Matty wanted to teach little Susie how to do all kinds of sex....
Bust by Duncan Hines @ 3/8/2007 7:38 PM PST

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Perverted Justice mark: Matthew, 36
AOL IM: sugardavis
Location: Silver Lake, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Susiethatsme14, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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DRUMROLL: Matty \"The Mutaytor\" Nash drummed his way to national TV for trying to meet 13-year-old Susie for sex...instead he was greeted by Chris Hansen and the Long Beach PD.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
10:58:22 PM sugardavis: hello
10:58:36 PM susiethatsme14: hi a/s/l
10:58:56PM sugardavis: 33 white male in los angeles here
10:58:57 PM sugardavis: asl?
11:00:33 PM susiethatsme14: 13/f/562 (age stated)
11:04:21 PM susiethatsme14: so whered u go
11:06:20 PM sugardavis: l am here
11:06:25 PM sugardavis: trade pix?
11:09:01 PM susiethatsme14: ya u send first
11:09:06PM sugardavis: ok
11:09:37 PM sugardavis: sent
11:09:52 PM susiethatsme14: (myspace url given)
11:10:49 PM sugardavis: thanks (winking smiley)
11:10:51 PM sugardavis: you look cute (Okay. He knows she's a kid and he didn't even blink.)
11:11:39 PM susiethatsme14: tyvm so do u
11:11:53 PM susiethatsme14: i'm susie btw
11:12:00 PM sugardavis: thank you, susie
11:12:04 PM sugardavis: my names Tay
11:12:08 PM sugardavis: l love lucy liu too! (and you're telling me this because? Oh yeah, little Susie is Asian.)
11:12:12 PM sugardavis: she's smokin'
11:12:16 PM susiethatsme14: ya she is
11:12:29 PM susiethatsme14: shez why i wanna b a actress
11:12:36 PM sugardavis: l think you should
11:12:39 PM sugardavis: she's inspiring
11:12:41 PM sugardavis: l am a musician
11:12:49 PM susiethatsme14: cool what u play
11:13:36 PM sugardavis: drums and percussion
11:13:46 PM susiethatsme14:omg thatz so cool
11:13:50 PM susiethatsme14: what kinda music
11:14:10 PM susiethatsme14: i like all kindz of music
11:15:54 PM sugardavis: rock, funk, jazz, metal l love it all too and play it all
11:16:02 PM sugardavis: what are your other creative dreams?
11:17:16 PM susiethatsme14: well i play the piano and i dance. i wanna take guitar lessonz but momz thiks i need 2 keep takin piano and dance
11:17:35 PM susiethatsme14: but i really wanna b a actress
11:17:38 PM sugardavis: lol right on
11:17:40 PM sugardavis: you should be
11:17:46 PM sugardavis: have you ever done photo shoots?
11:17:50 PM susiethatsme14: no
11:18:15 PM susiethatsme14: just when i was playin around with my friendz
11:18:35 PM susiethatsme14: and we waz tryin 2 take cool pix
11:19:01 PM sugardavis: thats cool
11:19:07 PM sugardavis: l think you'd look good in front of a camera
11:19:15 PM susiethatsme14: tyvm
11:19:18 PM sugardavis: you have beauty, sex appeal and charm (WHOA! Do we have a groomer here?)
11:19:23 PM sugardavis: youre very welcome, susie
11:19:31 PM susiethatsme14: ur very nice
11:20:12 PM sugardavis: thank you....
11:20:15 PM sugardavis: l think you are too
11:20:40 PM susiethatsme14: ty
11:21:36 PM susiethatsme14: do u play with a band
11:21:40 PM sugardavis: not really
11:21:49 PM sugardavis: these days l mostly do studio work or travel
11:22:02 PM sugardavis: vegas, festivals, fairs and movie/tv music (An entertainer? You gonna love meeting Chris Hanson then. Maybe not.)
11:22:12 PM susiethatsme14: omg thatz cool
11:22:20 PM sugardavis: l love it
11:22:24 PM sugardavis: what area are you in?
11:22:31 PM susiethatsme14: 562
11:22:37 PM susiethatsme14: wehre r u
11:22:50 PM susiethatsme14: im kinda by lakewood
11:23:41 PM sugardavis: thats cool
11:23:49 PM susiethatsme14: where r u
11:23:54 PM sugardavis: l am in silver lake, in 323 area
11:24:02 PM sugardavis: kinda between dodgers and hollywood
11:24:08 PM susiethatsme14: ok
11:25:22 PM susiethatsme14: ur kinda far
11:26:22 PM susiethatsme14: whatcha doing
11:27:28 PM sugardavis: l am about an hour or so away....
11:27:36 PM sugardavis: right now, chatting with you...trying to keep cool
11:27:41 PM sugardavis: tv in the background
11:27:48 PM sugardavis: l was hoping to find a cool girl to chat with...
11:27:53 PM sugardavis: and my dream came true (Why yes, we do have a groomer.)
11:27:59 PM susiethatsme14: ty
11:28:12 PM sugardavis: you are very welcome
11:28:15 PM susiethatsme14: im glad ur talkin 2 me
11:29:28 PM sugardavis: meeeee too
11:29:34 PM sugardavis: tell me some more about yourself
11:29:42 PM sugardavis: tell me some things l might not have guessed about you (The better to groom you with, my dear...snarl)
11:30:16 PM susiethatsme14: k im in 7 grade i hate skool and i hafta wear kinda like a uniform 2 skool (So you're looking for a kid with imma gonna give you problems. rofl)
11:30:32 PM susiethatsme14: 2day was the first day of skool and it sucked lol
11:31:22 PM susiethatsme14: my mom and dad r divorcd cauz momz a les
11:31:31 PM sugardavis: awwww
11:31:38 PM sugardavis: sounds like the world is against you
11:31:48 PM susiethatsme14: feels like that 2
11:31:52 PM susiethatsme14: but not all the time
11:32:20 PM sugardavis: good, you sound like a great girl
11:32:27 PM sugardavis: are you ok with the divorce?
11:32:37 PM susiethatsme14: no
11:33:01 PM susiethatsme14: but i wish momz wud have let me liv with dad
11:33:10 PM susiethatsme14: i dont get along with momz much
11:33:26 PM susiethatsme14: but i dont blam dad 4 gettin a divorce
11:33:46 PM susiethatsme14: cauz all momz did was go out wiht her gurlz and party newayz
11:33:59 PM susiethatsme14: when she wasnt workin
11:34:09 PM susiethatsme14: so i gues itz ok
11:34:46 PM sugardavis: good
11:34:55 PM sugardavis: do you not like gays now?
11:35:26 PM susiethatsme14: dunno dont lik mom bein a les for sure
11:36:11 PM sugardavis: thats cool
11:36:32 PM sugardavis: people are going to be attracted to who they are...
11:36:41 PM sugardavis: but its not cool to hurt dad like that
11:36:46 PM susiethatsme14: i know
11:37:16 PM susiethatsme14: plus she kiss her gf and it makez me wanna gag
11:37:52 PM susiethatsme14: sorry u prolly dont wanna hear bout that
11:38:08 PM sugardavis: lol
11:38:24 PM susiethatsme14: now tell me sumthin bout you i dont know (Since you started this game, it opens the door for me to play too.)
11:38:31 PM sugardavis: honestly...l think its ok...l am very sexually open and honest...but if it hurts you, then its not ok with me
11:38:39 PM sugardavis: hmmmm
11:38:40 PM susiethatsme14: but dont tell me if ur momz a les
11:38:46 PM sugardavis: lololol
11:38:48 PM susiethatsme14: hehehehe
11:38:48 PM sugardavis:
11:38:50 PM sugardavis: promise
11:38:58 PM sugardavis: what would you like to know about? l am not shy
11:39:09 PM susiethatsme14: dunno whatevr u wanna tell me
11:40:01 PM sugardavis: hmmmm
11:40:11 PM sugardavis: l have a wild side....l like to party and get in trouble lol (you like getting in trouble? I believe we can handle that one, Bucky.)
11:40:25 PM susiethatsme14: lol me 2
11:40:36 PM sugardavis: uh oh!
11:40:41 PM sugardavis: two troublemakers...look out!
11:40:46 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
11:40:48 PM sugardavis: do you drink or smoke weed?
11:40:57 PM susiethatsme14: u wont tell promise
11:41:36 PM susiethatsme14: do u promis
11:41:49 PM sugardavis: l Promise!
11:41:57 PM sugardavis: cross my heart, sweetie
11:41:58 PM susiethatsme14: ya i do and ya i do
11:42:04 PM sugardavis: mmmm good (so you think it's good because the child drinks and smokes dope.)
11:42:07 PM susiethatsme14: do u
11:42:16 PM susiethatsme14: wat u drink
11:42:19 PM sugardavis: l dont drink, but l like smoking weed....420 baby!
11:42:29 PM sugardavis: l don't like booze a whole lot, but l like weed
11:42:36 PM susiethatsme14: i lik both
11:43:15 PM sugardavis: cool
11:43:18 PM sugardavis: lets party!!!! lol
11:43:36 PM susiethatsme14: cool
11:43:43 PM sugardavis: what else would you like to know? don't be shy (I don't care how many times you try this, I AM NOT GOING TO ASK HOW BIG IT IS?)
11:44:12 PM susiethatsme14: dunno
11:44:23 PM susiethatsme14: ur turn to ask i guess
11:44:41 PM sugardavis: ok....
11:44:49 PM sugardavis: do you have a boyfriend or ar you dating?
11:45:22 PM susiethatsme14: no bf broke up with bf
11:45:46 PM sugardavis: too
11:45:55 PM sugardavis: 4 days ago, single as a dolla bill =(
11:46:07 PM susiethatsme14: sorry
11:46:11 PM sugardavis: thanx kitten
11:46:15 PM sugardavis: its tough, but l am over it (must have been a hell of a deep relationship if it was tough but you got over it in four days. )
11:46:30 PM susiethatsme14: waz a gf or a wife
11:47:13 PM sugardavis: gf
11:47:21 PM sugardavis: we were together 1 year
11:47:26 PM sugardavis: but it didnt work out
11:47:27 PM susiethatsme14: ohnoz
11:49:21 PM sugardavis: yep =(
11:49:32 PM sugardavis: we were compatible in a lot of areas, but had our differences
11:49:56 PM susiethatsme14: did she get mad at u
11:50:10 PM sugardavis: its kind of it ok to talk about those things? (Here we go. It's time for the \"she won't have sex with poor little me anymore.)
11:50:21 PM susiethatsme14: i think so
11:50:24 PM sugardavis: ok...
11:50:34 PM sugardavis: well, she wasnt interested in sex any more... (HAHAHAHA)
11:50:46 PM sugardavis: l have a lot of passion and love sex....l am a very good lover
11:50:53 PM susiethatsme14: cool
11:51:07 PM sugardavis: and she was frigid...couldnt get off any more...and l needed to have that physical love, you know?
11:51:15 PM susiethatsme14: ya
11:51:24 PM sugardavis: l am very open minded in bed, and like to do a lot of things....but she wasnt into it
11:51:30 PM sugardavis: so we discussed it, and broke up
11:51:50 PM susiethatsme14: sorry
11:52:23 PM sugardavis: thats ok
11:52:40 PM susiethatsme14: how come she didnt lik it no more
11:52:43 PM sugardavis: l would rather be alone than with someone who wasnt into me, and wanted fun physical times
11:53:02 PM sugardavis: well like l said...l am a great lover...lots of positions, fun, fantasies, l can go all night... (I can hear Garth Brooks in my mind, singing \"And they call the thing rodeo\")
11:53:14 PM sugardavis: and she lost her sex drive and didnt want to try new things
11:53:20 PM sugardavis: and it killed our passion and fun
11:53:25 PM susiethatsme14: i never did real sex yet (Just so you know...I'm a virgin.)
11:53:54 PM sugardavis: thats ok...
11:53:57 PM sugardavis: have you kissed and touched?
11:54:04 PM susiethatsme14: ya
11:54:07 PM sugardavis: thats cool
11:54:19 PM sugardavis: it can be an amazing experience, but both people have to be into it, ya know?
11:54:34 PM susiethatsme14: and i did oral for my ex bf
11:54:38 PM sugardavis: wow
11:54:41 PM susiethatsme14: but thatz all so far
11:54:44 PM sugardavis: did you enjoy that experience?
11:54:48 PM susiethatsme14: ya i did
11:54:54 PM sugardavis: nice
11:54:58 PM sugardavis: did he return the favor?
11:55:05 PM susiethatsme14: no
11:55:23 PM susiethatsme14: he just wanted me 2 do it
11:55:57 PM sugardavis: awwwww, thats no good
11:56:02 PM susiethatsme14: i know
11:56:04 PM sugardavis: its more fun to give and get
11:56:06 PM sugardavis: bastard!
11:56:16 PM susiethatsme14: he waz 2 lazy
11:56:18 PM sugardavis: watching a girl have an orgasm is almost better than me having one....
11:56:24 PM sugardavis: pleasing the girl is very important
11:56:37 PM sugardavis: did he ever use his hands on you?
11:56:57 PM susiethatsme14: no
11:57:15 PM sugardavis: thats lame!
11:57:17 PM sugardavis: lol sorry
11:57:21 PM susiethatsme14: ya
11:57:26 PM sugardavis: its only fair to give and get, ya know?
11:57:34 PM susiethatsme14: ya
11:57:42 PM sugardavis: are there some things that you've thought about trying, but havent yet experienced?
11:58:28 PM susiethatsme14: well ya but kinda hard 2 think bout it when u dont even know how 2 do nething
11:59:01 PM sugardavis: lol awwwww
11:59:02 PM sugardavis: thats ok
11:59:09 PM sugardavis: you just need a good man to help show you
11:59:18 PM susiethatsme14: ya for sure lol
11:59:25 PM sugardavis:
11:59:33 PM sugardavis: thats cool
11:59:50 PM sugardavis: its important to go slow, take your time, and really enjoy it (He got booted off here and came back on in the next converstion a minute later)
Thursday, September 07, 2006
12:00:01 AM sugardavis: most younger boys dont have experience and know how to do anything
12:00:10 AM susiethatsme14: ya
12:00:34 AM sugardavis: what else would you like to know?
12:00:47 AM susiethatsme14: u got a cool car
12:01:32 AM susiethatsme14: did u leave
12:01:35 AM susiethatsme14: yoohoo
12:01:41 AM sugardavis: l am here
12:01:42 AM sugardavis: lol
12:01:46 AM sugardavis: l have 2 cars
12:01:51 AM sugardavis: a van (for drums)
12:01:53 AM sugardavis: and a scion
12:02:05 AM susiethatsme14: cool
12:02:05 AM sugardavis: l like those little toaster cars lol
12:02:26 AM susiethatsme14: wat color is it
12:02:29 AM sugardavis: vans good for cargo and also setting up a cool chill space or place to party
12:02:33 AM sugardavis: blue
12:02:44 AM susiethatsme14: the van is blue
12:03:10 AM susiethatsme14: u got like ur name on it
12:03:23 AM susiethatsme14: like a band alwayz does
12:04:15 AM sugardavis: van white, scion blue
12:04:17 AM sugardavis: lol nope
12:04:30 AM sugardavis: it has a bunch of scars and scrapes on it! lol
12:04:33 AM sugardavis: l am a crappy driver (Might help if you'd quit using dope while you're driving.)
12:04:37 AM susiethatsme14: rofl
12:04:50 AM susiethatsme14: i dont evn know how 2 drive yet
12:05:10 AM susiethatsme14: dont thik im ever gonna get old enuff 2 drive
12:05:32 AM sugardavis: lol awwww
12:05:39 AM sugardavis: l will give you lessons (Typical groomer remark. I've had more guys offer to teach me to drive. This is supposed to make the kid think he's really a friend since all kids are just dying to learn to drive.)
12:05:46 AM susiethatsme14: cool i wish
12:06:02 AM sugardavis: l am sure we could find a good place to start...maybe a parking lot or something
12:06:05 AM sugardavis: cars are easy
12:06:15 AM susiethatsme14: cool
12:07:24 AM sugardavis: hey susie?
12:07:29 AM susiethatsme14: hey wat
12:07:44 AM sugardavis: you are perhaps the coolest person l have chatted with on aol in a long friggin time!! (He grooms me)
12:08:11 AM susiethatsme14: ur prolly the coolest person ive ever chatted with newhere (I groom he)
12:08:32 AM sugardavis: awwwwww
12:08:36 AM sugardavis: you rock (he grooms me)
12:08:42 AM susiethatsme14: i mean it 2 (i groom he)
12:08:48 AM susiethatsme14: ty
12:09:32 AM sugardavis: l feel really good right now
12:09:38 AM sugardavis: you are very welcome, kitten
12:09:38 AM susiethatsme14: cool
12:10:29 AM sugardavis: dang, l wish we were hanging out....lets smoke a fatty lol
12:10:37 AM susiethatsme14: hehehe ya
12:11:06 AM susiethatsme14: u know wat
12:11:38 AM susiethatsme14: momz will b home b4 long and i gotta go 2 bed b4 she getz here cauz i got skool 2morrow
12:11:46 AM susiethatsme14: u b online 2morrow nite
12:11:57 AM sugardavis: awwwww
12:11:59 AM sugardavis: hell yeah
12:12:03 AM sugardavis: add me to your buddy list
12:12:08 AM susiethatsme14: cool kk i will
12:12:22 AM susiethatsme14: can i call u 2morrow so i can hear ur voice
12:12:29 AM sugardavis: have a great night, susie....and have wonderful dreams of being a star
12:12:32 AM sugardavis: l would love that
12:13:00 AM susiethatsme14: cool give me ur digitz and ill call 2morrow
12:13:04 AM susiethatsme14: wat time u get up
12:13:23 AM susiethatsme14: ill call when i get home from skool
12:13:39 AM sugardavis: lets just chat online...l dont want to give out numbers yet, ok? (He thinks I now trust him but he's still hanging back to do some more assessing.)
12:13:45 AM susiethatsme14: ok
12:13:52 AM susiethatsme14: y
12:13:53 AM sugardavis: l would love to hear your voice....but remember, l am older and could get in trouble (He acknowledges that he clearly knows the situation.)
12:14:09 AM susiethatsme14: ur not gonna tell nobody r u
12:14:14 AM sugardavis: l trust us both, but just want to feel good about it, you know?
12:14:16 AM susiethatsme14: cauz momz wud kill me (so I'll turn it around on him.)
12:14:17 AM sugardavis: no way!
12:14:26 AM sugardavis: we need to keep our friendship on the dl!
12:14:48 AM susiethatsme14: really im serius momz wud kill me dead
12:14:51 AM sugardavis: l know
12:14:55 AM sugardavis: we gotta keep it secret (Why yes, I would never tell anyone. I might send them this chatlog but I won't be talking to them.)
12:15:02 AM susiethatsme14: promise
12:15:10 AM sugardavis: and if she found your phone bill, we could get caught
12:15:13 AM sugardavis: l promise
12:15:36 AM susiethatsme14: no cauz dad buyz me phone cardz so i can call him whenevr i want
12:15:45 AM susiethatsme14: then momz dont know
12:15:54 AM sugardavis: gotcha
12:16:15 AM susiethatsme14: she hates me talkin 2 dad cauz i talk about her. lol
12:16:24 AM sugardavis: lol l hear you! can you ditch school, or is it tough to skip?
12:17:04 AM susiethatsme14: dunno i mite try it after we talk
12:17:15 AM susiethatsme14: i gotta make sure ur not like a seriel killer hehehe (Now see what you did, made me nervous. I'm not sure I can trust YOU now.)
12:17:20 AM sugardavis: l hear you!
12:17:22 AM sugardavis: of course
12:17:30 AM sugardavis: lets talk a few times and see how we feel
12:17:36 AM susiethatsme14: kk
12:17:37 AM susiethatsme14: hey
12:17:40 AM sugardavis: yessss? (Why in the hell do pedophiles feel like they have to hiss. I hate that. Reminds me of a slinking slimy snake.)
12:17:46 AM susiethatsme14: im glad ur talkin 2 me
12:17:52 AM susiethatsme14: i really like u
12:18:00 AM sugardavis: me too, are so cool, intelligent, hot and fun
12:18:06 AM susiethatsme14: tyvm
12:18:18 AM sugardavis: l think you are an awesome person, and any boy would be lucky to have you
12:18:26 AM susiethatsme14: ty
12:18:38 AM sugardavis: youre welcome, sweetie
12:18:53 AM susiethatsme14: momz just drove in driveway. gotta go
12:19:04 AM susiethatsme14: c u 2morrow online when skools out bye

Saturday, September 09, 2006
3:52:16 PM sugardavis:
3:53:11 PM susiethatsme14: omg hi
3:53:18 PM sugardavis: hehehe
3:53:30 PM susiethatsme14: hang on a min i gotta go pee bad. brb
3:53:54 PM sugardavis: ok (Got to line up a phone verifier in case you give up those digits.)
3:55:46 PM susiethatsme14: im soo glad ur online i missd u
3:56:08 PM sugardavis: awwwww
3:56:15 PM sugardavis: l am too sweetie
3:56:18 PM sugardavis:
3:56:23 PM susiethatsme14: *hug
3:56:25 PM sugardavis: hows it going?
3:56:32 PM susiethatsme14: ok i gues
3:56:48 PM sugardavis: what are you doing today?
3:56:53 PM susiethatsme14: nothin
3:56:58 PM susiethatsme14: what u doin
3:57:21 PM sugardavis: eating now and chilling later
3:57:28 PM sugardavis: typing one hand with a sandwich lol
3:57:31 PM susiethatsme14: wat u eatin
3:57:47 PM sugardavis: roast beef sandwich and fritos
3:57:54 PM susiethatsme14: im wantin pizza or tacoz
3:58:12 PM susiethatsme14: i luv fritos
3:58:19 PM sugardavis: mmmmmmmmm
3:58:22 PM sugardavis: me too lol
3:58:26 PM sugardavis: pizza too
3:58:27 PM susiethatsme14: u makin me hungry
3:58:38 PM sugardavis: sorry lol
3:58:45 PM sugardavis: but they are good
3:58:51 PM susiethatsme14: hateful man lol
3:59:26 PM susiethatsme14: ur chewing
3:59:28 PM susiethatsme14: lol
3:59:52 PM susiethatsme14: momz workin 2day so nothin 2 do
4:00:07 PM susiethatsme14: and i gotta feed myself when she workz (Here's the pitch. You going to swing at the ball, Bucky?)
4:01:00 PM sugardavis: all alone? (Oh yeah you are. Good boy.)
4:01:07 PM susiethatsme14: ya
4:01:24 PM susiethatsme14: she hasta work like from 1 to 1 today
4:01:36 PM susiethatsme14: so she wont b home till bout 2 in the mornin (Second pitch......)
4:02:01 PM sugardavis: cool
4:02:09 PM susiethatsme14: ya
4:02:40 PM sugardavis: all by yourself?? (..he swings the bat back and)
4:02:44 PM susiethatsme14: ya
4:04:04 PM sugardavis: invite me over lol (STRIKE!)
4:04:14 PM susiethatsme14: wat we gonna do
4:04:29 PM sugardavis: whatever
4:04:32 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
4:05:39 PM sugardavis: watch movies, talk dirty, goof off
4:05:58 PM susiethatsme14: talk dirty hehehehe
4:06:22 PM sugardavis: lol
4:06:40 PM sugardavis: l am sorry, l have been feeling naughty all week
4:06:50 PM susiethatsme14: i like nauty (Another pitch...)
4:07:59 PM sugardavis: me too
4:08:05 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
4:08:06 PM sugardavis: you have a hot tub?
4:08:39 PM susiethatsme14: ya
4:10:16 PM sugardavis: cool
4:11:16 PM sugardavis: l am busy til 9pm and couldnt be there til 10pm (STRIKE!)
4:12:02 PM susiethatsme14: can i call u (The pitch....)
4:12:24 PM susiethatsme14: i can use my phone card so momz wont know
4:12:49 PM sugardavis: l feel a little weird about giving you my number....cuz of my age
4:12:56 PM sugardavis: can l call you from a cellphone?
4:13:13 PM susiethatsme14: not unless u wanna talk 2 my momz hahahaha
4:13:26 PM susiethatsme14: she forwrdz phone 2 her cell so dad cant call me
4:14:04 PM sugardavis: lol ok
4:15:54 PM sugardavis: can we chat here for awhile? (foul ball.....)
4:16:34 PM susiethatsme14: ya
4:16:54 PM sugardavis: l think we'd hit it off great and make a great connection, kitten....
4:17:01 PM sugardavis: but we have to be safe cuz of ages, ya know?
4:17:13 PM susiethatsme14: ur not gonna tell nobody r u
4:17:55 PM sugardavis: no way
4:17:56 PM susiethatsme14: cauz id get killed
4:17:59 PM sugardavis: me too
4:18:09 PM sugardavis: l love our friendship, but we need to keep it on the downlow (And another warning that I can't tell anyone.)
4:18:10 PM susiethatsme14: promis u wont tell never ever (Back atcha, Bucky)
4:18:16 PM susiethatsme14: ya we do
4:18:23 PM sugardavis: l promise forever and ever
4:18:29 PM susiethatsme14: k me 2
4:19:21 PM sugardavis: cool
4:19:26 PM susiethatsme14: cool
4:19:41 PM sugardavis: then lets hit the weed and jump in your hot tub
4:19:55 PM susiethatsme14: cool nakid
4:20:09 PM susiethatsme14: i did that b4 cauz nobody can see
4:20:30 PM sugardavis: l am cool with that
4:20:37 PM susiethatsme14: cool
4:20:43 PM susiethatsme14: now thatz nauty
4:20:49 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
4:21:07 PM sugardavis: lol l like it
4:21:15 PM susiethatsme14: ya me 2
4:21:56 PM susiethatsme14: so u gotta work till when
4:24:22 PM susiethatsme14: wat in the world u doing now
4:25:12 PM susiethatsme14: yoohoo
4:26:04 PM susiethatsme14: gues u dont wannaa talk nemore
4:26:11 PM susiethatsme14: bye
7:13:10 PM sugardavis: hey!
7:13:24 PM susiethatsme14: hi
7:13:28 PM sugardavis: l am so sorry l ditched you computer froze for 10 minutes! (Righto. Translation: Someone walked in and I almost got caught grooming a kid so I could molest her.)
7:13:34 PM sugardavis: do you forgive me, sweetie?
7:13:35 PM susiethatsme14: ohnoz
7:13:39 PM susiethatsme14: ya i do
7:13:47 PM susiethatsme14: i thot u just quit talkin 2 me
7:13:47 PM sugardavis: lol cool
7:13:56 PM sugardavis: no way...l really really like you
7:14:04 PM susiethatsme14: i reallly really lik u 2
7:14:18 PM sugardavis: awwww thanks
7:14:42 PM sugardavis: we were just getting to the good part too...naked in the hot tub lol! (Now we're going to get right down to the point.)
7:14:49 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
7:15:18 PM susiethatsme14: ok we gonna get in hot tub nekid then wat we do
7:15:31 PM sugardavis: kiss, touch, talk dirty, massage, smoke weed
7:15:39 PM susiethatsme14: lol
7:16:00 PM sugardavis: doesnt sound bad to me
7:16:08 PM susiethatsme14: i like it
7:16:34 PM sugardavis: l like it too
7:17:00 PM sugardavis: we dont need to go fast at all...relaxed and casual, see how we both feel
7:17:56 PM susiethatsme14: i feel good lol
7:18:00 PM sugardavis: good me too!
7:18:08 PM sugardavis: can you hang on for a minute? l have to get the door (Yeah, I'm betting you locked the damned door this time.)
7:18:12 PM susiethatsme14: ya
7:20:38 PM sugardavis: ok l am back sexy
7:20:40 PM sugardavis: didja miss me?
7:20:45 PM susiethatsme14: ya i did
7:21:01 PM sugardavis: well here l am...all for you
7:21:04 PM sugardavis:
7:21:26 PM susiethatsme14: kiss
7:21:34 PM sugardavis: mmmm l want some of that
7:21:44 PM susiethatsme14: so what u gonna touch
7:21:54 PM sugardavis: your neck and back
7:21:58 PM sugardavis: butt and legs
7:21:59 PM susiethatsme14: k
7:22:01 PM susiethatsme14: k
7:22:04 PM sugardavis: breasts
7:22:09 PM susiethatsme14: cool
7:22:12 PM sugardavis: pussy
7:22:25 PM susiethatsme14: cool
7:22:32 PM sugardavis: everywhere
7:22:46 PM susiethatsme14: im gonna touch 2
7:22:49 PM sugardavis: after we're done in the tub...take you out naked and wet, and cover you in baby oil
7:22:53 PM sugardavis: what do you want to touch?
7:23:09 PM susiethatsme14: everthing lol
7:23:20 PM sugardavis: mmmm sounds good
7:23:27 PM susiethatsme14: u gotta work 2nite
7:23:42 PM sugardavis: l am busy til about 10pm
7:25:29 PM sugardavis: l am about 1/2 hour from lakewood
7:25:47 PM susiethatsme14: cool
7:26:00 PM sugardavis: whens mom coming home?
7:26:28 PM susiethatsme14: gets off at 1 prolly home bout 1 45 or 2
7:26:59 PM susiethatsme14: so u gonna touch me all over rite
7:27:06 PM sugardavis: yes, l am
7:27:08 PM sugardavis: would you like that?
7:27:11 PM susiethatsme14: cool ya
7:27:18 PM sugardavis: l like it too
7:28:01 PM sugardavis: are you feeling horny?
7:28:08 PM susiethatsme14: ya i am
7:28:17 PM sugardavis: me too
7:28:26 PM susiethatsme14: u gotta work or wat
7:28:33 PM susiethatsme14: wish u cud come now lol
7:28:48 PM susiethatsme14: but u get all wet in the hot tub
7:28:53 PM sugardavis: l know...l wish too
7:29:00 PM sugardavis: is she working tomorrow day/night too?
7:29:06 PM susiethatsme14: ya
7:29:11 PM susiethatsme14: not as late 2morrow tho
7:29:19 PM susiethatsme14: like only til 10
7:29:25 PM sugardavis: gotcha
7:30:05 PM susiethatsme14: so if u come 2nite at 10 we have like 3 hours b4 she getz off work
7:30:19 PM susiethatsme14: we got to smoke fatty outside so momz dont smell it. hehehe
7:30:24 PM sugardavis: no problem
7:30:43 PM sugardavis: will you be alone? will neighbors know?
7:31:17 PM susiethatsme14: dont know neighborz hardly park on street so nobody see car in driveway
7:31:49 PM sugardavis: cool
7:32:00 PM susiethatsme14: so u gonna come bout 10 30
7:32:11 PM susiethatsme14: we can play for 2 hours easy
7:32:11 PM sugardavis: l am good with it if you are
7:32:18 PM susiethatsme14: i am great with it
7:32:18 PM sugardavis: ok
7:32:22 PM sugardavis: cool
7:32:29 PM susiethatsme14: i mite wanna keep u since i dont got no bf
7:32:34 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
7:32:39 PM sugardavis: lol cool....but we gotta keep it secret
7:32:47 PM susiethatsme14: well ya for sure
7:32:57 PM susiethatsme14: u promisd u wudnt tell nobody never ever
7:33:23 PM susiethatsme14: cauz i mean momz wud kill me and id get grounded til i waz like 40
7:33:32 PM sugardavis: promise
7:33:35 PM sugardavis: for ever and ever
7:33:43 PM susiethatsme14: pinky swear for ever and ever
7:33:49 PM sugardavis: pinky swear
7:33:53 PM susiethatsme14: cool
7:34:13 PM susiethatsme14: so u b here bout 10 30 rite
7:34:53 PM susiethatsme14: we gotta b careful not 2 mess up house
7:34:58 PM sugardavis: no problem
7:35:10 PM susiethatsme14: i get intruble if house is messy when momz comez home
7:35:15 PM sugardavis: we'll be clean
7:35:18 PM susiethatsme14: ya
7:35:31 PM susiethatsme14: this is so cool im so exited
7:35:38 PM sugardavis: me too its gonna be fun (You just have no clue how much fun I'm going to have.)
7:35:42 PM susiethatsme14: ya it is
7:36:27 PM susiethatsme14: so im gonna take a bubble bath b4 u get here
7:36:34 PM susiethatsme14: so i smell really good
7:36:40 PM sugardavis: perfect, l would love that
7:36:42 PM susiethatsme14: u like strawberry or herbal
7:36:48 PM sugardavis: herbal
7:36:57 PM susiethatsme14: omg me 2 itz my fav
7:37:14 PM sugardavis: mmm yummy
7:37:19 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
7:37:21 PM sugardavis: what are you gonna wear for me?
7:37:28 PM susiethatsme14: wat u want me 2 wear
7:38:05 PM susiethatsme14: i gonna wear nothin in hot tub lol
7:38:14 PM sugardavis: sounds good
7:38:25 PM susiethatsme14: but i wait till u get here to get nekid
7:38:33 PM sugardavis: after we tub, l want to lay out a sheet on the floor, and put oil over all of our bodies
7:38:47 PM susiethatsme14: that soundz cool
7:38:59 PM susiethatsme14: make me slicky tho
7:39:25 PM susiethatsme14: wat time u gotta b at work
7:39:31 PM susiethatsme14: or wherevr u going
7:40:02 PM sugardavis: l need to be there at 7pm
7:40:13 PM susiethatsme14: k hey tay
7:40:20 PM sugardavis: yes?
7:40:24 PM susiethatsme14: if ur just jokin with me tell me please
7:40:29 PM susiethatsme14: dont just stand me up
7:40:29 PM sugardavis: l am not joking
7:40:33 PM susiethatsme14: kk
7:40:35 PM sugardavis: l promise, susie
7:40:37 PM sugardavis: can you give me directions/address now, so l can mapquest it?
7:41:00 PM susiethatsme14: i can give u address but i dont know how to get here. lol
7:41:17 PM susiethatsme14: i know u gotta turn off bellflower blvd onto my street.
7:41:19 PM sugardavis: thats cool, give me address and a description of your house
7:41:55 PM susiethatsme14: (Bust House address given) Long Beach CA 90808
7:42:15 PM susiethatsme14: my house is like beige and not real big
7:42:30 PM susiethatsme14: if u come in side door on rite side of house nobody see u
7:42:54 PM susiethatsme14: ill watch 4 u
7:43:12 PM sugardavis: that sounds good
7:43:16 PM susiethatsme14: u gonna b in the white car or the blue van
7:43:20 PM sugardavis: l should be there between 10 and 10:30
7:43:36 PM susiethatsme14: omg this iz so cool
7:43:57 PM sugardavis: not sure car
7:44:13 PM susiethatsme14: so wat i look for then silly lol
7:44:15 PM susiethatsme14: don't matter
7:44:21 PM susiethatsme14: i look 4 u
7:44:25 PM sugardavis: dont worry
7:44:28 PM susiethatsme14: k
7:44:46 PM susiethatsme14: i only worry u wont really come
7:44:54 PM sugardavis: dont worry bout that, l will be there
7:45:02 PM susiethatsme14: kk
7:45:06 PM susiethatsme14: i cant wait
7:45:08 PM sugardavis: what else do you want to do when l get there?
7:45:26 PM susiethatsme14: dunno u gotta b boss cauz i dont know how 2 do lotz of thingz
7:45:45 PM susiethatsme14: i crown u boss of stuff 2nite
7:45:50 PM susiethatsme14: hehehehehehehe
7:46:14 PM sugardavis: no problem
7:46:24 PM susiethatsme14: ur a nice man i can tell
7:46:30 PM sugardavis: yes l am!
7:46:30 PM susiethatsme14: i cant wiat til u get here
7:46:40 PM sugardavis: me too, we'll have a blast
7:46:51 PM susiethatsme14: ya
7:47:04 PM susiethatsme14: bring munchies 2
7:47:09 PM susiethatsme14: i dont got ne
7:47:15 PM susiethatsme14: fritos
7:47:19 PM susiethatsme14: lol
7:47:27 PM susiethatsme14: or somethin
7:47:42 PM sugardavis: lol l can bring fritos
7:47:45 PM susiethatsme14: momz sad i eat her outta house and home
7:47:47 PM sugardavis: what else?
7:47:56 PM susiethatsme14: what soundz good
7:48:15 PM susiethatsme14: pizza or tacos or reeses pnute butter cupz lol
7:48:21 PM susiethatsme14: im hungry can u tell
7:48:37 PM sugardavis: mmmmm!
7:48:42 PM sugardavis: how bout fritos and reeses?
7:48:46 PM susiethatsme14: cool
7:48:53 PM susiethatsme14: i wud love that
7:49:01 PM susiethatsme14: and 420
7:49:05 PM susiethatsme14: lol
7:49:09 PM susiethatsme14: not 2 eat
7:49:11 PM sugardavis: you got it!
7:49:13 PM sugardavis: lolol silly
7:49:24 PM susiethatsme14: lol
7:49:55 PM susiethatsme14: so u gotta b sumwhere at 7
7:50:04 PM susiethatsme14: u know what time it iz
7:50:36 PM susiethatsme14: takez me long time 2 get ready but ur a guy so dont take so long
7:50:45 PM sugardavis: l am all good!
7:50:53 PM sugardavis: l want to keep chatting with you
7:51:06 PM susiethatsme14: me 2 but im bout 2 pee on myself brb
7:51:29 PM sugardavis: lol ok
7:52:47 PM sugardavis: you pee a lot lol (No I don't but I have to get your ass on the schedule so the great Long Beach police know to expect you.)
7:54:50 PM susiethatsme14: cauz i drink lotz of water and ice tea
7:54:54 PM susiethatsme14: and cokes
7:55:13 PM sugardavis: lol
7:55:20 PM susiethatsme14: lol
7:56:05 PM susiethatsme14: i lookd at ur pic lotz 2day cauz ur sooo cute
7:56:18 PM sugardavis: cool
7:56:25 PM sugardavis: did you fantasize?
7:56:39 PM susiethatsme14: not really
7:57:01 PM sugardavis: thats cool
7:57:29 PM sugardavis: l like your pix on myspace page
7:57:33 PM susiethatsme14: ty
7:57:38 PM sugardavis: you have a sexy attitude
7:57:46 PM susiethatsme14: ty hehehe
7:57:58 PM susiethatsme14: ya im gonna b sexy when i get big
7:58:31 PM susiethatsme14: im gonna wear those big heels
7:58:38 PM sugardavis: mmmm l love heels on girls
7:58:50 PM susiethatsme14: my momz says i dress like a hoochie mama now it pisses her off
7:58:58 PM sugardavis: l think its a turnon
7:59:03 PM sugardavis: wear those heels for me
7:59:13 PM susiethatsme14: dont have none now
7:59:19 PM sugardavis: thats cool
7:59:25 PM sugardavis: hey l have to tell you something
7:59:27 PM susiethatsme14: sumday
7:59:31 PM susiethatsme14: wat u gonna tell me
7:59:38 PM sugardavis: do you ever shave or trim? (Yep. Typical groomer. Took him 3 whole days of telling me how sexy, hot, beautiful and talented I am before he finally asked if I shave.)
7:59:45 PM susiethatsme14: shave
7:59:58 PM susiethatsme14: dont have much tho
7:59:59 PM sugardavis: do you ever get red bumps?
8:00:10 PM susiethatsme14: not alwayz
8:00:15 PM susiethatsme14: im kinda careful
8:00:20 PM susiethatsme14: dont wanna cut my thingy
8:00:22 PM sugardavis: l have some of those around my hips...
8:00:23 PM sugardavis: lol
8:00:33 PM susiethatsme14: lol
8:00:37 PM sugardavis: l shaved/trimmed earlier this week, but have red bumps around my mound....
8:00:44 PM sugardavis: so if you see that, don't freak out...its not aids!
8:01:00 PM sugardavis: its from shaving, and l didnt use enough skin cleaner astringent (omg, you're warning me you looked diseased. ewwww)
8:01:08 PM susiethatsme14: hehehehe promise wont freak lol
8:01:12 PM sugardavis: lol good
8:01:16 PM sugardavis: l want the lights low anyways
8:01:28 PM susiethatsme14: ya make it sexy rite
8:01:57 PM susiethatsme14: i dont hav no sexy music or i play it
8:02:23 PM sugardavis: you pick the sexy music and play it
8:02:31 PM susiethatsme14: kk
8:03:24 PM susiethatsme14: ill pick oaut sumthing cute 2 wear
8:03:31 PM sugardavis: that sounds good to me
8:03:34 PM sugardavis: l want to see that
8:03:51 PM susiethatsme14: ya
8:04:19 PM sugardavis: you are a very beautiful girl
8:04:24 PM susiethatsme14: ty
8:04:28 PM sugardavis: l am sure you'll look very tasty
8:04:34 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
8:05:01 PM sugardavis: can l taste you everywhere?
8:05:09 PM susiethatsme14: ya if u wanna
8:05:19 PM sugardavis: mmmmm ok
8:05:22 PM susiethatsme14: i trust u
8:05:57 PM sugardavis: good
8:07:10 PM sugardavis: do you ever masturbate?
8:07:23 PM susiethatsme14: not really
8:07:50 PM sugardavis: thats cool
8:08:10 PM susiethatsme14: im so exited cauz ur coming
8:08:22 PM sugardavis: mmmm me too
8:08:30 PM sugardavis: put on some makeup after your bath, and dress sexy for me
8:08:42 PM susiethatsme14: im gonna
8:09:10 PM sugardavis: mmmmmm good
8:09:54 PM susiethatsme14: i think i wear my little white skirt and my white tank
8:10:44 PM susiethatsme14: i think itz cute but momz hatez it
8:10:55 PM sugardavis: mmmm perfect
8:11:00 PM sugardavis: we won't tell
8:11:08 PM susiethatsme14: i know
8:11:54 PM susiethatsme14: wat u gonna wear
8:12:33 PM sugardavis: jeans, black t-shirt
8:12:42 PM susiethatsme14: cool
8:12:45 PM sugardavis: we wont stay in clothes for too long
8:12:53 PM susiethatsme14: i know rofl
8:13:25 PM sugardavis: lololol
8:14:28 PM susiethatsme14: u like kid rock
8:14:49 PM sugardavis: l do
8:14:52 PM susiethatsme14: me 2
8:15:35 PM susiethatsme14: i did till he hooked up with pam andersen
8:15:50 PM sugardavis: l hear ya!
8:15:56 PM susiethatsme14: shez a slut
8:16:02 PM susiethatsme14: hez gotta b stupid
8:16:08 PM sugardavis: l dont find her attractive at all
8:16:10 PM sugardavis: l hear ya!
8:16:22 PM susiethatsme14: i figur u lik her cauz shez got big boobs
8:16:26 PM sugardavis: nope
8:16:29 PM susiethatsme14: i dont have big boobs
8:16:44 PM sugardavis: l am more of an ass man than a boob man...l like girl with smaller breasts and nice slender body and hips
8:16:55 PM sugardavis: do you have nice nipples?
8:17:09 PM susiethatsme14: dont know if they nice or not
8:17:19 PM susiethatsme14: wat makez them nice
8:17:41 PM sugardavis: what color and size?
8:18:05 PM susiethatsme14: kinda dark and kinda big
8:18:15 PM susiethatsme14: i guess i dont know if big or not
8:18:21 PM sugardavis: nice
8:18:27 PM sugardavis: l will check them out later
8:18:31 PM susiethatsme14: kk
8:18:48 PM susiethatsme14: u tell me honest if theyr not nice
8:19:04 PM sugardavis: l will honestly tell you
8:19:09 PM susiethatsme14: cool
8:20:21 PM sugardavis: do you have a cute butt?
8:20:29 PM susiethatsme14: prolly
8:20:33 PM susiethatsme14: i have a butt
8:20:38 PM susiethatsme14: hehehehehe
8:20:46 PM sugardavis: lolol
8:20:49 PM sugardavis: l will have to check that out too
8:20:53 PM susiethatsme14: ya
8:21:03 PM susiethatsme14: wat if u dont think itz cute
8:21:06 PM susiethatsme14: omg
8:21:14 PM sugardavis: lol l am sure l will
8:21:32 PM sugardavis: hey, can you hang out for about 10 minutes? l need to jump in the shower, but then l will be back
8:21:47 PM susiethatsme14: kk ill play gamez till u get back.
8:21:51 PM sugardavis: sounds good
8:21:53 PM sugardavis:
8:21:54 PM sugardavis: ciao
8:21:58 PM susiethatsme14: kissy
SUGARDAVIS disconnected (8:22:04 PM)
8:48:01 PM sugardavis:
8:48:12 PM susiethatsme14: hi r u clean lolol
8:48:22 PM sugardavis: mmm fresh and clean for you baby
8:48:36 PM susiethatsme14: i still gotta go take a bubble bath
8:49:23 PM susiethatsme14: u dont need to bring a towel we got lotz of towelz
8:49:48 PM susiethatsme14: how im gonna explain why one of momz sheetz has oil all over it
8:50:04 PM sugardavis: hmmmm
8:50:15 PM susiethatsme14: ya can u bring a sheet
8:50:30 PM sugardavis: lets skip the oil this time (ohnoz, we've never had anyone bring a sheet before. I want you to bring a sheet.)
8:50:41 PM susiethatsme14: iknow what we cud do we cud use towels
8:50:45 PM susiethatsme14: i like the oil
8:50:53 PM susiethatsme14: gonna make me slicky
8:51:04 PM sugardavis: ok
8:51:15 PM susiethatsme14: iz it baby oil
8:51:18 PM sugardavis: l will bring oil, and we can figure someting out
8:51:21 PM sugardavis: yes, baby oil
8:51:27 PM sugardavis: l can bring a sheet (oh goody goody goody)
8:51:43 PM susiethatsme14: kk i luv the way baby oil smellz kk u bring the sheet ill bring me
8:51:49 PM susiethatsme14: hehehehehe
8:52:11 PM sugardavis: mmmmm
8:52:14 PM sugardavis: you got a deal, sexy
8:52:24 PM susiethatsme14: u got a deal sexy man
8:52:36 PM susiethatsme14: u really r a sexy man
8:53:25 PM sugardavis: mmmmmm
8:53:30 PM sugardavis: l like when you call me that
8:53:41 PM susiethatsme14: i like cauz u r that
8:53:43 PM susiethatsme14: lolol
8:54:09 PM sugardavis: gimme a second, l want to put that sheet aside now (yessssss *hiss*)
8:54:15 PM susiethatsme14: cool
8:58:51 PM sugardavis: all set, sexy
8:58:55 PM sugardavis: got the oil and sheet (I love it when a plan comes together)
8:58:59 PM susiethatsme14: cool
8:59:05 PM susiethatsme14: i've never been all slicky
8:59:08 PM susiethatsme14: soundz fun
8:59:11 PM sugardavis: mmmm
8:59:15 PM sugardavis: its very hot
8:59:20 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:00:09 PM susiethatsme14: u gotta b sumwhere at 7 ur late
9:00:19 PM sugardavis: it got moved to 8
9:00:24 PM sugardavis: l will be done by 9:30
9:00:39 PM susiethatsme14: cool so u b here by 10 mabe
9:00:54 PM sugardavis: l bet between 10 and 10:30
9:01:01 PM sugardavis: l will leave at 1am
9:01:13 PM susiethatsme14: kk
9:01:29 PM sugardavis: will that be a safe hour to leave?
9:01:47 PM susiethatsme14: ya cauz she wont get home b4 1 45
9:02:09 PM susiethatsme14: 1 is plenty safe
9:02:16 PM susiethatsme14: omg im so exited
9:02:21 PM sugardavis: mmmm me too
9:02:30 PM sugardavis: how often does your mom leave you alone like that?
9:02:52 PM susiethatsme14: lotz
9:03:03 PM susiethatsme14: itz okay im not a baybee i just lock doorz
9:03:10 PM susiethatsme14: xcept when im in hot tub lol
9:03:46 PM sugardavis: lol is hot tub outside?
9:03:52 PM susiethatsme14: ya
9:03:55 PM susiethatsme14: in backyard
9:04:18 PM susiethatsme14: dont mess up house that way
9:04:35 PM sugardavis: ok...
9:04:49 PM sugardavis: to be honest, l am a little scared of being in yard, in case neighbors hear and check it out
9:04:59 PM susiethatsme14: they cant see in backyard
9:05:33 PM susiethatsme14: we dont hafta do hot tub if u dont wana but i do it nekid cause they cant see nothin
9:05:47 PM sugardavis: ok...lets play it by ear...
9:06:04 PM susiethatsme14: kk i wont care if u dont wanna do hottub
9:06:25 PM sugardavis: it might be more fun to skip hot tub and go straight to oil
9:06:35 PM susiethatsme14: ya i think it mite
9:06:49 PM susiethatsme14: i cant wait 2 do that
9:07:14 PM sugardavis: seeing as we don't have much time
9:07:21 PM susiethatsme14: ya i know
9:07:31 PM susiethatsme14: we cann do hot tub anothr time
9:07:35 PM susiethatsme14: if u wanna
9:08:26 PM susiethatsme14: wat u doing
9:08:38 PM susiethatsme14: where u going at 8
9:08:50 PM sugardavis: l have a meeting for some biz stuff
9:08:56 PM sugardavis: gonna have dinner when l am there
9:08:57 PM susiethatsme14: o i c
9:09:07 PM susiethatsme14: bring me dinner lol
9:09:20 PM susiethatsme14: bet ur having sumthing really gud
9:09:32 PM susiethatsme14: j/k
9:09:56 PM sugardavis: l hope so!!
9:10:01 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
9:10:06 PM sugardavis: l will bring you fritos and reeses
9:10:11 PM susiethatsme14: oh ya
9:10:15 PM sugardavis: and feed them to you off of my body (OH.MY.GAWD. He's going to be soaked in baby oil...his body has sores on his stuff that he thinks I might think is a disease....and he wants me to eat Fritos and Peanut Butter Cups off of his body?)
9:10:20 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:10:56 PM susiethatsme14: this is gonna b sooo fun
9:11:34 PM sugardavis: mmmmm yummy
9:12:02 PM susiethatsme14: ull b all salty and sweet
9:12:11 PM susiethatsme14: and slicky
9:13:07 PM susiethatsme14: omg wish u didnt hav meeting so u cud come now
9:13:12 PM susiethatsme14: im so exited
9:13:52 PM sugardavis: mmmmmmmm
9:13:58 PM sugardavis: god yes
9:14:09 PM sugardavis: salty and slicky and oily all over for your tongue and fingers (Please spare me the image that burns in my mind.)
9:14:31 PM susiethatsme14: ill make u feel soo gud 2
9:14:39 PM susiethatsme14: do i get 2 put oil all ovr u 2
9:14:47 PM sugardavis: yes...
9:14:50 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:15:17 PM susiethatsme14: did u find my house on the map
9:15:46 PM sugardavis: what do you wanna do to me?
9:15:58 PM susiethatsme14: make u slicky hehehe
9:16:22 PM susiethatsme14: how we can hang on if we're both slicky
9:16:45 PM sugardavis: we grind against
9:16:54 PM susiethatsme14: k
9:17:09 PM sugardavis: its sooooo good
9:17:16 PM susiethatsme14: u ever did it b4
9:17:23 PM sugardavis: yessssssss
9:17:26 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:17:31 PM sugardavis: is there anything you don't want to do or are scared of trying? (well...uh...yeah. Eating food off of your oily diseased body for starters.)
9:17:44 PM susiethatsme14: dont think so like wat
9:18:59 PM sugardavis: anything sexual that we should avoid?
9:19:21 PM susiethatsme14: dunno know how 2 do much u gotta show me
9:19:27 PM susiethatsme14: wat u thinkin about
9:19:47 PM susiethatsme14: wat did u wanna do that pissed off ur gf
9:19:58 PM susiethatsme14: i bee wonderin about that
9:20:02 PM sugardavis: l didnt do anything like that!
9:20:07 PM sugardavis: lol its all good on that front
9:20:13 PM susiethatsme14: o
9:20:18 PM sugardavis: l will show you everything, and we can decide what feels fun and comfortable
9:20:23 PM sugardavis: l have a few surprises for you
9:20:32 PM susiethatsme14: cool wat
9:20:33 PM susiethatsme14: tell me
9:20:47 PM sugardavis: uhhh uhhh
9:20:51 PM sugardavis: thats what surprises are for
9:21:01 PM sugardavis: but l will tell you that you'll LOVE it
9:21:06 PM susiethatsme14: ok im gonna thik up a surprise 4 u 2 (I have a surprise for you too but I don't want to tell you about it before you get here.)
9:21:29 PM sugardavis: ok....don't worry about it too much tho
9:21:37 PM susiethatsme14: kk
9:22:39 PM susiethatsme14: now i wanna know wat surpris u gonna do lol
9:23:08 PM sugardavis: lol don't worry about it, it will bring you a lot of pleasure
9:23:16 PM sugardavis: fun and naughty lol
9:23:19 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:23:32 PM susiethatsme14: ur makin me crazy
9:23:41 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
9:23:54 PM sugardavis: lol
9:24:04 PM sugardavis: then take it out on me when we're covered in oil
9:24:16 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
9:24:46 PM susiethatsme14: im gonna
9:24:55 PM sugardavis: mmmmm
9:25:00 PM sugardavis: can l tell you something?
9:25:07 PM susiethatsme14: well ya
9:25:09 PM susiethatsme14: of course
9:25:12 PM sugardavis: my dick is getting hard over here talking to you
9:25:26 PM susiethatsme14: dunk it in cold water (This line amused the hell out of me \"Dunkie\". ROFL)
9:25:38 PM susiethatsme14: u got 2 wait till u get here
9:26:25 PM susiethatsme14: how long it takez u 2 get 2 ur meeting
9:26:36 PM sugardavis: l leave in about 20 min
9:26:38 PM sugardavis: lol
9:28:58 PM susiethatsme14: i gotta do dishs b4 u get here 2
9:29:13 PM susiethatsme14: or momz will b pissed when she getz home
9:29:55 PM susiethatsme14: wher d u go
9:30:21 PM susiethatsme14: brb i gotta go pee again lol dont leave
9:31:10 PM sugardavis: lol
9:32:28 PM susiethatsme14: back lol
9:33:30 PM sugardavis: cool!!!
9:33:38 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
9:33:57 PM susiethatsme14: hurry with ur meeting u got 2 meet wit ur boss
9:34:47 PM susiethatsme14: u can say sorry i got somethin slicky going i gotta go boss
9:34:57 PM susiethatsme14: rofl
9:35:08 PM sugardavis: lolol
9:35:43 PM susiethatsme14: r u exited 2
9:35:47 PM susiethatsme14: i cant wait
9:36:10 PM susiethatsme14: wat u doin
9:36:31 PM sugardavis: lolol
9:36:35 PM sugardavis: l am stoked!
9:36:41 PM susiethatsme14: cool
9:38:20 PM susiethatsme14: yoohoo sexy man wat u doin
9:38:38 PM sugardavis: l am getting ready to go...l need to get running, baby girl
9:38:47 PM susiethatsme14: ohmoz
9:38:50 PM susiethatsme14: ohnoz
9:38:55 PM susiethatsme14: not moz
9:38:57 PM susiethatsme14: hehehe
9:38:57 PM sugardavis: alright....see you between 10-10:30
9:39:09 PM susiethatsme14: cool ill b waitin 4 u
9:39:15 PM susiethatsme14: hurry ok
9:39:54 PM sugardavis: will do baby!! xxoo smooch
9:40:00 PM susiethatsme14: kissy
9:40:05 PM susiethatsme14: bye sexy man
9:40:09 PM sugardavis: bye

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