Major in AF: Crashes and burns
Bust by Antiperv @ 5/17/2006 3:47 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Paul, 34
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Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit leslieloooo, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... unless of course you are attempting to solicit sex from a 14 year old while training at an Air Force base. Then it will follow you back to your home state where you get investigated, plead guilty and are dishonarably discharged.

This chat happened almost 2 years ago. It finally came to fruition with a plea of guilty on May 16th, 2006.

August 16th, 2004

1st line cut off by yahoo
wocket2003 hey, you're a cutie

leslieloooo (10:55:59 PM): ha thanks
wocket2003 (10:56:07 PM): lol, ya bet
leslieloooo (10:56:46 PM): asl f 14 here
wocket2003 (10:57:04 PM): oh my
wocket2003 (10:57:05 PM): 34
wocket2003 (10:57:09 PM): lol, sorry girl
leslieloooo (10:57:21 PM): what 4
wocket2003 (10:57:22 PM): don't mean to offend you
wocket2003 (10:57:33 PM): you gotta cam?
leslieloooo (10:58:26 PM): no mom wont let me have 1
wocket2003 (10:58:35 PM): prob smart
leslieloooo (10:59:27 PM): so what r u doin 2nite
wocket2003 (10:59:57 PM): nuttin, trying to hook up (Turn around..walk away)
leslieloooo (11:00:51 PM): so u tht i was cute wow no one ever told me that b4
wocket2003 (11:01:07 PM): lol... duh
wocket2003 (11:01:09 PM): lol
wocket2003 (11:01:11 PM): sorry
leslieloooo (11:01:54 PM): so u dont want to talk with me then (I'd prefer not.)
wocket2003 (11:02:09 PM): nah, its cool... just feel weird ( In hindsite, probably a feeling you should have rolled with )
leslieloooo (11:02:25 PM): oh i dont feel werid
wocket2003 (11:02:35 PM): i do... it's diff for me
leslieloooo (11:02:52 PM): y
wocket2003 (11:03:06 PM): i dunno
wocket2003 (11:03:17 PM): if you don't have a cam, or get naked, i guess its okay
leslieloooo (11:03:32 PM): iget naked when i get a shower ha
wocket2003 (11:03:43 PM): lol, good idea
leslieloooo (11:03:44 PM): but no cam
wocket2003 (11:03:48 PM): i bet you look good too (You saw me and never told me if I looked good or not)
leslieloooo (11:03:57 PM): dunno
leslieloooo (11:04:09 PM): oh ur cute 2 btw
wocket2003 (11:04:17 PM): lol... thanks
wocket2003 (11:04:27 PM): don't flirt, it'll get me in trouble (Cuz it would be the child's fault?)
leslieloooo (11:04:46 PM): just telling the truth
wocket2003 (11:04:57 PM): k, well... me too
leslieloooo (11:05:14 PM): where r u
wocket2003 (11:05:28 PM): by nellis
wocket2003 (11:05:31 PM): you?
leslieloooo (11:06:00 PM): cool i live between nellis and vegas
wocket2003 (11:06:18 PM): oh, cool
wocket2003 (11:06:28 PM): thats not far
leslieloooo (11:07:00 PM): u work at nellis... u have short hiar
wocket2003 (11:07:15 PM): yup
leslieloooo (11:07:43 PM): u fly
wocket2003 (11:08:14 PM): yup
leslieloooo (11:08:24 PM): kewl
wocket2003 (11:08:50 PM): yeah
leslieloooo (11:10:09 PM): i like to fly i flew to see dad in nc last year
wocket2003 (11:10:19 PM): yeah
wocket2003 (11:10:29 PM): its diff when you are pilot
leslieloooo (11:10:38 PM): wht do u fly
wocket2003 (11:10:54 PM): F16 (Wow... I bet that will impress your cell mate)
leslieloooo (11:11:11 PM): kewl how fast
wocket2003 (11:11:24 PM): very
leslieloooo (11:11:33 PM): ha
wocket2003 (11:12:51 PM): yeah
wocket2003 (11:13:01 PM): so whatcha doin up so late... folks home? ( Why do you need to know if my parents are home? )
leslieloooo (11:13:37 PM): it's not late... ha no dad lives in nc .. mom is sleeping cuz she has to get up early for work tmr
wocket2003 (11:14:11 PM): oh, bummer...
leslieloooo (11:14:24 PM): y bummer
wocket2003 (11:14:47 PM): bout dad
leslieloooo (11:15:29 PM): eh they got div when i was 8 so no biggie anymoree
wocket2003 (11:15:55 PM): oh, kewl (Yeah, divorce is REALLY kewl for kids)
leslieloooo (11:16:17 PM): he used to drink alot too
wocket2003 (11:16:43 PM): oh
leslieloooo (11:17:19 PM): hes doin ok now but its on and off
wocket2003 (11:17:26 PM): yeah
leslieloooo (11:17:33 PM): plus hes married agin.. shes a bitch
wocket2003 (11:17:39 PM): sorry
wocket2003 (11:17:46 PM): wish you had a cam
leslieloooo (11:18:13 PM): me 2... just the pic in my profile my friend had a dig cam..
wocket2003 (11:18:43 PM): cool anyway
leslieloooo (11:18:51 PM): y u wish i had a cam
wocket2003 (11:19:11 PM): i wanna see you live ( You did )
leslieloooo (11:19:26 PM): hey u live close pick me up ha
wocket2003 (11:19:53 PM): lol... I'd get in trouble with you i know
leslieloooo (11:20:24 PM): hwo u get in trbl u a kidnapper haha
wocket2003 (11:20:54 PM): nope, but you're a cutie
wocket2003 (11:21:58 PM): i don't think i could help it( You think she's 14... I think you SHOULD help it)
leslieloooo (11:22:33 PM): whts ur name im leslie but u prob figured that out
wocket2003 (11:22:39 PM): lol
wocket2003 (11:22:41 PM): paul
leslieloooo (11:23:06 PM): i have a friend at school named paul kewl
wocket2003 (11:23:12 PM): yeah
leslieloooo (11:23:13 PM): i like that name
wocket2003 (11:23:15 PM): cool
wocket2003 (11:23:54 PM): i am looking at your pic
wocket2003 (11:23:58 PM): very sexy (Sexy 14 year olds??)
leslieloooo (11:24:58 PM): really think so cuz no one ever said that abt me
wocket2003 (11:25:04 PM): i medan it
leslieloooo (11:26:01 PM): kewl guess guys my age just dont liek me or something
wocket2003 (11:26:12 PM): bull
leslieloooo (11:26:15 PM): cuz they just pick on me and stuff
wocket2003 (11:26:25 PM): nah
leslieloooo (11:26:26 PM): not in a mean way, but ...
wocket2003 (11:26:30 PM): dont believe it
leslieloooo (11:26:43 PM): oh by by web cam
wocket2003 (11:27:01 PM): ?
leslieloooo (11:27:19 PM): ur web cam just stoped said i didnt have permisino
leslieloooo (11:27:22 PM): pernmission
leslieloooo (11:27:26 PM): whatever ha
wocket2003 (11:28:24 PM): sorry
leslieloooo (11:28:42 PM): no prob.. whats that design on ur shirt
wocket2003 (11:29:00 PM): just an old college shirt
leslieloooo (11:29:49 PM): hey u cant see me but u could hear me... want me to call
wocket2003 (11:30:14 PM): yeah u bet, but i have to hang up
leslieloooo (11:30:44 PM): ok thats kewl
wocket2003 (11:32:12 PM): yeah... but you can call
wocket2003 (11:32:16 PM): i dont care
leslieloooo (11:32:41 PM): whts ur digits
wocket2003 (11:32:54 PM): i'm at ahotel right now
leslieloooo (11:33:17 PM): in vegas
wocket2003 (11:33:27 PM): yup
leslieloooo (11:33:35 PM): which one... mom works at mirage
wocket2003 (11:33:51 PM): nope, i'm by nellis
leslieloooo (11:34:16 PM): tb u would love the mirage its beatiful
wocket2003 (11:34:28 PM): yeah, i've seen it
leslieloooo (11:34:56 PM): she won a wkend at her job and we stayed there once... i lvoed it
wocket2003 (11:35:06 PM): cool
leslieloooo (11:35:39 PM): so u not from vegas just in town for work or something
wocket2003 (11:35:45 PM): yeah exactly
leslieloooo (11:35:52 PM): how long
wocket2003 (11:35:58 PM): 3 days
leslieloooo (11:36:14 PM): not long huh
wocket2003 (11:36:20 PM): you have a bf?
leslieloooo (11:36:34 PM): no
wocket2003 (11:36:54 PM): cool
leslieloooo (11:37:02 PM): nto if ur me
leslieloooo (11:37:08 PM): i wnat a bf
wocket2003 (11:37:21 PM): why?
leslieloooo (11:37:42 PM): cuz i like boys and want a bf
leslieloooo (11:37:52 PM): to do stuff with and go places
wocket2003 (11:37:59 PM): yeah
wocket2003 (11:38:01 PM): sex too?
leslieloooo (11:38:23 PM): well i havent yet but i want ot find out
wocket2003 (11:38:31 PM): yeah
wocket2003 (11:38:42 PM): you ever jerk a guy off? (Does this count?)
leslieloooo (11:38:59 PM): no never had the chance i only ever kissed a guy
wocket2003 (11:39:13 PM): oh... well, its awesome to get that done
leslieloooo (11:39:32 PM): really if i had a bf i wd to that 4 him if he wanted
wocket2003 (11:39:50 PM): yeah, thats cool
wocket2003 (11:39:54 PM): its really nice
leslieloooo (11:40:28 PM): is that y u r wanting to hook up so someone would do that 4 u
wocket2003 (11:41:36 PM): yes... or other stuff too
leslieloooo (11:41:53 PM): u not have a gf to do that 4 u
wocket2003 (11:42:14 PM): not right now i dont
leslieloooo (11:42:51 PM): tb i heard it kind of hurts if u need it
wocket2003 (11:43:19 PM): yeah... but feels good eventually...
wocket2003 (11:43:23 PM): really good
leslieloooo (11:43:37 PM): kewl i would like to try it sometime
wocket2003 (11:43:54 PM): cool
wocket2003 (11:44:01 PM): hope i'm around someday
wocket2003 (11:44:02 PM): lol
wocket2003 (11:44:23 PM): like tonight
wocket2003 (11:44:24 PM): lol
leslieloooo (11:44:52 PM): well moms home tonight but if ur serious... she works all dya tmr 7 - 7
leslieloooo (11:45:00 PM): unless ur just jk with me
wocket2003 (11:45:22 PM): ummm... do you wanna?
leslieloooo (11:45:47 PM): do u or are u jsut kidding w me
wocket2003 (11:46:02 PM): mmmmm, you ever have a man taste you? (I can honestly say no.)
leslieloooo (11:46:17 PM): no like i siad i only kissed once
leslieloooo (11:46:24 PM): u do that
wocket2003 (11:46:34 PM): i'd love to(Yeah? Taste this.)
wocket2003 (11:46:45 PM): who did you kiss?
leslieloooo (11:47:04 PM): a guy from school we wre at a party and it was a dare
wocket2003 (11:47:13 PM): oh
leslieloooo (11:47:31 PM): i really dont know much not sure if i wd do it right
wocket2003 (11:47:44 PM): lol
leslieloooo (11:47:50 PM): ive never even seen one in real life
wocket2003 (11:48:04 PM): oh, well... it could be your time ( LUCKY ME!! )
leslieloooo (11:48:48 PM): still want me to call
wocket2003 (11:48:59 PM): sure
wocket2003 (11:49:20 PM): i'm not saying anything for sure, but we can chat
leslieloooo (11:49:36 PM): kewl
leslieloooo (11:49:51 PM): can i call direct or do i have to call front desk
wocket2003 (11:49:59 PM): not sure
wocket2003 (11:50:04 PM): front desk i bet
wocket2003 (11:50:11 PM): kool
leslieloooo (11:50:44 PM): whats the number . and ur name unless u ar ethe only paul ha
wocket2003 (11:51:01 PM): lol, i bet i am
wocket2003 (11:51:53 PM): number is xxx-xxxx (Edited out the number because it's a hotel)
leslieloooo (11:52:06 PM): kewl whats the hotel name
wocket2003 (11:52:25 PM): its the xxxxxxx xxxxxx (Edited out hotel name)
leslieloooo (11:52:58 PM): ok wehn u log off I'll call
wocket2003 (11:53:33 PM): k
wocket2003 (11:53:36 PM): room xxxx (Edited out the room number)
leslieloooo (11:53:40 PM): hey who do i ask for
leslieloooo (11:53:43 PM): oh ok
wocket2003 (11:54:19 PM): i'll get off if you like
leslieloooo (11:54:38 PM): do u have to get offline for me to call
wocket2003 (11:55:05 PM): yup
wocket2003 (11:55:10 PM): hey, whats your name?
leslieloooo (11:55:17 PM): <----
leslieloooo (11:55:22 PM): leslie
wocket2003 (11:55:33 PM): oh yeah
wocket2003 (11:55:35 PM): duh\
leslieloooo (11:55:41 PM): yah ha
wocket2003 (11:56:06 PM): k, i'm gonna hang up... if i don't hear from you, then i'll call back
leslieloooo (11:56:18 PM): ill call
wocket2003 (11:56:23 PM): bye
leslieloooo (11:56:25 PM): but give me a minute to get thru
wocket2003 (11:56:35 PM): k
wocket2003 (11:56:37 PM): k

Thanks to MBNH for doing the phone verify on this. She did a great job.

(August 17th, 2004)
This is a continuation of the same chat, but it's past midnight my time, so it's the next day.

leslieloooo (12:04:44 AM): u back sorry about mom her timing sucks
wocket2003 (12:04:46 AM): yes
wocket2003 (12:04:46 AM): lol
wocket2003 (12:04:50 AM): np
wocket2003 (12:05:03 AM): i guess it is just nice to put a voice with the typing ( Well that didn't exactly happen )
leslieloooo (12:05:05 AM): i like ur voice
wocket2003 (12:05:10 AM): ditto
wocket2003 (12:05:19 AM): very sexy (bet you say that to all the girls)
leslieloooo (12:05:33 AM): thnaks
wocket2003 (12:05:34 AM): it's prob good we stopped, i was getting turned on (Just for clarification, there was nothing in the verification call that would be a \"turn on\". )
leslieloooo (12:05:43 AM): really
wocket2003 (12:05:49 AM): yeah
wocket2003 (12:06:17 AM): sorry, don't mean to be offensive (Too late)
leslieloooo (12:06:36 AM): im not offended just no one ever said that abt me b4r
leslieloooo (12:07:03 AM): u really want to meet me cuz u sound nice
wocket2003 (12:07:06 AM): sorry... k.
wocket2003 (12:07:08 AM): yes i do
wocket2003 (12:07:21 AM): esp tonight (Cold shower buddy)
wocket2003 (12:07:22 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:07:52 AM): rats sorry cant moms home and if she wakes up agin and im not here wld be trbl (Also I want to call my military contact to see what they want to do)
leslieloooo (12:08:00 AM): but tmr she works all dya
wocket2003 (12:08:18 AM): k... well, i understand for sure
leslieloooo (12:08:30 AM): wish i coudl tnight though
wocket2003 (12:08:39 AM): me2
wocket2003 (12:08:41 AM): i'm in a mood (Don't take it out on someone you think is a 14 year old.)
leslieloooo (12:08:54 AM): bet u r still in a mood tmr ha
wocket2003 (12:09:14 AM): lol, prob
wocket2003 (12:09:18 AM): i want to taste you (I bet you really really wouldn't.)
leslieloooo (12:09:36 AM): that wd be kewl i think
leslieloooo (12:09:45 AM): does it feel good
wocket2003 (12:09:48 AM): ooops, i'm going to shut up
wocket2003 (12:10:15 AM): we don't need to do this
wocket2003 (12:10:16 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:10:35 AM): u gonna turn ur cam on again
wocket2003 (12:10:57 AM): in a minute
wocket2003 (12:11:02 AM): lemme get dressed again
wocket2003 (12:11:03 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:11:11 AM): u dont have to if u dont want
wocket2003 (12:11:37 AM): i will in a bit
wocket2003 (12:11:42 AM): i'm kidding about the clothes
leslieloooo (12:11:52 AM): yeah sure ha ha
wocket2003 (12:12:05 AM): i want you to take my clothes off tomorrow (shivvvvver)
leslieloooo (12:12:23 AM): so u have wheels
wocket2003 (12:12:54 AM): yeah, or i will by morning
leslieloooo (12:13:15 AM): what time u wanna meet
wocket2003 (12:13:21 AM): early
wocket2003 (12:13:38 AM): kool?
wocket2003 (12:13:48 AM): before your shower
leslieloooo (12:13:56 AM): hwo early mom leaves for work aroun 6
leslieloooo (12:14:07 AM): too alte cuz i already showered 2nite ha
wocket2003 (12:14:08 AM): mmmm, really?
wocket2003 (12:14:13 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:14:18 AM): she has to be at work at 7
wocket2003 (12:14:46 AM): hmmm, i'm excited just thinking about it
leslieloooo (12:14:59 AM): im kinda excited too
wocket2003 (12:15:05 AM): kool
wocket2003 (12:15:47 AM): geez, i feel nervous
leslieloooo (12:16:04 AM): ha what 4
leslieloooo (12:16:22 AM): u knwo what ur dong ive never done stuff liek that b4 im nbervous
leslieloooo (12:16:34 AM): ha ah i meant doing nto dong ha ha
leslieloooo (12:17:57 AM): u still there
wocket2003 (12:20:55 AM): back
leslieloooo (12:21:15 AM): where did u go
wocket2003 (12:21:24 AM): restroom
wocket2003 (12:22:08 AM): but i'm better now
leslieloooo (12:22:16 AM): oh ha really
wocket2003 (12:22:26 AM): it happens
leslieloooo (12:22:32 AM): becasue of me
wocket2003 (12:22:54 AM): hmmmm... you think i jerked off in there?
leslieloooo (12:23:05 AM): oh i tht thats wht u meant whoops sorry
leslieloooo (12:23:20 AM): well u woudlnt turn on ur cam so i tht maybe
wocket2003 (12:23:30 AM): no i didn't... i'm going to wait(You should have \"instead of\" logging on. )
wocket2003 (12:23:31 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:24:08 AM): kewl
wocket2003 (12:24:22 AM): yeah
wocket2003 (12:25:02 AM): are you sure you're game for this?
leslieloooo (12:25:12 AM): sure y not
leslieloooo (12:25:24 AM): do u
wocket2003 (12:25:39 AM): yes, but i am apprehensive (Because I'm a teen, or because you might get caught, or because you're married.. comeon pick one?)
leslieloooo (12:26:12 AM): oh ok so do u need to know where to get me tmr
wocket2003 (12:26:22 AM): hmmmm yes
wocket2003 (12:26:26 AM): sure
leslieloooo (12:27:44 AM): ok i live near the parks and rec dept i can walk there in the mornin
leslieloooo (12:27:51 AM): ints in nlv
leslieloooo (12:28:12 AM): let me get the address and u can mapquest it
wocket2003 (12:28:21 AM): walk there so i see ya? ok
leslieloooo (12:28:41 AM): yeah also no one will c u come to the house so we can meet there
wocket2003 (12:28:58 AM): hmmm
leslieloooo (12:29:20 AM): 1638 n bruce st (Just a park)
wocket2003 (12:29:46 AM): ok
leslieloooo (12:30:17 AM): i live like 2 blocks away my mom is good friends with our neighborso thats why u dont need to come here
wocket2003 (12:30:50 AM): oh, where will we go then?
leslieloooo (12:31:24 AM): oh i tht u wanted to go back to the hotel
wocket2003 (12:31:28 AM): oh
leslieloooo (12:31:41 AM): is that not good
wocket2003 (12:31:57 AM): well, i guess we could if needed, but my friends i'm close to might get suspicious (Now we couldn't have that could we?)
leslieloooo (12:32:31 AM): oh hmmm
wocket2003 (12:32:36 AM): hmmm
wocket2003 (12:32:39 AM): night is good
wocket2003 (12:32:42 AM): day is light
wocket2003 (12:32:45 AM): and they are awake
wocket2003 (12:32:46 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:33:05 AM): huh so u wanna wait til tmr nite instead of morning
wocket2003 (12:33:21 AM): mmmm, when she done working?
leslieloooo (12:34:19 AM): she works a split tmr 7a - 3p then goes back 7p - 3a
wocket2003 (12:34:36 AM): hmmm
wocket2003 (12:34:42 AM): too bad not tonight
leslieloooo (12:35:10 AM): yeah she got off came home cooked dinner and went to bed
wocket2003 (12:35:20 AM): yeah
wocket2003 (12:35:26 AM): want to cum for you (For little ole me?)
leslieloooo (12:35:48 AM): really
wocket2003 (12:35:58 AM): yeah... i want you to see it
leslieloooo (12:36:07 AM): too bad i cant get out 2 nite
wocket2003 (12:36:16 AM): i know
leslieloooo (12:37:04 AM): hey turn on ur cam
wocket2003 (12:37:12 AM): hmmmm... ok
leslieloooo (12:38:20 AM): hmm the cam isnt' coming up
wocket2003 (12:38:29 AM): lemme retry
leslieloooo (12:39:13 AM): there it ooes
wocket2003 (12:39:22 AM): hi
leslieloooo (12:39:24 AM): its really dark i can barely c u
wocket2003 (12:39:48 AM): i know... night i guess
wocket2003 (12:39:54 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:40:42 AM): teh light behind u is really brite
wocket2003 (12:41:01 AM): oh
wocket2003 (12:41:04 AM): hold on
wocket2003 (12:41:27 AM): better?
leslieloooo (12:41:32 AM): oh yeah kewl
wocket2003 (12:42:01 AM): k
leslieloooo (12:43:07 AM): ur camera was real jerky for a min but its ok now
wocket2003 (12:43:25 AM): k... i think the cam almost fell off
leslieloooo (12:43:30 AM): ha
wocket2003 (12:43:34 AM): i'm in a real mood now
wocket2003 (12:44:07 AM): lol, sorry
leslieloooo (12:44:12 AM): np
leslieloooo (12:44:39 AM): so what r gonna do someting
wocket2003 (12:44:55 AM): , in case we get lost,i'll be online in the morning, and waiting to see you online
leslieloooo (12:45:21 AM): ok so we r gonna meet in the mroning then what time
leslieloooo (12:45:35 AM): i htth u wanted to switch to night but mronin is ok 4 me
wocket2003 (12:45:50 AM): i gotta get a car from a buddy... is the only thing
leslieloooo (12:46:58 AM): will that be hard 2 od
wocket2003 (12:47:12 AM): maybe so... if nobody is awake
wocket2003 (12:47:53 AM): i'm sad!!! i want to meet you (Awww he's sad... I have it on good authority he is going to be even sadder??)
leslieloooo (12:48:08 AM): u can tmr i cnat beleive im gonna do that
wocket2003 (12:48:29 AM): lol, we can chat on the phone
wocket2003 (12:48:53 AM): i wanna see you
leslieloooo (12:49:14 AM): im afrian mom might here me now if i call again tonite i dont wnat to have to log off and then lgo on again
wocket2003 (12:49:35 AM): k... i got ya
leslieloooo (12:50:32 AM): so what time tmr mornign i ll have to set my alarm cuz i ususaly sleep until after mom leaves
wocket2003 (12:50:48 AM): ummm... i'll be online by 8 hopefully
wocket2003 (12:51:12 AM): i'm \"UP\" all night ( Huh, oh I get it... that's an erection joke... a small joke I bet)
wocket2003 (12:51:14 AM): though
leslieloooo (12:51:25 AM): ha ha
leslieloooo (12:51:55 AM): ug cant i sleep till 9 ha
wocket2003 (12:52:09 AM): lol
leslieloooo (12:52:12 AM): im up late already
wocket2003 (12:52:14 AM): i'll sleep wityh ya
leslieloooo (12:52:46 AM): so what r u wanting 2 do tmr mor than just touching and stuff
leslieloooo (12:53:07 AM): by by web cam again
wocket2003 (12:53:21 AM): ooops
wocket2003 (12:53:26 AM): hold on
wocket2003 (12:54:27 AM): ummm, well... touch
leslieloooo (12:54:28 AM): hi again
wocket2003 (12:54:29 AM): kiss
wocket2003 (12:54:34 AM): maybe suck a little (You suck, so guess you have a head start)
wocket2003 (12:55:00 AM): play with it
wocket2003 (12:55:22 AM): let me play with you
leslieloooo (12:55:33 AM): ok kewl
wocket2003 (12:55:46 AM): if you want, i'll slide it inside you
leslieloooo (12:55:59 AM): hmmm dont know i dont wnat to get preggers
wocket2003 (12:56:13 AM): yeah, just slide it inside to feel it
leslieloooo (12:56:35 AM): u promise not to do anything insid eme
wocket2003 (12:56:43 AM): i wont
leslieloooo (12:56:49 AM): ur camera doens like me
wocket2003 (12:57:00 AM): again?
leslieloooo (12:57:03 AM): yeah
wocket2003 (12:57:31 AM): hold on
wocket2003 (12:58:53 AM): geez
wocket2003 (12:58:58 AM): you take off my pants?
leslieloooo (12:59:02 AM): i really wish ihad a cma
wocket2003 (12:59:04 AM): will you, that is?
wocket2003 (12:59:07 AM): me too
leslieloooo (12:59:21 AM): sure i mean i guess ill have to huh
wocket2003 (12:59:41 AM): please do
leslieloooo (1:00:26 AM): so ive never done it bf r u big cuz i heard it migh thurt
wocket2003 (1:00:41 AM): yeah, i'll use a finger first
wocket2003 (1:01:10 AM): you ever finger yourself?
leslieloooo (1:01:23 AM): not inside
wocket2003 (1:01:49 AM): hmmm... why not?
leslieloooo (1:01:58 AM): dunno just never did
wocket2003 (1:02:10 AM): k
wocket2003 (1:02:12 AM): i'll do it for you
leslieloooo (1:02:41 AM): im starting to feel kind of tingly can we talk abt something else for a sec
leslieloooo (1:02:48 AM): jsut so i cna calm down
wocket2003 (1:03:01 AM): lol... maybe i want you to cum in your panties tomight
leslieloooo (1:03:27 AM): ha u want to i bet
wocket2003 (1:03:37 AM): yes
wocket2003 (1:03:45 AM): i'd love to smell your panties
wocket2003 (1:03:48 AM): and pussy
leslieloooo (1:04:37 AM): i feel funny
leslieloooo (1:04:42 AM): in a good way though
wocket2003 (1:04:49 AM): lol
leslieloooo (1:04:53 AM): can i see u on cam
wocket2003 (1:04:59 AM): i'd love to chat on the phone and hear you cum for me
leslieloooo (1:05:14 AM): im really afraid that wd wake mom up
wocket2003 (1:05:15 AM): see me?
leslieloooo (1:05:20 AM): u know
wocket2003 (1:05:32 AM): ? tell me
leslieloooo (1:05:41 AM): i wanna see how big u r
wocket2003 (1:05:55 AM): hmmmm
leslieloooo (1:05:57 AM): b4 tmr so i knew what to expect
wocket2003 (1:06:18 AM): lol
leslieloooo (1:06:25 AM): thats ok if u dont want
wocket2003 (1:06:36 AM): i don't wanna really right now
leslieloooo (1:06:44 AM): k
leslieloooo (1:07:09 AM): ok i really need a quick break i cnat type good now
wocket2003 (1:07:15 AM): lol
leslieloooo (1:07:30 AM): tell me abt u for a min
wocket2003 (1:07:54 AM): hmmm
leslieloooo (1:07:55 AM): r u a capt or what
wocket2003 (1:08:00 AM): yup
wocket2003 (1:08:02 AM): capt
wocket2003 (1:08:03 AM): lol
wocket2003 (1:08:08 AM): been flying for 8 years
leslieloooo (1:08:10 AM): u like to tell people what 2 do ha
wocket2003 (1:08:16 AM): lol
wocket2003 (1:08:18 AM): i do, i love it
leslieloooo (1:08:56 AM): i thnk im gonna have to get a shwr in the mornin now
wocket2003 (1:09:38 AM): let me taste you
leslieloooo (1:10:08 AM): if u want
wocket2003 (1:10:18 AM): i do
wocket2003 (1:10:21 AM): no shower
leslieloooo (1:10:38 AM): yes sir! did i do it right ha
wocket2003 (1:10:48 AM): lol... i want to smell you too
leslieloooo (1:12:12 AM): my computer is doing werid stuff moving slow now it seems to work
wocket2003 (1:12:17 AM): lol
leslieloooo (1:12:30 AM): it was like locked up for a min
wocket2003 (1:12:35 AM): mine too
leslieloooo (1:13:10 AM): omg i cnat beleive the time
wocket2003 (1:13:18 AM): oh geez yeah
leslieloooo (1:13:34 AM): so u still want to meet m tmr right
wocket2003 (1:13:39 AM): y
wocket2003 (1:13:55 AM): wanna chat tomorrow and set it up?
leslieloooo (1:13:56 AM): well i need to get some sleep if u relaly want to
wocket2003 (1:14:07 AM): k, we don't have to in the morning
leslieloooo (1:14:29 AM): which is betr for u
wocket2003 (1:14:35 AM): you are better for me
leslieloooo (1:14:41 AM): ha
wocket2003 (1:15:02 AM): evening
wocket2003 (1:15:04 AM): i guess
leslieloooo (1:15:13 AM): ok do u have to work tmr
wocket2003 (1:15:20 AM): yes
leslieloooo (1:15:34 AM): what time or will u b on the computer at wrok
wocket2003 (1:15:51 AM): late morning.. i will later in the day
leslieloooo (1:16:18 AM): what time u be on line
wocket2003 (1:16:52 AM): ummm, i'm guessing 2:00
leslieloooo (1:17:15 AM): ok that will work cuz mom wont get home till after 3, so we can plan for 2mr night
wocket2003 (1:17:26 AM): cool
leslieloooo (1:19:07 AM): ok talk to u at 2 tmr online
wocket2003 (1:19:20 AM): okay hun, i'm looking forward to it for sure
leslieloooo (1:19:33 AM): me 2 i promise ill be on will u
wocket2003 (1:19:44 AM): yes of course
wocket2003 (1:19:48 AM): i dig your treats
leslieloooo (1:20:09 AM): hehehe thansk. good night smooch haha
wocket2003 (1:20:25 AM): back at ya
leslieloooo (1:20:42 AM): u gonna log off or be on for a while
wocket2003 (1:20:53 AM): i'm about to go to bed i think
leslieloooo (1:21:01 AM): k ok talk 2 u tmr bye
wocket2003 (1:21:08 AM): good night
leslieloooo (12:44:45 PM): good morning!!!!
leslieloooo (12:45:12 PM): ill talk 2 u later

These are offline messages I left for him.

leslieloooo (3:29:26 PM): i may be a little late logging on... but ill be here later
leslieloooo (4:18:38 PM): hey u there
leslieloooo (4:31:26 PM): ok gues ur not there mom jsut caled and siad she was coming home now but she goes back tow rok at 6 an not 7, so 2 nite will be cool i gotta get off cuz shes coming home soon but will eb on tonight abt 6 i relaly want to meet u soon bye
leslieloooo (9:21:27 PM): hey u invis
leslieloooo (9:22:19 PM): leave me a msg maybe we can meet tmr if u still want or do u leave tmr let me know

(August 18th, 2004)
These are offline messages.

wocket2003 (2:27:10 AM): hey girl, sorry i missed you
leslieloooo (9:56:17 PM): i called the hotel and they said u already left r u home now
leslieloooo (9:57:36 PM): let me know when u will b on i want 2 tlak 2 u agin. bye for now

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