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    working_loving_goodman (10/14/08 10:30:48 PM): you a cop
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:31:21 PM): um
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:31:24 PM): huh?
    working_loving_goodman (10/14/08 10:31:48 PM): i was asking if your a cop
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:31:52 PM): lol
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:31:53 PM): no
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:31:56 PM): im 14
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:00 PM): can u be a cop at 14?
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:04 PM): cos like that would be really cool
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:10 PM): but idk if my mom would let me
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:12 PM): u kno?
    working_loving_goodman (10/14/08 10:32:38 PM): you could be a cop whos acting like a 14 year old
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:46 PM): um
    raeganoreilly (10/14/08 10:32:49 PM): okay
    working_loving_goodman (10/14/08 10:33:35 PM): you have a cell phone
    He didn't stick with that fear for very long, despite the fact that he had already been caught once in this way. What a sick obsessive.

    Dennis Ray Frick is an example of how dangerous predators can be and why it's important to fight for stronger sentencing. Frick was out of jail for a previous solicitation crime and in no time, he was back in the rooms looking for a real kid. I guess he figured that there was no chance a cop could find him twice... and I suppose that is true, this time, it was a PeeJ decoy.

    Frick was sentenced for two charges of using the internet to commit crime, receiving sentences of 2-4 years and 3-10 years in prison. We assume those sentences run concurrently, and he also received five additional years of probation. We hope he has to serve the full ten years because he is an extremely dangerous individual. He was already on the registered sex offender list prior to this case, and he remains so, with the usual restrictions.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    Dennis Frick already had already been caught in a sting in Michigan. In April 2006, he solicited what he thought was a 14 year old girl. That turned out to be a Macomb County Sheriff Deputy. He took a plea and received probation.

    Two years later, Frick was a non-compliant RSO and at it again. This time hitting up my 14 year old decoy. He would put penis pics as his avatar. Quite proud of his manhood, I guess, though I don't know why.

    Despite not meeting, LE picked him up for several reasons. His being on the computer in general was breaking his probation rules. Talking to a minor was also a big no-no. Add to that the sending of dick pics and arranging to meet, and suddenly Frick had hit the RSO trifecta on how NOT to stay out of prison.

    When LE picked him up, he also admitted to talking/texting minors from his cell phone and receiving and sending pics in that manner as well.

    Frick took a plea knowing he was already facing the 5 year sentence from 2006 that he would now have to finish out. Unfortunately his sentences will run concurrently. No matter how long he's in I'm sure that he'll be at it again shortly after release. If he is, hopefully it will be LE or Perverted Justice decoys that he comes across. 3 strikes law anyone?

    This is our 437th conviction since June of 2004, our 133rd conviction for 2009, and our 51st conviction in Michigan thus far.