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    File originally posted on 7/15/2005 10:49 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/15/2005 11:44 AM PST

    Getting tired of the convictions yet? Today marks conviction number 23 and our second posting of a conviction in two days. Third for the month. Oh, you know the statistics by now, I'm sure. Sixteenth since January 1st, 2005... 23rd since June 2004... and our nineteenth state! Yeah, we hate repeating ourselves but we love saying it so much!

    Anyways, Dale had the unfortunate occurence of hitting up Sky Monkey. Dale is a vile man, who had quite vile plans. We're very glad to have gotten him off the internet and into a courtroom.

    Notes from the contributor, Sky Monkey
    Dale Kaup was not unlike many of the men we helped convict. He was divorced, had two kids that were nearly my age, and working a middle class job in the medical field. He was extremely careful, which in many cases, shows the ultimate level of danger. I immediately contacted Det. Sexton of the Lincoln PD about him, in which we provided his exact ID and address to help assist. Dale was arrested outside of a grocery store when he showed up in his minivan with the back seat removed, and blankets arranged for what he told the police was "just to talk".

    I suppose the condoms in his pocket were just to talk about safe sex, as well. After a lengthy court process, the evidence against him was so great, that he had no choice but to plead down from 1st Degree Attempted Sexual Assault on a Child, to Sexual Enticement of a Child via the use of a Computer. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August of this year, and could face up to 10 years in prison for his vile offense.

    Dale was vile, and calculating. He wanted me to babysit for him when his kids weren't even there, and groomed me into the suggestion of sexual contact that still to this day haunts my mind. Now that he has been convicted, his future is in the hands of a judge.

    I applaud both of them for removing this dangerous predator's grip from access to the child and children that he seemed more than apt to prey upon. Much thanks goes to our venerable Eris, for her phone verification and assistance with police. Just as much thanks goes to the proactive law enforcement who see us as a viable and steady tool to begin to erase this plauge of predatory advances on the innocent, misguided, and all too often, unsupervised children that unwittingly fall victim to human excrement like Dale.

    Dale's sentencing is August 2nd. We'd like to once again thank the detective and prosecuting attorney who worked with us on this case, their hard work makes posts like these possible. Thanks!

    Link: View a screenshot of the case information