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    Decoy Name (12:08:15 AM): lol
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    jagjen2003 (12:12:28 AM): strokin my dick
    But there's something about this guy that makes all of this interesting...

    We actually have a team of people whose volunteer job is mostly to keep track of all our arrests. They normally do a really great job. They keep track of hundreds and hundreds of cases so we can get updates on where the cases are, when they're completed, etc. Really great people. Still, however, sometimes they miss one. Unfortunately, this is one they did miss for a long time and it's a very important case.

    Jose Antonio Guevara was convicted of online solicitation of a minor in March 2007. He was part of our Summer 2006 spate of arrests in Murphy, Texas. He was arrested and prosecuted as the evidence was of course, proper and good. Later, we would do a full sting in Murphy, Texas and get assailed and attacked by the most incompetent DA's office in the entire country, the Collin County DA's office, who would go on to smear us saying that none of our cases are proper and good... and none of them are able to be prosecuted.

    The specific term John Roach of the Collin County DA's office said? Impossible. Impossible to prosecute.

    They let over 20 predators, including a school teacher, walk without any charges. All based on a lie. We've addressed that lie many times on our website. This example shall be the most overt illustration of just how deep and far John Roach goes when he starts lying.


    Jose Antonio Guevara, our case, our logs, our evidence... was a case prosecuted by the Collin County DA's office. Specifically, he was prosecuted by Collin County prosecutor Bill Dobiyanski. Apparently Bill Dobiyanski can prosecute a Perverted-Justice.com case. He is such a good prosecutor that he can do the impossible. Well, the impossible according to John Roach, who is an unmitigated idiot of epic proportions.

    Guevara received ten years probation, seven years suspended sentence and registration as a sex offender. In Collin County, Texas. It is unfortunate that we missed this conviction back in March 2007, because we would have been shoving this fact down the throat of the politics-playing idiots that inhabit the Collin County Texas prosecutors office. They let 24 predators go when they could all have been prosecuted... prosecuted just like Jose Guevara.


    This is our 233rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 112th conviction for 2007 so far.