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    File originally posted on 12/13/2007 5:19 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/13/2007 5:19 PM PST

    torn_angel_2005 (7:00:58 PM): so wat u do for fun
    asian_kreationz (7:01:11 PM): hmm
    asian_kreationz (7:01:20 PM): i like playing madden
    asian_kreationz (7:01:22 PM): ps2
    torn_angel_2005 (7:01:37 PM): kewl my friends borther has that
    asian_kreationz (7:01:42 PM): kool
    torn_angel_2005 (7:01:43 PM): never played it tho
    asian_kreationz (7:01:49 PM): i love that game
    asian_kreationz (7:02:01 PM): i think i'm gonna play it
    torn_angel_2005 (7:02:06 PM): they got that for xbox
    asian_kreationz (7:02:06 PM): gotta go
    asian_kreationz (7:02:07 PM): bye
    torn_angel_2005 (7:02:12 PM): lol k
    asian_kreationz (7:02:13 PM): haha
    asian_kreationz (7:02:20 PM): that was messed up
    asian_kreationz (7:02:23 PM): lol
    torn_angel_2005 (7:02:28 PM): u funny
    asian_kreationz (7:02:41 PM): :))
    asian_kreationz (7:02:55 PM): i'd rather play with u
    torn_angel_2005 (7:03:03 PM): haha
    asian_kreationz (7:03:12 PM): press ur buttons
    torn_angel_2005 (7:03:17 PM): and wat would u do
    torn_angel_2005 (7:03:20 PM): lol
    asian_kreationz (7:03:29 PM): or remove them instead

    Way to give gamers a bad name, asshole.

    David Pham Phuong showed up at our February 2006 Laguna Beach sting operation. He got drilled with eighteen months in prison, lifetime registered sex offender restrictions. Phuong won't be having many buttons to push for quite some time.

    Contributor notes from General Tso
    David here was a special kind of driver. Namely because his poor sense of direction and horrid driving had him wandering the freeways of Riverside County as we wrapped up the landmark Riverside Dateline experience. He escaped that fame, but he still seemed to miss that he was invited for it. Icarus was the one doing the typing on this case, and I functioned as a phone verifier for the Riverside Dateline weekend, and spent much time on the phone trying to get David's horrid sense of direction straightened out. I was not to be successful that weekend in getting him unlost, but I would be successful for our day of arrests with the Laguna Beach police in February.

    I made phone contact with him, let him know I'd be home alone, let him invite himself over, and gave him the address and directions, then helped him when he got lost, an event that shocked nobody at all. He showed, complete with drugs and drug paraphernalia! Whee! He had a big night planned, apparently. Well, it's a good thing we did too!

    He, like the wiser of the individuals who find themselves in jail thanks to their run-ins with us, elected to plead guilty rather than go through a trial. Considering what happened to others in Orange County I wouldn't want to go to trial there either, if I were him. He was convicted on all four counts and sentenced to 18 months of state prison.

    Special thanks go out to Icarus, for bringing me in as verifier on this case and letting me have the freedom to call him and take over the case as he wasn't going to be near a computer until after the house in Laguna closed. This case really is his as much as it is mine. I'd also like to thank the fantastic men and women of the Laguna Beach Police Department for their great work that weekend, because it was one heck of a day for them, too!

    This is our 246th conviction since June of 2004 and our 125th conviction for 2007 so far.