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    File originally posted on 8/26/2008 6:09 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/26/2008 6:09 AM PST

    okladokie_alyssa92 (01/23/07 9:32:32 PM): were u goin?
    okladokie_alyssa92 (01/23/07 9:32:39 PM): i wuz waitin on u
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:32:47 PM): to bed
    okladokie_alyssa92 (01/23/07 9:32:59 PM): its only like 930 :P
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:33:02 PM): i knows
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:33:31 PM): i usually lay there
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:33:34 PM): 4 a while
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:33:44 PM): because i use to talkin on the phone
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:33:48 PM): before i go to sleep
    okladokie_alyssa92 (01/23/07 9:33:53 PM): oh ok
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:34:16 PM): if ya could call i would talk 4 a long time
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:34:18 PM): then fall asleep
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:34:22 PM): but since ya cant ever
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:34:37 PM): its all good
    okladokie_alyssa92 (01/23/07 9:34:44 PM): im sry i will i just wanna like when i can talk an mom isnt like rite there
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:34:54 PM): hehe
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:35:01 PM): well life is about risk
    osu_cowboy_24 (01/23/07 9:35:10 PM): ya take some and the out come could be good

    And some put you in jail for a nice spell.

    Shaun Green is the last of the Walters, Oklahoma predators to be convicted. We have to say, we really like Oklahoma so far. All eleven individuals received at least 15 months in jail. Some, such as the RSO that showed up, received far longer, 135 months to be exact. Shaun here, he got 20 years sentence, with all but five suspended. So he'll serve five years in jail and have another 15 years hanging over his head if he isn't a good citizen. Yeah, we like Oklahoma.

    Otherwise, great blurb from the contributor, have a read!

    Contributor notes from Gloria Jean
    Like many of the child predators we encounter daily on the Internet, Shaun Green talks in circles to my child persona, in a weak attempt to avoid incriminating himself. Perhaps he thinks if he says he's joking again and again, he won't get in trouble. Bad assumption on his part.

    I happened to be working at the bust house as part of the sting we conducted with the Walters, OK Police Department. I was doubtful that Shaun was actually going to show, as he abruptly ended our conversation and he didn't call in-route as he indicated he would. When an unexpected, unidentified vehicle pulled into the driveway, we were all taken a little by surprise and LE jumped to action. The suspect was taken down in the driveway, and when I saw who they had in custody, I recognized him immediately. Shaun Green was sobbing and "very sorry", pleading with the law enforcement officers who had him face down on the asphalt in handcuffs.

    After the Walters PD detectives had finished questioning Shaun, I went into the holding room and introduced myself to him as "Alyssa", the "child" he'd been talking to. Being that he was expecting to have sex with a 14 year-old virgin and I'm actually old enough to be Shaun's mother, the look of shock and realization that came over his face was somewhat satisfying. He didn't say anything. He didn't need to.

    Shaun Green pled guilty to two counts of lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child under 16. He was sentenced to ten years prison on each count, with all but 5 years suspended, to run concurrently. He must pay fines, submit to sexual offender counseling and register as a sexual offender upon release.

    Huge props to Chief Mike Carter and all of the officers of the Walters, OK Police Department who worked tirelessly with us on this sting. They put together an excellent operation, were very professional and hardworking, and as a result we took some very bad men off the streets. Eleven of them, to be exact.

    I have to also thank my verifier Southern Aphrodite, for (once again) lending her voice and bringing my child to life. Thanks also must go to the members of the FBI and CID who were present and assisted with this sting.

    This is our 287th conviction since June of 2004 and our 25th conviction for 2008 thus far.