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    File originally posted on 1/10/2009 10:58 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/10/2009 10:58 PM PST

    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:14:56 AM): I got a joke for ya
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:15:02 AM): kay
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:15:29 AM): what's black when you buy it, becomes red when you use it, then turns white when you have to throw it out?
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:15:52 AM): i dunno what
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:15:58 AM): charcoal!
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:16:26 AM): lol
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:16:26 AM): thas good
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:16:30 AM): thanks
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:16:39 AM): I got a corny jok
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:16:44 AM): kay
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:16:58 AM): what type of room has no walls, floor, or ceiling?
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:17:09 AM): ummm
    valeriemakesnice95 (03/31/07 10:17:18 AM): i dunno
    shinster007 (03/31/07 10:17:25 AM): a.... Mushroom
    Those aren't jokes, those are riddles. C'mon.

    Some predators are incredibly disturbing, some are ridiculously violent, but some predators... they're just rather smooth. Thomas Shin is one of the smoother predators, a classic groomer, he lowered his age in the chat by 14 years in order to try to make the girl feel at ease. Most predators, as found by a study last year, don't pretend to be teens, but a large percentage do shave years off in order to try to make a teen feel more comfortable.

    Shin had seen Dateline NBC's \"To Catch a Predator\" before arriving at the New Jersey sting house, in fact he references it in his chat and tries to make himself seem different from \"all those other guys.\" However, as the chat unfolded, it was obvious how \"same\" Thomas Shin was. He was sentenced to a lifetime of sex offender registration and parole. If he commits any other crime, he will go to jail due to this crime for a total of three to five years.

    Contributor notes from Gloria Jean
    I decided to switch things up for the Dateline NJ sting. I don't normally portray a 12-year-old child. Even for me, a seasoned decoy, twelve is just too young-it's more disturbing to me personally. I have a niece the same age and I just have a hard time going there. Thomas Shin of Princeton NJ took the bait. He portrayed himself as a 22 year old young man, which would certainly be bad enough considering my decoy-age, but in reality (as is often the case) he was actually 36. He flirted and played coy with my 12-year-old persona. He wasn't overtly disgusting and sexual..which might have scared off a 12-year-old girl; instead he was sweet and funny and silly...baiting a sweet innocent girl. He even showed up to the Dateline bust house bearing a load of gifts that would make any 12 year old girl swoon.

    I hope all New Jersey parents will take notice. This predator - Thomas Shin - has been sentenced to lifetime parole and lifetime registration as a sexual offender. While on parole, he could face three to five years in prison if he commits a new crime or fails to register as a sex offender. If he fails to verify his address annually, he could face up to 18 months in prison. Sadly, he didn't have to serve any real jail-time whatsoever. This makes me sad, however I'm very happy that those in close proximity to him who have children, are ON NOTICE. You can't ignore the fact that this 36 year old man showed up to have sexual contact with a twelve-year-old girl. BEWARE. Following is a link to the Dateline \"To Catch a Predator\" episode that aired featuring Thomas Shin, 36 year old child predator.


    This is our 313th conviction since June of 2004 and our 10th conviction for 2009 thus far.