• Conviction - goodbody1330 - Franklin, OH, Ohio

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    File originally posted on 10/25/2006 2:20 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2006 3:08 PM PST

    goodbody1330 (8:30:01 PM): if it was up to me...everything lol...you're the sexiest girl I've seen...i would love to teach you whatever you want to know hehe...be your first...but if you just want to go slow..we will take it slow
    jessies_messy13 (8:31:00 PM): i dont wanna get preggers
    goodbody1330 (8:31:19 PM): that is what a condom is for silly heh
    jessies_messy13 (8:31:49 PM): k i dont got ne
    goodbody1330 (8:32:25 PM): well if you want me to have sex with you i can get some
    jessies_messy13 (8:33:06 PM): i dont got any
    goodbody1330 (8:34:27 PM): i do
    jessies_messy13 (8:35:55 PM): kewl case i dont drive and id die if i had to buy em lol :\">
    jessies_messy13 (8:36:07 PM): we got a big screen tv to
    goodbody1330 (8:37:08 PM): hehe thats great...so we can watch movies and cuddle...kiss and make out...then head up to your bed room and touch

    We like Ohio's court system. Of all the law enforcement stings we've done, our sting in Darke County, Ohio has had the fastest conviction+sentencing turnaround time. Sentencing in Ohio doesn't usually take three months as it does in other states. It's something we just can't logically process... why does it take certain states three months to sentence someone who is already convicted? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Already, two-thirds of those who were arrested in our Ohio sting have been convicted with most of those already sentenced as well. We're quite pleased with the pace of the Ohio criminal justice system as it has only been less than seven months since that sting took place.

    Notes from the Contributor, Lady Baltimore
    Joshua Tuttle hit up my 13 year old persona in an Ohio regional chat room. He was a fast mover and while he was not as graphic as some, his intent was clear. He even mentioned that he could go to jail just by hanging out with a girl my age. He was bringing condoms and two bottles of rum.

    Josh was hours late in coming over and was thought to be a no show. I want to thank the verifier who was speaking to him on his cell phone as he walked up to the house. Rather than finding me home alone, he met Chris Hanson and crew. He told Chris that he had allegedly stopped to talk to his Minister on the way over to my house to ask him what he should do in this situation. When Chris asked what the Minister's advice was to Josh, Josh said that the Minister didn't think it was a good idea. It wasn't.

    Josh will be serving 12 months with 30 days local jail to serve; 40 hours of community service; classified as a Sexually Oriented Offender (mandatory 10 year reporting); 24 mos community controls that can be extended to 60 mos if necessary: includes Intensive Supervision, proof of high school diploma, maintain employment, complete Drug / Alcohol program, complete Sex Offender program; investigation costs of $1,477 within 24 mos; court costs within 12 mos.

    Thank you too for the fine work of the Darke County Sheriffs Department and Detective Mike Burns.

    This is our 92nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 52nd conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This is yet another in what is shaping up to be a long line of \"To Catch a Predator\" involved convictions. To date, not one case has been thrown out, acquitted or dropped resulting from those stings.