• Conviction - marine_with_hard_cock - Parris Island, South Carolina

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    File originally posted on 7/8/2011 11:00 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/8/2011 11:00 AM PST

    marine_with_hard_cock (7:03:42 PM): ok--are you going to meet me in the parking lot at least?
    ima_beangirl2 (7:04:13 PM): mebee
    ima_beangirl2 (7:04:52 PM): lolz
    marine_with_hard_cock (7:04:56 PM): well, I'd feel better if you did
    ima_beangirl2 (7:05:35 PM): how bout i call u when ur on ur way
    marine_with_hard_cock (7:05:56 PM): yeah--that works--but I still want you to walk me up--lol
    ima_beangirl2 (7:06:03 PM): i dont want ne1 2 c n tell my mom
    ima_beangirl2 (7:07:35 PM): if ne1 tells her ill get in big truble
    marine_with_hard_cock (7:09:06 PM): yeah--well I just want to see you before I go in the apt--cause one of my friends got arrested for doing the same thing with a 16 year old--it
    was a set-up type thing
    ima_beangirl2 (7:09:18 PM): wow
    ima_beangirl2 (7:09:25 PM): 4 realz??
    marine_with_hard_cock (7:09:28 PM): yep
    marine_with_hard_cock (7:10:47 PM): so I'm a little paranoid
    Friend gets arrested, but not enough to dissuade him from trying to rape a minor himself. Whattaworld.

    Brian Hickerson wanted to have anal sex with a kid, and he got a sentence reflecting that desire. Because Hickerson was in the military when he made his solicitation and because the investigators found a ton of child pornography he had downloaded, he was well... done for. Of course, in the contributor writeup, you'll read about how he didn't really see it that way.

    Courts did though, and sentenced him to 20 years confinement. Yeah, 20 years. Military justice, best justice.

    Contributor notes from Almond Joy
    After 5 years of hearing nothing from NCIS about this case I finally received a call in early 2011.

    The defendant was tried in a Special Court Martial on Parris Island, SC. He was found to be in possession of three laptop computer, with one containing lots of child porn, and a removable storage device full of child porn. He was cocky that his high paid lawyer would get him off, laughing and cutting up during court recesses. I bet he is not so confident now. He will be spending 20 years doing hard labor at Leavenworth. I love Military Justice.


    marine_with_hard_cock Sentence
    5/13/2011 The accused was convicted of:
    1. Transmitting obscene material to a minor over the internet
    2. Attempt to entice a minor to meet for sexual activities (over internet)
    3. Possession of laptop containing child pornography
    4. Possession of external storage device containing child pornography
    5. Receipt of child pornography.

    The jury sentenced SSgt Hickerson to reduction to the lowest enlisted paygrade (Private E-1), a dishonorable discharge, total forfeitures of all pay and allowances for 20 years, and confinement for 20 years.

    His immediate place of confinement is the Naval Brig at Charleston, SC.

    However, because he is sentenced to more than 10 years, he will likely be transferred to Leavenworth. If he earns all his "good time" credit, he will be eligible for release after serving a little over 15 years. He will then have to register. This is where it gets interesting. The offense involving the chats with you is considered a "crime of violence." Because he was convicted of that offense, it is likely he will have to register as a sex predator, vs simply registering as a sex offender

    This is our 545th conviction since June of 2004 and our 13th conviction for 2011.