that one could come up with. His entire chat is vile, disturbing and fills you with horror knowing that he has a daughter who is ten years old. The good news? That daughter will be twenty-two years old and away from this sick asshole when he gets out of jail.

    Johnson earned each day of the 135 months he was sentenced to with his beyond disturbing chat. He will also have five years supervised release after he gets out of jail. Johnson had shown up during our Walters, Oklahoma sting operation and we couldn't be happier that he had. This guy is the definition of a sick sexual predator.

    Cases like this and the recently convicted Robert Lyons case in California are prime examples of why we put up with some of the bullshit we put up with to do the work we do.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Scott Johnson is one of the most vile men that I have chatted with to date. It took him only 6 minutes to ask if my 13 yr old persona was a virgin, and 13 minutes to show me his penis.Things just went downhill from there. I don't think anything would be considered off limits to him, as long as he got to do it to a child. During the course of the chat, he wanted to exploit my persona by taking pics of her and her friends, have a threesome with her and her best friend, put pics of her on the internet for pay, and if necessary blackmail her best friend by getting her drunk and getting pics of her in her panties. He was willing to teach her about beastiality, be her pimp if she ever ran away, and bring her drugs and alchohol.He even went so far as to tell her she should pee in her dads bed, if she thought she wouldn't get caught.

    Scott was part of an Oklahoma GLEB sting that we did when I was a JC. During that sting we brought in some truly disgusting men. I was very happy to learn of the amount of time that Scott got sentenced to. I have to say that the judge in this case truly "got it", and realized that he is a danger to small children.

    I would like to thank Amcats for her awesome job verifying this perv, and also Max for letting me lean on her so much during this bust. Also I would like to thank the Walters LE for the fine job they did taking this man off the streets.

    I will never forget him and his filthy ways.

    This is our 220th conviction since June of 2004 and our 99th conviction for 2007 so far.