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    jonpharaoh93 (01:04:53 AM): when u stay here where did u wanna sleep?
    tim46107 (01:05:16 AM): with you
    jonpharaoh93 (01:05:26 AM): o ok
    jonpharaoh93 (01:05:33 AM): kewl :)
    tim46107 (01:05:52 AM): u ok with that
    jonpharaoh93 (01:05:59 AM): yea sounds fun
    tim46107 (01:06:32 AM): irf u dont want me to its ok
    jonpharaoh93 (01:06:42 AM): but y wouldnt i want u to?
    jonpharaoh93 (01:06:56 AM): unless u dont wanna
    tim46107 (01:07:09 AM): i wnwa for sure
    jonpharaoh93 (01:07:22 AM): k
    jonpharaoh93 (01:07:31 AM): an what did u wanna do?
    tim46107 (01:07:57 AM): humm u mean l;ike sex
    jonpharaoh93 (01:08:22 AM): well if were gunna be in the same bed 2gethr
    tim46107 (01:08:56 AM): i like to cuddle make out
    jonpharaoh93 (01:09:07 AM): ok that sounds fun
    jonpharaoh93 (01:09:09 AM): ive done that be4
    jonpharaoh93 (01:09:25 AM): :)
    tim46107 (01:09:33 AM): i like to give head

    Go to jail.

    Timothy Kyne has definitely gone to jail. He showed up at one of our three Kentucky stings that we did in the last year or so. The law enforcement community in Kentucky is great, Kentucky Bureau of Investigations and the Kentucky AG's office are some wonderful people. This case ended up going federal and due to that... well, sentencing, definitely.

    Kyne received 46 months in prison and 20 years supervised release. Yeah, twenty years supervised release. Nice.

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    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    Tim here was one of those guys who showed up during the Highland Heights sting we did with law enforcement back in April. He groomed me hardcore over a week. He talks about innocent things like T.V. and hobbies, but everything is sprinkled with compliments towards my kid. Guys like Tim know what to say to gain a kid's attention and trust; unfortunately, they know what to do once that trust is won.

    One of the amazing aspects of these Highland Heights cases is the speed in which they are being resolved. Both of the guys that I had show up at the bust house are resolved. Granted, half a year may seem like a long time, but some of my cases in other areas are going on two years now. It just goes to show how hardcore Kentucky approaches the epidemic of online predators - the punishment is severe and swift, and the cases against them are pursued vigorously. One would have to be fucking insane to agree to meet a kid for sex in Kentucky.

    Thanks again to all the great law enforcement and DA's in Kentucky. A person can only hope that their home state emulates your approach in combating online predators.

    This is our 262nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 141st conviction for 2007 so far.