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Perverted Justice mark: Jared Michael Manuel, 26
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Location: Dothan, Alabama
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit er1ca_leah_cx, a 14 year old girl
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Bob Dylan - hey so if I came to hartford today, you would......
Decoy - Wut??
Bob Dylan - i am going to be up around hartford just figured how nice it would be to woo you and introduce you to the white man dingo warrior lol
Decoy - How old ru ?
Bob Dylan - im actually 24 why?
Bob Dylan - i bet my next paycheck though by the end of the day you wont care anything about age
Decoy - Oh idk I was jw.. I'm 14
Decoy - Lol idc about any age
Bob Dylan - so lets meet if you like me by alls means ill impress you something serious. Hows that sound
Decoy - Lol r u serious
Bob Dylan - yes im serious if you want it you have the opportunity to have it
Bob Dylan - or you can kick rocks with your gfs and talk about how nice itd be to get some
Decoy - Haha.. Well wut exactly do u wanna do?? ;)
Bob Dylan - ill let you do all the decision making in case you dont like me. If you do i have somewhere we can go if youd like. Do you have a cell?
Decoy - Yep,, *exit*
Bob Dylan - how far are you from the square in hartford?
Decoy - Just a couple of mins

Text Messaging 7/8/14

Bob Dylan Phone: Hey whats up its jared 12:20 PM
Me: Jared?? 12:22 PM
Me: Idk ne Jared 12:24 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: From meetme silly. So can u walk to the square? What r your parents going to say? 12:25 PM
Me: Oh.. Lol.. Bob Dylan? 12:28 PM
Me: Well my moms here right now 12:28 PM
Me: Y wutchu wanna do 12:28 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Its up to u lol what do u need? 12:30 PM
Me: What do I need?? 12:31 PM
Me: I wanna know what you want 2 do 12:33 PM
Me: ??? 12:50 PM
Me: R we hanging out in your car or something.. Idgi, cuz I don't wanna get in trouble 12:53 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Geesh i was busy your not a virgin are you? 12:54 PM
Me: No 12:55 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: I got somewhere we can go u just have to promise me your moms cool with u being gone 12:56 PM
Me: Ok.. Where? I can tell her I'm sleeping over at my friends 12:57 PM
Me: N wuts a white mandingo warrior?? Lol 12:58 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Just an hour or two just tell her your going over to a friends ok 1:00 PM
Me: K wut r we gonna do 1:03 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Idk lol make out sound good? 1:09 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: ? 1:12 PM
Me: Make out? 1:12 PM
Me: Eh 1:12 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: You can have the white man dingo warrior to lol 1:13 PM
Me: What does that even mean? Lol 1:14 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: That im a god of love making i think lol im headed your way and will be there in 30 min or so k 1:17 PM
Me: I didn't even ask if I could leave 1:17 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ask then duh 1:18 PM
Me: What if she says no? Can u come later? 1:19 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Your going to a friends and will be back in an hour or two 1:19 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No i live in dothan remember? Im only going to drop something off at my inlaws 1:20 PM
Me: Uh.. So?? That's not really far 1:20 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Your going swiming k 1:20 PM
Me: So ur saying if I can't go now then ur not coming back here 1:21 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: It is when your working two jobs 1:21 PM
Me: Ur kinda acting like a jerk 1:22 PM
Me: So maybe hmu when u have time 1:22 PM
Me: Bye 1:22 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Just come on we wont be gone long and no im never coming again just dont know when the next time i can will be 1:23 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: How am i acting like a jerk? 1:24 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Do u want to hang out or are u playing games? Bc it went from sounding like u could hang out to your mom will never let u leave real quick 1:26 PM
Me: No, she won't.. N I never said I could do that either 1:27 PM
Me: If I plan it she will 1:27 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: So u cant go anywhere at all? 1:28 PM
Me: I can if I plan it!! 1:28 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ok lets make plans for tomorrow then hows that sound? 1:29 PM
Me: That sounds better! Lol 1:29 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Your so going to get me into trouble 1:32 PM
Me: More like the other way around 1:34 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: You know we are going to do it lol thats not trouble but will lead to it 1:36 PM
Me: U better not get me in trouble.. 1:38 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: I wont but u better make it worth every min 1:39 PM
Me: Like how 1:39 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: By not being so tight i cant get it in lol 1:40 PM
Me: Wait, what 1:42 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Lol your pussy duh 1:43 PM
Me: Lol.. Why what exactly r u putting in there? 1:44 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Sounds like u mite be the police to me 1:46 PM
Me: Uh no... But ur acting like ur putting something huge in there lol 1:46 PM
Me: Told u I wasn't a virgin 1:46 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Youll just have to find that out wont u? 1:47 PM
Me: Uh no.. Not if it gonna put something weird in me 1:48 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: How many guys have u been with that were over 18? 1:49 PM
Me: None? My last bf was 17 1:49 PM
Me: Y? 1:49 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: What do u let most guys put in there lmao? 1:50 PM
Me: I only had sex w that guy 1:51 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Your kidding me? Just one guy? You are erasing your msgs in case your mom gets your phone rite 1:52 PM
Me: Y is that bad?? Yea I erase all of them 1:52 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No its good. Do u want to do it? 1:53 PM
Me: Well u made it sound bad! 1:54 PM
Me: I just don't wanna get in trouble 1:56 PM
Me: Do u have a gf?? 1:56 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No i dont have a gf bc im to busy most of the time but im not busy enough to get laid which i havent done in 2 months. 2:12 PM
Me: Oh 2:16 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Have u ever given head before? 2:18 PM
Me: Lol yea 2:21 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Swallow? 2:23 PM
Me: Sometimes 2:25 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Is it good to the last drop? 2:25 PM
Me: Not really! Lol 2:26 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Would u like to do that? 2:30 PM
Me: It's ok I guess 2:30 PM
Me: Not the best 2:31 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No i said would u like to do that? 2:35 PM
Me: I guess I would do it again? 2:36 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Uggh do u have skype? 2:39 PM
Me: Nope 2:39 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: What would it take for u to get it? 2:40 PM
Me: My mom took away my web cam 2:42 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: You can still watch get it for me 2:42 PM
Me: I have yahoo? 2:44 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Thatll work lol im about to be home. Whats your yahoo? 2:45 PM
Me: I'm going to my grammas.. But it's er1ca_leah_cx 2:46 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: You dont want to watch me on cam? 2:46 PM
Me: Lol I do but were leaving 2:47 PM
Me: Add me n I'll go on later tonight when we get home 2:47 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Your just suddenly leaving huh? 2:48 PM
Me: Were leaving in like 10 mins? 2:48 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Later tonite? You cant do it on your phone? 2:48 PM
Me: I don't kno the password to download apps 2:49 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: You have to have a password to download apps? Lmao i didnt even know that. 2:50 PM
Me: Yup.. Y wut kinda phone do u have? My frickin mom blocks everything.. I can't even text pix 2:51 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ill be home in a min do u want me to cum for you? 2:51 PM
Me: I can't go on til later.. She's gonna bitch if I go in and turn on the computer 2:52 PM
Me: Later? 2:52 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: I have a flip phone with no data plan lol 2:53 PM
Me: Oh well that sux.. Yep I have an iPhone but you gotta enter a password to download any app 2:54 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Im home 2:55 PM
Me: Kool? 2:56 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Uggh how long are u going to be at grannys? 2:58 PM
Me: Dunno.. Maybe till dinner? 3:00 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Why? 3:01 PM
Me: WTF 3:02 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Settle down so out of all the guys on meetme why hookup with me? 3:05 PM
Me: Ur cute. Why me? 3:07 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: We have talked before and i wanted you but it just never happened you couldnt i dont think. Your hot and prob tight and tight is good 3:10 PM
Me: I never talked 2 u before? 3:11 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Lol yes u did 3:12 PM
Me: Nope 3:12 PM
Me: Maybe u talk to 2 many girls 3:12 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Check ur msgs. 3:13 PM
Me: Yep, today was the first time 3:14 PM
Me: I gtg my moms here ttyl 3:14 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Geesh we could have been done on yahoo already 3:15 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Whats up 8:28 PM
Me: Nm.. U? 8:34 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Thought u were going to text me when u got back. 8:38 PM
Me: Yep.. Lol were still here 8:39 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Im holding my cum while u cock block lol 8:41 PM
Me: Lol shut up 8:45 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Really? 9:10 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 7/8/14

er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:27:24 PM): hey were back finally
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:28:08 PM): you want this cock baby
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:28:48 PM): huh
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:29:04 PM): you want to watch me jack off?
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:29:10 PM): well I wanted 2 come online so u stop complaining.. but I cant stay online long cause my mom is making me go 2 bed
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:30:20 PM): 'you like my big hard cock baby
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:30:33 PM): lol yea looks big
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:30:55 PM): how do you want me to stroke it?
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:31:21 PM): ??
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:31:35 PM): you want this cum dont you
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:31:36 PM): like that I guess lol
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:32:31 PM): you think you can handle that
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:32:45 PM): I think so
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:33:07 PM): you want this cum baby
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:33:34 PM): hahah :\">
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:33:52 PM): ?
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:34:02 PM): yea
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:34:20 PM): you going to take it tomorrow?
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:35:18 PM): take it?
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:35:44 PM): do whatever you want with it
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:36:01 PM): lol wut u want me 2 do
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:36:19 PM): whatever makes u feel good
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:36:26 PM): mmk
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:36:41 PM): sound good
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:37:03 PM): I guess?? lol
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:37:29 PM): you ready baby
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:38:13 PM): for...
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:38:21 PM): would you rather have it in your pussy or in your mouth
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:38:34 PM): where do u want it
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:39:02 PM): both
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:39:35 PM): lol I'm excited
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:40:18 PM): I gotta go soon my mom is yelling at me
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:41:16 PM): did you like that
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:41:20 PM): did you like that
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:45:30 PM): ya
jackjohnsons7 (07/08/14 10:45:54 PM): so what street in hartford do you live on?
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:46:13 PM): LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:46:18 PM): Im not telling u
er1ca_leah_cx (07/08/14 10:46:26 PM): I gotta get off the computer text me

Text Messaging 7/8/14

Me: Sorry my mom came in my room 10:21 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: So how bout around 2 tomorrow will that work? 10:25 PM
Me: Ya I think so.. Text me in the morning 10:26 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Do u have facebook? 10:26 PM
Me: Yea 10:27 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Whats ur fbook? 10:27 PM
Me: My name is erica denaro.. U can look me up but I can't add u cause my mom is my friend on fb 10:28 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ok babe i understand 10:28 PM
Me: Kk I'm going 2 bed now.. Nite 10:29 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Wear that pink shirt for me tomorrow 10:32 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: And if u take adderal or have any pain meds bring them to 10:32 PM
Me: I will.. N wut? I don't take ne pills 10:35 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No cough syrup? Any of that lol 10:35 PM
Me: Nope sorry 10:37 PM
Me: K goodnite 10:37 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Im going to ruin u tomorrow lol goodnight 10:38 PM

Text Messaging 7/9/14

Me: Heyyy 10:54 AM
Me: So my mom said I can go 2 my friends today ^_^ 11:01 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: Yea! Lol ive been trying to get some work done 11:04 AM
Me: I kno I'm stoked lol 11:08 AM
Me: So the square? 11:09 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: How bout the side of the gas station 11:19 AM
Me: How bout the gazebo 11:23 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: Meet me at the gas station at 130 11:25 AM
Me: The scooter store? 11:31 AM
Me: Ok 11:33 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: The gas station works better. Your going to have to trust me if u dont want to get in trouble 11:37 AM
Me: That is the gas station lol 11:37 AM
Me: The store there is called the scooter store :P 11:38 AM
Me: Were are we gonna go?? 11:42 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: Not far just dont worry about it lol 11:49 AM
Me: Lol kk 11:56 AM
Bob Dylan Phone: Are u excited? 12:07 PM
Me: Yea.. Kinda nervous tho 12:08 PM
Me: But in a good way ;) 12:08 PM
Me: U? 12:10 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Just trust me and do what i tell u and youll have nothing to worry about 12:11 PM
Me: Ok I trust u 12:13 PM
Me: Should I bring ne thing w me? 12:15 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: What do u mean? 12:30 PM
Me: Idk like food or ne thing lol 12:36 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: No wtf? Are we going camping lol 12:43 PM
Me: Hahah well idk! 12:44 PM
Me: K I'm gonna start getting ready 12:49 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ill be there in 30 min ok 12:54 PM
Me: Kk 12:56 PM
Me: Pink shirt? Lol 12:57 PM
Me: Hey what kinda car do u have so I kno it's you?? 1:00 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ive got a white camry but lets make it between 2-230 ive got to run to my job and pick some paper work up before i leave ok 1:07 PM
Me: Ugh r u serious 1:08 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: And yeah wear that pink shirt 1:10 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Im coming baby i have to do the payroll for our landscaping business before 4pm 1:14 PM
Me: Ok just hurry lol 1:14 PM
Me: So I should be there at 2? 1:14 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: 215 exactly 1:17 PM
Me: Ok ^_^ 1:22 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Im leaving work now k should be there in 30 min 1:35 PM
Me: Kk 1:38 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Pink shirt? 1:41 PM
Me: Lol yea I got it on 1:42 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Do u have jeans or shorts on? 1:45 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Are u walking to the gas station? 1:48 PM
Me: I have white shorts on 1:48 PM
Me: No I didn't leave yet u said half an hour? 1:48 PM
Me: Should I ? 1:50 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ill be there in 15 min i was just wondering how u were geting up there? Are u walking 1:50 PM
Me: Yea walking I only live a couple mins from there 1:52 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ok go ahead and leave ok 1:53 PM
Me: Oook... 1:55 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Ok 1:55 PM
Me: Gonna wait in the store if ur not there yet ok 1:56 PM
Me: On my way 1:56 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Are u there yet 2:01 PM
Me: Not yet.. U? 2:01 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: Almost 2:02 PM
Me: Ok I just got here.. Gonna get some gum 2:02 PM
Me: Lmk when ur here k 2:03 PM
Me: ?? 2:07 PM
Bob Dylan Phone: K 2:07 PM
Me: Where r u? I feel stupid standing in here waiting 2:11 PM

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