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    File originally posted on 8/18/2007 3:25 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/18/2007 3:25 PM PST

    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:08:17 PM): do u like sex
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:08:23 PM): r u a cop
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:08:29 PM): no im not a cop
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:08:38 PM): sex is cool but i haven't done it alot
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:09:23 PM): does mom no u did it
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:09:33 PM): does your mom no u had sex
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:09:34 PM): no! i cant tell her
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:10:00 PM): ok
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:10:22 PM): have u had sex wit guy old then 17
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:10:36 PM): yea i did it with him
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:11:09 PM): have u every had sex older then 17
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:11:19 PM): yr old guy
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:11:49 PM): no nobody ever ask me
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:12:41 PM): have u
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:13:16 PM): i said no
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:13:23 PM): do u have a gf
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:13:51 PM): no
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:14:07 PM): r u a cop
    kieragirlrulz (09/03/06 10:14:17 PM): no im not a cop
    bud44800 (09/03/06 10:14:32 PM): do u have big tits
    And why is he so paranoid about it?

    Michael Seibert walked into America's living room during the Riverside sting operation. He immediately said oops. Michael Seibert then walked again, into the homes of Americans during the Long Beach sting. What did he say? Oops. Again. Seibert is the first double-predator in \"To Catch a Predator\" show history. He was pending charges in Riverside when he was arrested again in Long Beach.

    Well, he's still pending charges in Riverside, but the Long Beach case is done. So the second case is done before the first case... strange, but the sentence sounded very good to us.

    Seibert didn't get the \"Long Beach Special.\" No, he got a sentence of 42 months in state prison, registered sexual offender status and a nice term of probation. And of course, he still faces the charges from the Riverside sting operation so you'll be seeing his face on the main page again in the future.

    Contributor notes from Van De Camp
    I never was a fan of Britney Spears, but \"Oops\" he did it again fits so well right here.

    After showing up to the Riverside operation for one of my profiles, Michael here was arrested and began to make his way through the court system. Apparently, he didn't learn much from this episode in his life. While working the chatrooms for Long Beach, he hit me up again. He used the same screenname and everything. I was in disbelief. What are the odds that he would hit on another one of my personas. So lucky me, and I say that with a lot of sarcasm, got to chat with him yet again.

    This time around he was very scared. He would say he wanted someone else and then immediately go back to hitting on my persona. He was paranoid this go around, but not paranoid enough.To accommodate for this paranoia, I actually verified him myself. I've busted him twice so I know him pretty darn well by now.

    For all his paranoia, a mere day after attending court pertaining to his Riverside charges, he showed up to our Long Beach operation. His only reaction? \"Oops\". That's what you say when you forget your car keys, Michael. Not exactly appropriate for twice showing up to a sting trying to get with a minor.

    For some reason this case went through the courts faster than the first, but no matter to me. My first question was \"did he get the Long Beach Special\". I'm very happy to say he did not and that I hope he enjoys those three years in prison. Once his Riverside charges are handled, I have a feeling good ole Michael here will not be seeing the outside world for a good long time and that's something we all should feel safer about.

    Thanks to the Long Beach PD for there outstanding work as always.

    This is our 221st conviction since June of 2004 and our 100th conviction for 2007 so far.