• Conviction - netbuckeye - West Milton, OH, Ohio

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/9/2006 9:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/9/2006 10:02 PM PST

    chickygrrrrl (6:20:56 PM): u in oh?
    netbuckeye (6:20:59 PM): yeah
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:00 PM): yea very
    netbuckeye (6:21:08 PM): which department are you with
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:13 PM): huh?
    netbuckeye (6:21:26 PM): greenville?
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:31 PM): department?
    netbuckeye (6:21:38 PM): police
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:41 PM): lol
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:46 PM): u think im a cop?
    netbuckeye (6:21:53 PM): id be stupid not to
    chickygrrrrl (6:21:58 PM): hahahahaha
    netbuckeye (6:22:05 PM): i cant believe the idiots who keep trying that shit
    chickygrrrrl (6:22:09 PM): yea the cops are hirin 14 year olds now
    netbuckeye (6:22:19 PM): no, they pose as 14 year olds
    chickygrrrrl (6:22:23 PM): who does?
    chickygrrrrl (6:22:26 PM): cops?
    netbuckeye (6:22:28 PM): cops everywhere
    netbuckeye (6:22:29 PM): heck yeah
    chickygrrrrl (6:22:35 PM): i never met no cops here
    netbuckeye (6:22:35 PM): its in the news every other week
    netbuckeye (6:22:43 PM): of course they're not gonna tell you
    chickygrrrrl (6:22:50 PM): then how u know
    netbuckeye (6:22:54 PM): besides, they're looking to bust pervs
    netbuckeye (6:22:57 PM): not you
    netbuckeye (6:23:04 PM): i hear about it on the news
    netbuckeye (6:23:12 PM): xenia cops do it all the damn time
    chickygrrrrl (6:23:14 PM): well i dont know wat to tell ya, im no cop
    netbuckeye (6:23:19 PM): ok
    chickygrrrrl (6:23:23 PM): never been to xenia

    We weren't in Xenia, Ohio so he felt comfortable to come. Why? Because Xenia, Ohio has built a reputation for catching predators. Predators in Ohio fear kids that say \"Xenia.\" That's the kind of effect we look to have with our Dateline stings as well, and the kind of benefit individual locations have from doing frequent sting operations.

    John Frantz people may remember as being the individual that brought the \"letter\" during Dateline 4: Ohio. He made a big deal out of having that letter in his car. Didn't work. Frantz is now sentenced to...

    - 30 days local jail time followed by 30 days house arrest
    - 10 years registration as a sexually oriented offender
    - 40 hours community service
    - 12 months in prison for any violation of probation, which includes no drugs or alcohol, no unsupervised contact with children, completion of sex offender treatment program, and payment of all court and treatment costs (which are substantial).

    He got a little less time than most of our Ohio convictions because of a pre-sentencing report by a psychiatrist stating that he could be rehabilitated. We shall see if that holds out, hopefully the psychiatrist is right.

    Notes from the Contributor, Mickey Finn
    John Frantz was certain I was a cop. He told me so right away the first night he approached me online. In fact, he scoffed at me and asked me what department I was with. So we had a brief chat about Greenville and basketball and he went on his way. I thought I'd never hear from him again -- but I was wrong. He approached me the very next day once again and this time he made his intentions crystal clear. Within hours, he was on his way to a sexual liaison with a 14-year old girl while her parents were away. Yes, that's how easily it can happen to your child.

    The thing to note here is that his only concern was being arrested, not the theft a 14-year old girl's innocence by a 33-year old man. In fact, he was so concerned about being arrested that he presented us with a first. He prepared a defense in advance. Do innocent people prepare a defense in advance? I think not. He wrote a statement and brought it with him. In essence, the statement said that if this girl turns out to be law enforcement, I wasn't really coming here to commit the crime I clearly was coming here to commit.

    Needless to say, the ploy didn't work. His pre-prepared statement was what the Darke County Sheriff's Department labeled an \"alibi letter.\" They saw through it immediately and took him into custody.

    Huge thanks are due to Detective Mike Burns and the entire Darke County Sheriff's Department. They were a pleasure to work with and they're a true asset to their community. Because of them, Darke County Ohio is a safer place for kids and a distinctly more dangerous place for those who prey on them.

    This is our 95th conviction since June of 2004 and our 55th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.