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    File originally posted on 2/15/2010 9:14 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/15/2010 9:14 PM PST

    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:57:17 PM): i am 29
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:57:22 PM): cool so whats the prob?
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:57:31 PM): you are ok with it?
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:57:35 PM): i dont care
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:57:40 PM): my dad is 54 and my mom is 31
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:58:05 PM): 14 years age differece
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:13 PM): lol u cant add
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:58:19 PM): in between you and me its 16 years haha
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:26 PM): lol u cant add or subtract
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:28 PM): ill teach u
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:37 PM): 54 subtrac 31 is 24 not 14 :p
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:43 PM): lol i mean 23
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:58:51 PM): still closer than u :p
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:58:53 PM): oh yeah!
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:58:54 PM): haha
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:59:03 PM): cool
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:59:05 PM): yeah were not good at math
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:59:11 PM): no
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:59:29 PM): do you drive?
    willowfilipino (08/22/06 8:59:32 PM): lol im 13
    indianman76 (08/22/06 8:59:35 PM): haha
    Not so much a joke now, really.

    Anurag Tawari was arrested during our Petaluma sting operation from 2006 that was subsequently aired on Dateline NBC. Yes, he took a while. Why? Because he played at wanting to fight the charges before finally asking for a plea deal agreement.

    Tawari got 24 months of conditional probation, 200 hours of volunteer work, various fines of differing amounts and restricted from social or computer contact with minors. All in all, justice served even though it took a while.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    Some of these guys just don't stand out. Anurag Tawari is one of those guys. I had a lot of arrests in Petaluma and most of them have something interesting about them... not Anurag.

    He was generic in screenname, pretty generic in chat-log outside of his failings at math and overall, another internet predator. Some of these guys are just plain predators with no real interesting tidbits. Tawari is one of those individuals. And now he's a plain ol' conviction.

    This is our 505th conviction since June of 2004, our 5th conviction for 2010, and our 128th conviction in California thus far.