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    File originally posted on 1/20/2009 7:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/20/2009 7:45 PM PST

    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:09:15 PM): i think we'll b like awsome friend u know but on the low u know
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:09:16 PM): lol
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:09:26 PM): k thats cool
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:09:31 PM): i know
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:09:34 PM): maybe we'll befriends with benefits or something else u know
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:09:39 PM): i didnt talk to u in the room
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:02 PM): so ud come back again?
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:18 PM): wats the somethin else?
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:10:31 PM): maybe bf and gf lata on
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:40 PM): wow
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:47 PM): mayb
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:10:50 PM): till then friends with benefits if its kewl with u hun
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:56 PM): thatd b cool if we get along
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:10:59 PM): yea
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:11:38 PM): i know wat u mean by low down thats y i didnt say hey in the room
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:11:46 PM): so we'll be like fuck buddies u know hun
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:12:07 PM): k
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:12:42 PM): u want that hun to be fuck buddies till we like kewl to go out jw..
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:13:07 PM): gues if it all goes ok
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:13:27 PM): u know wut that means right
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:13:37 PM): good freinds?
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:13:58 PM): yah and if we get u know antsy then we like get each other off
    14-yr-old-girl (03/25/07 2:14:16 PM): so hang out again?
    MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:14:42 PM): yah
    Or maybe not.

    Justin Benavides is one of those guys that just doesn't care. He had seen the series of shows we did with Dateline NBC called \"To Catch a Predator\", yet, when he had the opportunity to try to prey on a 14 year old girl... he didn't care, he jumped right at it. Of course, that landed him a spot on the show, being interviewed by Chris Hansen, feeling that ol' feeling that his life was about to crumble.

    Benavides was arrested by the good folks in Ocean County, New Jersey and sentenced to lifetime probation and registration as a sex offender, as well as all the restrictions that sort of status brings.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Justo (Justin) Benavides first contacted my 14 year old persona in the New Jersey MySpace chat room. He then moved the chat to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). He played it cool, feeling the \"child\" out, and gradually worked in his intentions. This is not the most graphic chat, but Justin pushed hard to meet, asking in almost every conversation when she could hang out with him. He frequently discussed his sexual intentions, and summed up his intentions as...\"MatrixJB84 (03/25/07 2:11:46 PM): so we'll be like fuck buddies u know hun\". He also clearly knew that this was illegal. He asked several times if he was talking to a cop, including on the phone in the attached phone verification.

    Justin also pushed constantly for phone calls. The calls that were made were handled by verifiers River Rat and Red Robin, who did a great job. When he showed up to meet who he thought was a 14 year old girl, it was officers from the Ocean County, NJ prosecutors office waiting for him. He arrived during a sting that was covered by Dateline and was interviewed by Chris Hansen.
    He said in the interview \"Justo Benavides: This is the Dateline thing.\", so he obviously had seen or heard of the show, but still decided to risk meeting a child for sex. This was a very poor decision. For his crime he was sentenced to probation for life and must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law. If it had been a real child waiting for him, the outcome would have been much more tragic.

    This is our 318th conviction since June of 2004 and our 15th conviction for 2009 thus far.