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    Report made 12/12/2009 7:37 AM PST

    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:08:37 PM): so
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:09:16 PM): wat?
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:09:23 PM): u tell me
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:10:23 PM): wat u want me 2 tell u?
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:10:32 PM): anything
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:10:39 PM): you dont say much
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:11:29 PM): u dont either...lol
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:11:49 PM): ask me anything you want to know
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:12:56 PM): do u have any pets?
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:13:06 PM): no i do not
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:13:09 PM): do you?
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:13:22 PM): yea a dog
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:13:30 PM): very nice
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:14:04 PM): i work alot so no time for pets
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:14:24 PM): u like ur job?
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:14:36 PM): yes i do
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:15:28 PM): wat do u do there?
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:15:44 PM): i work in the mortgage lending section
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:16:24 PM): cool
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:16:32 PM): i like it
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:16:53 PM): tats good
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:17:08 PM): yes its important to like your job
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:17:47 PM): have you ever seen a ufo?
    shawnaluvs2dance (02/18/07 1:17:59 PM): no
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:18:03 PM): lol
    woodentaintboy (02/18/07 1:18:19 PM): me either
    This predator is especially... random.

    David Kurt Warner was arrested in April of 2007 as part of IF work done in Texas. He was charged with online solicitation of a minor. It took nearly a couple of years to resolve this case, but in the end, he received 90 days in jail, 5 years probation, 160 hours of community service, and over $3300 in fees and fines. He also had to register as a sex offender and can currently be found on Texas's SOR.

    Contributor notes from Elena Ruth
    I spent two months chatting, almost on a daily basis with woodentaintboy aka David Kurt Warner. While he had great intent to meet early on in the chat, it took him awhile to get to what his real desire was to have sex with a child.

    He showed up with six condoms, and in his car was a teddy bear and two 150 minute phone cards. It wasn't until after his arrest that we learned he was a U.S. Department of Argiculture Attorney and that it was his 40th birthday. So while he was being booked in jail his mother and sister were waiting at his home to take him out for his birthday dinner.

    I'd like to thank the Hardeman County Sheriff's Office, the DPS Motor Vehicle Theft Service, and a special thanks to Texas Ranger Jay Foster for his help in this case.

    This is our 480th conviction since June of 2004, our 175th conviction for 2009, and our 13th conviction in Texas thus far.