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    File originally posted on 10/8/2007 5:19 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/8/2007 5:19 AM PST

    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:02:23 PM): u make me wish that i was young again
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:02:57 PM): why
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:03:04 PM): pretty
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:03:07 PM): aw ty
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:03:27 PM): very
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:03:35 PM): omg ty thats so sweet
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:04:14 PM): just the facts
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:04:28 PM): I dont think so but thank you
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:04:40 PM): beleive that
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:05:07 PM): lucious
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:05:20 PM): omg you really think so/
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:05:37 PM): yes
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:05:50 PM): but alot of good it does
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:06:05 PM): why
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:06:16 PM): too old
    diary_of_taylor (03/29/07 10:06:27 PM): says who
    dave40962 (03/29/07 10:06:37 PM): the law
    It's not just the law that says you're too old for a thirteen year old.

    Charles McAllister showed up at one of our Kentucky sting operations that we have done with Kentucky AG Greg Stumbo. McAllister did all the wrong things during his chat, grooming, getting comfortable and then getting sexual with what he thought was a thirteen year old female. He showed up to meet what he thought was that female and instead? Well, you know the story by now... gets arrested.

    McAllister was sentenced to five years in prison, once released, he will have a conditional discharge for five years. If he violates any of the conditions, he goes back to jail to serve out the rest of his term. One wrong step and five years becomes ten years. He will register as a sex offender and has to abide by the following restrictions:

    Must pay costs of $150, no contact with minors, may not accept or seek employment where he will be have access to minors or have opportunity to seek out new victims, no sexually explicit manner in any form (magazine, computer, cd etc), restricted from computers & internet access and restricted from romantic relationships without probation/parole consent.

    Contributor notes from Olive Garden
    I wonder how much showing up to meet compares to Christmas now?

    Charles \"Dave\" McAllister was my first arrest. He hit up my 13 year old girl persona in a Kentucky chatroom and within days was talking about having sex and meeting me.

    Dave was systematic and manipulative. He knew of the insecurities and played on them by rewarding \"correct\" responses with compliments. His talk of how \"special\" it would be to be with a child that was so pure and \"untouched\" sickened me. And when he said it would be like Christmas for him, implying the child was able to \"give the gift\" of herself to him freely, making her feel like she was in control...That really pissed me off.

    I am incredibly pleased with the sentence of five years in this case. Dave planned to come over and rape a child multiple times. He brought condoms, pornography, and alcohol for a 13 year old. He knew he had no leg to stand on and made things easier by pleading guilty.

    Thank you to the Kentucky law enforcement and all involved with this case. I also want to thank Bigfoot for the awesomely stupendous verifies and helping put a voice to my child. She definitely made my child real for him, as evidenced by him showing up and getting arrested, and ultimately sentenced.

    This is our 230th conviction since June of 2004 and our 109th conviction for 2007 so far.