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    File originally posted on 2/15/2007 5:30 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/15/2007 5:49 PM PST

    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:05 PM): if i am in the whirlpool are you going to be skinny dipping
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:12 PM): heheheeheh
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:14 PM): lol
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:21 PM): j/k
    sassy_ltl_lady (07/23/06 8:59:27 PM): ah well ive got both
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:32 PM): ok
    sassy_ltl_lady (07/23/06 8:59:33 PM): n the whirlpoools wrmer
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:39 PM): i know that
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 8:59:53 PM): are you going to be skinny dipping
    sassy_ltl_lady (07/23/06 9:00:01 PM): not bottmless
    wolfknight30 (07/23/06 9:00:15 PM): you will be bottomless

    Unfortunately for Captain Wolfman, that didn't quite happen.

    The Georgia cases are unique because almost all of them were charged and pled out at the same time. Hence, you're seeing quite the rush of Georgia convictions for a while.

    Bill Rowell will spend the next six years of his life in Georgia prison, and then will have ten years of probation as well. Lifetime registration as a sex offender completes the \"Harris County Special.\" Oh yeah, and if he does anything improper in prison, he may end up serving more time.

    All in all, pretty sweet stuff, isn't it?

    Notes from the Contributor, Belvedere
    Bill started talking with someone he thought and believed was a 13 yr old girl. He knew it was wrong. He had even seen the Dateline TCAP specials. But that only slowed him up a bit. He exposed himself on cam a number of times and thought nothing of it. He even admitted talking to other teenage girls.

    But no matter how worried he was, the thought of taking the virginity of a teenage girl was stronger.

    I am glad that he will have at least 6 yrs behind bars to think of his choice. Maybe other men will eventually learn that this is wrong.

    I applaud the DA and the Judge for these sentences.

    Thank you Harris county Georgia.

    This is our 150th conviction since June of 2004 and our 29th conviction for 2007 so far. Yeah, 29 convictions in 45 days. Not bad.