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    File originally posted on 8/29/2008 6:38 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/29/2008 6:38 AM PST

    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:12:28 PM): your talking to me like a grown woman allmost you seem so very togeather
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:13:04 PM): guess it is cuz i am an only child
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:13:20 PM): mom and dad never took to talking to melike a baby i dont think
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:13:45 PM): that is so kewl
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:14:24 PM): and my friend that moved to france was from there and her parents never talked to her like a kid that i remember
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:14:40 PM): that is awsome
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:14:53 PM): i guess
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:15:04 PM): is just lonely since she is gone now
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:15:43 PM): I know girl I'm sorry
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:15:48 PM): I know how lonly is
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:16:04 PM): how?
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:16:27 PM): just me here and my camra and hands lol (just gross!)
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:17:51 PM): oh :)
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:17:58 PM): lol
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:18:12 PM): well it is just me and my fairy pics an harry potter books
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:18:40 PM): yep
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:19:02 PM): I have a question
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:20:12 PM): gonna dream here but just think if I could been up there and I was outside your window playing what would ya do? lol (I would call law enforcement immediately of course)
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:20:30 PM): beem up there like harry potter
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:20:36 PM): i dunno
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:20:42 PM): what you want me to do?
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:21:03 PM): heck I don't know just was asking what you thought LOL
    dreamin_of_fairies (09/14/07 11:22:18 PM): i guess if u were there and my friend i would say hi
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:22:29 PM): kewl ok
    bald_beaver_hunter42025 (09/14/07 11:23:39 PM): just trying to figure out if you know what horny is

    Yep, more scum. What else can you say?

    John Wesley Elliott here is about as scummy as they get. He signs into the internet as \"bald_beaver_hunter42.\" He looks how he looks. He sends pictures of himself without a shirt, with the idea that doing so would make any female attracted to him. Oblivious, creepy and demented, the chat he had with our decoy is one of the finest examples of work we do. It's just a very disturbing look at how males online will do anything to try to steer a topic towards sex.

    Anyways, we're pleased to report that Elliott has received seven years in Kentucky jail. He'll be around 47 when he's released. Hopefully, somehow, the RSO mechanism keeps him from offending because this is the type of sociopath that will never stop.

    Contributor notes from Lady Grey
    I had the great honor of working the Dateline \"To Catch a Predator\" sting held in Bowling Green, Kentucky in the fall of 2007 as a Junior Contributor. It was my first sting with this being my first conviction for Perverted Justice. I am really glad to see this one off the streets.

    Thirty-nine year old John Wesley Elliott hit my 12 year old kid up in Yahoo chat on September 14, 2007. Our chats span a little over a month till his arrest on October 20, 2007. Little did he know he would be dubbed among those of us involved as the poster boy for that particular sting. The photo he sent me just screamed poster boy and his actions soon followed. He was disgusting, frustrating and annoying all at the same time. There were times I had to walk away from the computer just to rest my eyes from his filth.

    As you can see in his chat he wasted no time getting to the sickening reason for his chatting with what he thought was a 12 yr old virgin child. He continually talked about his dreams of being with a child.

    We had some tense moments in the chat when he got extremely sketchy. My awesome and thorough verifier Aloe Vera was a great help in keeping him on track and I am eternally grateful to her.

    He actually left his parents house early after being there for a family cookout in order to keep his date with my kid. Once he was on the road for the late night 3 hour drive Aloe chatted with him on the phone for almost the entire trip. That is part of the dedication that makes our team at Perverted Justice work so smoothly and successfully.

    John Wesley Elliott was sentenced in Warren Circuit Court to seven years in the state penitentiary and must register as a Kentucky sex offender for the next 20 years.

    This is our 289th conviction since June of 2004 and our 27th conviction for 2008 thus far.