• Conviction - ndbaseballstudd/ndbaseballstudd10 - Minot, North Dakota

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/22/2006 3:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/22/2006 4:43 PM PST

    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:45:00 PM): so what would you do if i came and picked you up?
    kelliecheers (7:45:13 PM): lol wha u like 2 do
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:45:17 PM): lol
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:45:40 PM): and brought you back down here so we had a place to hang out
    kelliecheers (7:45:52 PM): rely u wanna
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:46:00 PM): i think it would be cool
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:46:09 PM): but i dont want to get you into trouble
    kelliecheers (7:46:20 PM): i wont if u dont tell
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:46:28 PM): i wouldnt tell
    ndbaseballstudd10 (7:46:39 PM): but well have to do that next weekend

    Well, he didn't tell, but we did. A classic example of grooming.

    Information First agreements pay off, our contributor Peppermint Patty saw an Information First agreement in North Dakota, stuck a kid in there and found that yes, this sort of activity happens in North Dakota too. Weppler has received a year of probation, three days of jail with time served and most importantly, has to undergo a sexual offender evaluation and then adhere to the results of that evaluation. Such evaluations usually include the common no access to children without a supervising adult around, restrictions in internet usage and other such findings.

    The goal at the end of the day is to remove predators from the internet, whether that is done by jail-time, counseling or state restrictions on predator access to children is all the same by us.

    Notes from the Contributor, Peppermint Patty
    On Febuary 20, 2006 I was approached by ndbaseballstudd/ndbaseballstudd10 Eric Weppler in a North Dakota chat room. Eric wasn't as graphic as most but he did decide to show up at the appartment to pick me up and take me back to his place for sex. Instead he found the Fargo Police waiting for him.

    I was disappointed with his sentence but I am hoping that he will think twice before he ever approaches a minor again. It shocks me how the system works sometimes. I have three convictions all from Fargo and all showed up at the same appartment for the same girl for sex but all three have very different sentences.

    Charge was amended to Attempted Encouragement to the Delinquency of a Minor, 1 yr unsupervised probation, 3d jail time served and to follow the recommendations of the sexual offender evaluation

    Again I would like to send out a huge thanks to Paula Ternes and the Fargo Police Department. I want to give kudos to Boots for verifying Eric Weppler. She did a fantastic job.

    This is our 82nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 42nd conviction for the year 2006 thus far.