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    File originally posted on 10/23/2013 11:25 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/23/2013 11:25 AM PST

    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:46:35 PM): do u go to school? or do u wokr?
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:46:42 PM): omg typo gremlins like crazy
    racine_guy22 (10/09/10 2:46:44 PM): work
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:46:44 PM): work*
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:46:48 PM): whatcha do?
    racine_guy22 (10/09/10 2:46:58 PM): just got out the military
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:47:07 PM): what branch/
    racine_guy22 (10/09/10 2:47:13 PM): army
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:48:08 PM): how long were u in the army?
    racine_guy22 (10/09/10 2:48:13 PM): 7yrs
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:48:18 PM): wow
    darke_scene_gurl_94 (10/09/10 2:48:29 PM): how come u got out?
    racine_guy22 (10/09/10 2:49:08 PM): just wasnt for me

    Now Mikey, you know that wasn't quite the whole truth there.

    Michael Krezinski showed up to meet a 15-year-old for sex as part of our Appleton, WI sting. Instead of little Cami, he got to meet some incredible law enforcement officers. He was arrested and charged with Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime, a felony. Krezinski was taken to jail, and that's where it got weird.

    Krezinski had to be put on suicide watch initially. See, Michael knew that he'd truly screwed up. Not only was he facing charges for trying to have sex with a child, but now the Army wanted him as well. Seems he \"got out of the military\" his way - AWOL. The Army wanted him back for prosecution. Appleton told the Army they could have him, once they were done with him.

    Krezinski ended up making a plea agreement which had him plead \"no contest\" to Attempted Child Enticement. He received a year in jail, 6 years of probation, and registration as a sex offender.

    Oh, and THEN he had to go deal with the Army.

    This is our 571st conviction since June of 2004.