Dale Kaup - a careful, decisive predator.
Bust by Sky Monkey @ 7/15/2005 10:49 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Dale, 43
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Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit clarissabunny91, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Dale Kaup initiated the first message to me that stated \"hey you are really cute\" on exactly 03:19:11 PM PST and the duration of the conversation lasted until 07:32:19 PM PST on September 4, 2004. There was a cease of conversation between the times of 04:26:03 PM PST until 06:24:20 PM PST whereI was absent from the computer. The location of the minor who I posed as was Lincoln, Nebraska. From the initiating message and there on as you will be able to see he turned the tone of the conversation to sexually explicit verbage very quickly, 49 seconds from inception of the conversation to sexual innuendo to be exact.

Dale was very careful to tell me to delete my chat archives, and also eventually created a new profile that stated he was an underaged teen as to not arise suspicion from my ever-so-absent mother, and non-existant father. He asked me to babysit for him when his children weren't even there, as again not to arise suspicion, and sleep in his bed where he'd perform sex acts on me. The chat you see here is, needless to say, chilling. Now, Dale is the one being chilled.

icouldspoilu (3:19:05 PM): hey you are really cute.

clarissabunny91 (3:19:20 PM): lol liar :P (cute, eh? We'll see how cute I get when I hand you over to the 5 'O. )

icouldspoilu (3:20:12 PM): are beautiful..and if you were 19 i'd make love to you..convinced? (HURL! As we can see here, Dale, your not wanting to wait that long)

clarissabunny91 (3:20:24 PM): i'm 13 (which means, OFF LIMITS.)

icouldspoilu (3:20:41 PM): u are pretty.

clarissabunny91 (3:21:26 PM): thx. u got a pic? (gag me...please)

icouldspoilu (3:21:41 PM): sure i'll send one.

clarissabunny91 (3:21:52 PM): kewl

clarissabunny91 (3:21:54 PM): :)

icouldspoilu (3:25:17 PM):

clarissabunny91 (3:26:30 PM): nice bod lol ( George Washington once said \"I cannot tell a lie\", but I'm not Georgie now, am I?)

clarissabunny91 (3:26:41 PM): u got a face?

clarissabunny91 (3:30:44 PM): nm i saw on ur profilee :)

icouldspoilu (3:35:25 PM): hi sexy (grooming. Typical wannabe-pedophile)

clarissabunny91 (3:35:38 PM): hi agin

clarissabunny91 (3:35:44 PM): were u go?

icouldspoilu (3:35:45 PM): sorry computer problem. (Maybe it's trying to tell you something. Foreshadowing, perhaps?)

clarissabunny91 (3:36:03 PM): sok, i added u :)

clarissabunny91 (3:36:07 PM): u add me 2?

icouldspoilu (3:36:07 PM): goood

icouldspoilu (3:36:11 PM): yes i did

icouldspoilu (3:36:17 PM): feel good about that? (yup, and you'll soon find out why, bitch.)

icouldspoilu (3:36:23 PM): ;)

clarissabunny91 (3:36:24 PM): sure :)

icouldspoilu (3:36:37 PM): are u very into guys?

icouldspoilu (3:36:50 PM): and what town are u in.

clarissabunny91 (3:37:13 PM): ya i like guys im in lincoln

icouldspoilu (3:37:23 PM): cool me too southpointe. (calling up Maquest)

clarissabunny91 (3:37:55 PM): cool. im by colfax

icouldspoilu (3:38:00 PM): where is colfax? (Predatory behavioral rule #1: find out where your victim lives.)

clarissabunny91 (3:38:18 PM): by the interstait

icouldspoilu (3:38:21 PM): isee

icouldspoilu (3:38:42 PM): i always thought it'd be cool to meet someone at a playground at midnight (Oh HELL fucking no. We can ALL see where this is headed)

icouldspoilu (3:38:51 PM): and just talk..and whateve. (\"whatever\". Translation; \"I want to rape/molest you, but don't want to outrightly say it...yet.\" )

icouldspoilu (3:38:53 PM): whatever.

clarissabunny91 (3:39:15 PM): i like it at nite. its quite and peacful

icouldspoilu (3:39:24 PM): would that be freaky? ( fucking think?)

icouldspoilu (3:39:28 PM): i love summer nights.

clarissabunny91 (3:39:41 PM): me 2 its teh only time its not hot lol (Prison gets pretty hot, too, from what I hear.)

icouldspoilu (3:39:45 PM): yep...

icouldspoilu (3:40:07 PM): how late do u stay out.

clarissabunny91 (3:40:34 PM): like 3

icouldspoilu (3:40:38 PM): wow

icouldspoilu (3:40:49 PM): ever get into trouble?

icouldspoilu (3:40:54 PM): hook up? (I'm 13, cocksucker! No I don't \"hook-up\")

clarissabunny91 (3:41:21 PM): no. not yet :P im sneeky (And what a buzy bee I am right now...)

clarissabunny91 (3:41:33 PM): it says im not on ur buddylist :(

clarissabunny91 (3:41:38 PM): readd me?

icouldspoilu (3:41:41 PM): what kind of stuff do you like to do?

clarissabunny91 (3:42:03 PM): i like to dance n play softball

icouldspoilu (3:42:29 PM): what kind of stuff do u do that your 'rents don't know about? (Busting people like They already know that.)

clarissabunny91 (3:42:59 PM): nothin too bad reely (because I do it reeeeally good.)

clarissabunny91 (3:43:26 PM): sometims i drink lol (It's true! I've been known to throw a few back, talk a little smack, over a game of pool. )

icouldspoilu (3:43:29 PM): what do u like to do with a guy? (Teaching the bad one's lessons they'll never forget)

clarissabunny91 (3:43:54 PM): i dunno i havnt done much yet reely

clarissabunny91 (3:44:02 PM): what u like to do?

icouldspoilu (3:44:02 PM): just making out?

icouldspoilu (3:44:11 PM): anything

clarissabunny91 (3:44:13 PM): ya

icouldspoilu (3:44:25 PM): i love a girls boobs.. ( :o w...t...f. That shouldn't have suprised me in the least. Now is the time in class where we learn to spell P.E.D.O.)

icouldspoilu (3:44:36 PM): and that so bad? (Yes, it sure is. Your a sick fuck!)

clarissabunny91 (3:44:43 PM): lol no all boys do.

icouldspoilu (3:44:56 PM): i've been very naughty. (...and it's about to get you in BIG trouble.)

clarissabunny91 (3:45:06 PM): ya? like how :)

icouldspoilu (3:45:47 PM): interested?

clarissabunny91 (3:46:04 PM): mebbe depens :)

icouldspoilu (3:46:15 PM): i love to give a girl oral..that's my fav thing. (Notice he said girl. Not woman. GIRL.)

clarissabunny91 (3:46:41 PM): i dont get how that werks

icouldspoilu (3:46:41 PM): so girls like it a lot..the rest love it.

icouldspoilu (3:47:07 PM): well..just a lot of stimulation from my tongue.

icouldspoilu (3:47:24 PM): and finger inside you...and knowing exactly how to do it. (Make it stop. Please...make the bad man stop!)

icouldspoilu (3:47:31 PM): would give u an orgasm (...and there goes my Taco Bell 7 layer burrito.)

clarissabunny91 (3:47:50 PM): i think i had one of thoze once

icouldspoilu (3:48:02 PM): have u ever touched order to feel good? (No...but putting you in that would make me feel GRRRRREAT!)

icouldspoilu (3:48:10 PM): is that what happened.

clarissabunny91 (3:48:21 PM): ya kinda

icouldspoilu (3:48:26 PM): that's cool

icouldspoilu (3:48:33 PM): one girl had me watch her do that. (...again, GIRL.)

icouldspoilu (3:48:36 PM): it was cool (I bet you thought so, huh? Care to ask her how she feels 3 years down the line about that, fuckwad?)

clarissabunny91 (3:48:51 PM): oh. wuz she pretty?

icouldspoilu (3:48:54 PM): but total darkness works for me too (so can imagine she's younger than she really is?)

icouldspoilu (3:49:04 PM): yes she was older..she taught me a bunch. (Riiiiiight. I'm so sure. No older woman in her right mind would want you. )

clarissabunny91 (3:49:23 PM): cool.

clarissabunny91 (3:49:38 PM): i dont get taugt anything lol.

clarissabunny91 (3:49:43 PM): skool sux :\

icouldspoilu (3:49:45 PM): i'd teach u.

icouldspoilu (3:49:50 PM): not at school

icouldspoilu (3:49:58 PM): could i be your teacher. (He must be friends w/ Brian Graves.)

icouldspoilu (3:49:59 PM): ?

clarissabunny91 (3:50:17 PM): if i get an A sure lolz

icouldspoilu (3:50:28 PM): what do u want to learn?

icouldspoilu (3:50:39 PM): what do u wish u knew how to do?

clarissabunny91 (3:50:50 PM): ur teh teacher u tell me what to lern :P

icouldspoilu (3:51:05 PM): want to learn how to give a guy oral?... (tasting bile right about now)

clarissabunny91 (3:51:39 PM): like doin it with my mouth

icouldspoilu (3:51:43 PM): yep

clarissabunny91 (3:52:04 PM): i gues so guys like that right?

icouldspoilu (3:52:08 PM): yes

clarissabunny91 (3:52:17 PM): most guys dont like me :(

icouldspoilu (3:52:30 PM): but if you just get a guy wet and stroke feels really goood too

clarissabunny91 (3:52:51 PM): u mean with spit?

icouldspoilu (3:53:09 PM): yes or you can take him into your mouth just to get him wet.

clarissabunny91 (3:53:50 PM): cool. doesnt that hurt sometimes?

icouldspoilu (3:54:33 PM): hurt who? (The girls mental outlook on everything past that point, dipshit.)

clarissabunny91 (3:54:40 PM): teh guy

icouldspoilu (3:54:55 PM): no

icouldspoilu (3:55:01 PM): girls are more sensitive..

clarissabunny91 (3:55:10 PM): oh

icouldspoilu (3:55:17 PM): do u like the idea of a guy making you cum?

clarissabunny91 (3:55:32 PM): ya kinna nervous though heh

icouldspoilu (3:55:42 PM): well..there's no wrong way

clarissabunny91 (3:55:46 PM): brb gonna go grab a coke

icouldspoilu (3:56:19 PM): moan if u want to quiet if u want to be quiet..move your hips if it feels is always done right. (Speaking about moaning, I bet you were moaning like a bitch when you were arres...ah shouldn't spoil the story just yet...)

clarissabunny91 (3:56:55 PM): oh ok :)

clarissabunny91 (3:57:05 PM): thats eazy

icouldspoilu (3:57:34 PM): yes it is...

icouldspoilu (3:57:52 PM): animals have sex and they don't have to read about it first now do they. (More grooming and suggestion..)

clarissabunny91 (3:58:02 PM): lol no

clarissabunny91 (3:58:12 PM): like dogs :))

icouldspoilu (3:58:18 PM): seen that?

clarissabunny91 (3:58:36 PM): on tv ya

icouldspoilu (3:58:40 PM): well girl and guy is alot sexier..people have bigger brains. (With the exception of YOU! All the intelligence you have is in your dick.)

clarissabunny91 (3:58:51 PM): i sure hope so :P

icouldspoilu (3:59:13 PM): u have never seen a guy cum? (Fuck...I can't do this anymore tonight. More comments tomorrow...)

clarissabunny91 (4:00:04 PM): no

icouldspoilu (4:00:10 PM): sound sexy?

clarissabunny91 (4:00:22 PM): i dunno is it?

icouldspoilu (4:00:25 PM): yes

icouldspoilu (4:00:39 PM): would u like to make a guy feel so good he loses control?

icouldspoilu (4:00:48 PM): i enjoy doing that for a girl.

icouldspoilu (4:01:10 PM): nothing like making a girl say \"fuck me!\"

icouldspoilu (4:01:19 PM): even if u know u are not supposed to.

clarissabunny91 (4:01:35 PM): lol i guess

icouldspoilu (4:01:36 PM): think u might say that? :D

icouldspoilu (4:01:49 PM): if we weren't supposed to i wouldn't.

clarissabunny91 (4:01:50 PM): haha not if my moms home :P

icouldspoilu (4:02:18 PM): it's more fun if it's dangerous.

icouldspoilu (4:02:33 PM): are your mom and dad both living there?

clarissabunny91 (4:02:54 PM): no jus my mom

icouldspoilu (4:03:00 PM): divorced?

clarissabunny91 (4:03:19 PM): ya

icouldspoilu (4:03:25 PM): how long ago?

clarissabunny91 (4:03:30 PM): 3 years

icouldspoilu (4:03:36 PM): was it hard for you?

clarissabunny91 (4:03:43 PM): very :(

icouldspoilu (4:03:51 PM): oh..same here.

clarissabunny91 (4:04:05 PM): ur divorcd too huh

icouldspoilu (4:04:14 PM): yep

icouldspoilu (4:04:23 PM): what do u know about me?

clarissabunny91 (4:04:59 PM): not much jus wut your profile sed

icouldspoilu (4:05:04 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (4:05:08 PM): like my face?

clarissabunny91 (4:05:17 PM): ya ur cute :)

icouldspoilu (4:05:21 PM): cool

clarissabunny91 (4:05:29 PM): ur sweet 2

icouldspoilu (4:05:36 PM): thanks

icouldspoilu (4:05:44 PM): i wake up hard every morning.

icouldspoilu (4:05:55 PM): it's very hard to go without..cuddles and that.

clarissabunny91 (4:06:20 PM): aww :(

icouldspoilu (4:06:40 PM): i had a my sperm all stays inside.

icouldspoilu (4:06:48 PM): so no more babies for me.

clarissabunny91 (4:07:04 PM): why?

icouldspoilu (4:07:15 PM): i didn't want to get anyone pregnant

clarissabunny91 (4:07:26 PM): u dont want kids?

icouldspoilu (4:07:55 PM): i like kids...i'm a dad

icouldspoilu (4:08:00 PM): but no more.

icouldspoilu (4:08:06 PM): no more kids..

icouldspoilu (4:08:36 PM): is that sexy..i like that i don't have to wear a condom now.

clarissabunny91 (4:08:50 PM): i guess i dunno lol

icouldspoilu (4:09:23 PM): well..i'm very gentle when it comes to that..and I don't insist on it..

icouldspoilu (4:09:37 PM): i mean i never would get mad if a girl didni't want me inside her.

clarissabunny91 (4:10:02 PM): thats cool. at least ur nice like that

clarissabunny91 (4:10:10 PM): boys r pushy

icouldspoilu (4:10:26 PM): it's really coool just to get naked and maybe touch parts and look at each other and make out.

icouldspoilu (4:10:40 PM): it'd be fun

clarissabunny91 (4:10:56 PM): ya that wuld be :)

icouldspoilu (4:11:06 PM): do u want to make out?

clarissabunny91 (4:11:50 PM): i think so :)

icouldspoilu (4:11:52 PM): could i touch u with my hands anyway i wanted?

icouldspoilu (4:12:12 PM): could i hire you as my babysitter?

clarissabunny91 (4:12:32 PM): if i asked u 2 stop ud be kool ya?

icouldspoilu (4:12:39 PM): and when u got here there wouldn't be kids here

clarissabunny91 (4:12:42 PM): sure i babysit

icouldspoilu (4:12:44 PM): or course..u make the rules.

icouldspoilu (4:12:57 PM): if u say stop then i stop.

clarissabunny91 (4:13:26 PM): kool then i think id be kool

icouldspoilu (4:13:48 PM): good

icouldspoilu (4:13:56 PM): i'm nervous too.

clarissabunny91 (4:14:06 PM): why?

icouldspoilu (4:14:15 PM): i don't want to do anything wrong.

clarissabunny91 (4:14:39 PM): ur nice u wouldnt do nothin wrong right?

icouldspoilu (4:14:53 PM): right :)

clarissabunny91 (4:15:09 PM): see so ur kewl :)

icouldspoilu (4:15:29 PM): tell me what u are thinking of right now.

clarissabunny91 (4:15:38 PM): I gotta go in a lil cuz my moms makin dinner :(

icouldspoilu (4:15:45 PM): i see.

clarissabunny91 (4:15:46 PM): jus about meeting

icouldspoilu (4:15:50 PM): chat wthi me again

clarissabunny91 (4:15:56 PM): i nevr met some1 from teh net.

icouldspoilu (4:16:00 PM): can i call u?

clarissabunny91 (4:16:08 PM): i got a few min.

clarissabunny91 (4:16:34 PM): no, my mom wuld freak if u called. i could prolly call u later cuz i gota prepaid phone card :)

icouldspoilu (4:18:39 PM): sorry computer prob.

icouldspoilu (4:18:47 PM): where do u hang out.

clarissabunny91 (4:19:17 PM): Havelock park

icouldspoilu (4:19:24 PM): i see

clarissabunny91 (4:19:40 PM): sometimes i go to teh mall

icouldspoilu (4:19:46 PM): gateway?

clarissabunny91 (4:20:13 PM): ya but its kinna far from me

icouldspoilu (4:20:17 PM): do u cook?

clarissabunny91 (4:20:25 PM): mac n cheese lol

icouldspoilu (4:20:26 PM): or does mom do all the cooking

clarissabunny91 (4:20:29 PM): i cook a lil

icouldspoilu (4:20:35 PM): i'm a good cook

clarissabunny91 (4:20:42 PM): u cook italian??

icouldspoilu (4:20:44 PM): kung poa chicken

icouldspoilu (4:20:45 PM): yes

icouldspoilu (4:20:52 PM): lasagna

icouldspoilu (4:20:54 PM): etc.

icouldspoilu (4:21:06 PM): i have fresh tomatoes and grow my own basil

clarissabunny91 (4:21:09 PM): =P~

icouldspoilu (4:21:23 PM): but i don't have my own water buffalo for motzarella

icouldspoilu (4:21:34 PM): real motza is from water buf milk

clarissabunny91 (4:21:34 PM): ur wut?

clarissabunny91 (4:21:38 PM): oh lol

icouldspoilu (4:21:45 PM): bet u didn't know that.

icouldspoilu (4:21:55 PM): in US it's just made from cows milk

clarissabunny91 (4:22:02 PM): lol im gonna feel wierd bout eating moza lol

clarissabunny91 (4:22:08 PM): oh good haha

icouldspoilu (4:23:09 PM): i need a gf

icouldspoilu (4:23:17 PM): i miss having someone to give a massage to.

icouldspoilu (4:23:19 PM): etc.

clarissabunny91 (4:23:21 PM): i need a bf too.

icouldspoilu (4:23:43 PM): why do u want a bf.

clarissabunny91 (4:23:55 PM): cuz i wana love someone

icouldspoilu (4:24:03 PM): thats a good thing

clarissabunny91 (4:24:28 PM): jus lonly

icouldspoilu (4:24:32 PM): i see

clarissabunny91 (4:24:42 PM): will u be on l8r?

icouldspoilu (4:24:43 PM): it's nice to have someone to chill iwth.

icouldspoilu (4:24:46 PM): yes i will

clarissabunny91 (4:24:50 PM): ya i luv kickin it

icouldspoilu (4:25:02 PM): hav a good supper.

clarissabunny91 (4:25:02 PM): kool i'll come back on l8r :)

clarissabunny91 (4:25:05 PM): >:D<

icouldspoilu (4:25:08 PM): what time.

clarissabunny91 (4:25:10 PM): thx u to

clarissabunny91 (4:25:28 PM): i dunno prolly a few hours cuz i gota clean

icouldspoilu (4:25:38 PM): ok..i'll wait for you.

clarissabunny91 (4:25:39 PM): chores suck :(

clarissabunny91 (4:25:50 PM): kk :)

clarissabunny91 (4:25:53 PM): :-*

icouldspoilu (4:25:59 PM): i like washing the sheets knowing that i might get laid but

icouldspoilu (4:26:02 PM): that's about it.

clarissabunny91 (4:26:08 PM): lol

icouldspoilu (4:26:12 PM): been too long.

icouldspoilu (4:26:13 PM): bye

clarissabunny91 (4:26:16 PM): bye :)

clarissabunny91 (6:03:39 PM): hey

clarissabunny91 (6:03:47 PM): are you there?

icouldspoilu (6:20:35 PM): hi

clarissabunny91 (6:22:22 PM): hey!

clarissabunny91 (6:22:27 PM): damn u keep leaving :(

clarissabunny91 (6:24:26 PM): hey :)

icouldspoilu (6:24:29 PM): hi finally!!!

icouldspoilu (6:24:39 PM): what u been thinking about.??

clarissabunny91 (6:24:44 PM): u lol

icouldspoilu (6:24:50 PM): oh do tell.

clarissabunny91 (6:24:53 PM): wut u been thinkin about?

icouldspoilu (6:24:57 PM): u

icouldspoilu (6:25:01 PM): of course.

icouldspoilu (6:25:41 PM): so EXACTLY what about me have u been thinking?

clarissabunny91 (6:26:01 PM): just about meetin u :)

icouldspoilu (6:26:08 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (6:26:22 PM): well it could be cool just to meet.

clarissabunny91 (6:26:53 PM): ya. I think i culd sneek out tomorrow or teh next day.

icouldspoilu (6:27:06 PM): what time of day?

clarissabunny91 (6:27:34 PM): lik early mornin

icouldspoilu (6:27:41 PM): about what time?

clarissabunny91 (6:27:54 PM): mabbe after midnight

icouldspoilu (6:28:04 PM): sounds cool

clarissabunny91 (6:28:16 PM): whut u wana do if we can meet?

clarissabunny91 (6:28:21 PM): i can bring food

icouldspoilu (6:28:29 PM): what kind of food?

clarissabunny91 (6:28:46 PM): snacky stuff lol

icouldspoilu (6:28:52 PM): cool

icouldspoilu (6:28:58 PM): don't feel like u have to.

icouldspoilu (6:29:07 PM): i'm not that snacky

icouldspoilu (6:29:16 PM): we could that ok?

icouldspoilu (6:29:33 PM): do u smoke or drink at all?

clarissabunny91 (6:29:44 PM): sure.

icouldspoilu (6:29:47 PM): i don't do either...sorry

clarissabunny91 (6:29:48 PM): i dont reely smoke

clarissabunny91 (6:29:55 PM): sometimes i drink

icouldspoilu (6:30:20 PM): well if i got u drunk or something i'd have to take care of you.

clarissabunny91 (6:30:34 PM): no i dont get drunk cuz it makes me puky

icouldspoilu (6:30:35 PM): i won't bring any drinks..well maybe pepsi.

clarissabunny91 (6:31:01 PM): can u bring coke insted? i like it better :)

icouldspoilu (6:31:05 PM): k

clarissabunny91 (6:31:18 PM): wut u doin to nite?

icouldspoilu (6:31:37 PM): i don't know

clarissabunny91 (6:31:49 PM): jus kickin it?

icouldspoilu (6:31:53 PM): yep

clarissabunny91 (6:32:08 PM): me too. nothin on tv tho :(

icouldspoilu (6:32:13 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (6:32:26 PM): well sometimes u ahve to make your own entertainment.

clarissabunny91 (6:32:37 PM): im no good at that lol

clarissabunny91 (6:32:43 PM): i get bord so easilly

icouldspoilu (6:32:49 PM): i'm really good at just kickin it..

icouldspoilu (6:32:54 PM): i love to give massages...

icouldspoilu (6:32:58 PM): i'm really good at it too.

clarissabunny91 (6:33:07 PM): do u do it for work?

icouldspoilu (6:33:11 PM): no

clarissabunny91 (6:33:16 PM): wut u do?

icouldspoilu (6:33:19 PM): i could use a babysitter for real.

icouldspoilu (6:33:25 PM): i don't want to say right now..

icouldspoilu (6:33:32 PM): nothing too special but the pay is good.

clarissabunny91 (6:33:37 PM): hehe i got u for ur babysittin. i need money

icouldspoilu (6:33:50 PM): it's a professional type degree and all that.

clarissabunny91 (6:33:50 PM): kewl :)

icouldspoilu (6:33:58 PM): will your mom ask you where u met me

icouldspoilu (6:34:04 PM): and have to approve and all that.

clarissabunny91 (6:34:05 PM): u a big rollah? hehe

clarissabunny91 (6:34:17 PM): no, i wasnt gonna tell her bout u

clarissabunny91 (6:34:25 PM): she dont like boys

clarissabunny91 (6:34:28 PM): or men

icouldspoilu (6:34:32 PM): well wht about if you baby sit for me.

icouldspoilu (6:34:38 PM): will she wonder.

clarissabunny91 (6:34:43 PM): oh well ya mebbe

icouldspoilu (6:34:51 PM): i mean you can say someone recommended her.

clarissabunny91 (6:34:59 PM): i could make up somethin if u seriuosly need a babysitter

icouldspoilu (6:35:02 PM): recommended you to me.

clarissabunny91 (6:35:15 PM): that sounds good ya!

clarissabunny91 (6:35:20 PM): your smart :)

clarissabunny91 (6:35:24 PM): im so not lol

icouldspoilu (6:35:39 PM): well here's the deal I will need a sitter in the day time sometimes when I'm here.

icouldspoilu (6:35:53 PM): because sometimes i will have to work really late..

icouldspoilu (6:36:02 PM): and then I'll hve to get sleep in the daytime.

icouldspoilu (6:36:12 PM): good thing the pay is so good.

clarissabunny91 (6:36:28 PM): ya that werks :)

icouldspoilu (6:36:45 PM): where exactly do u live?

icouldspoilu (6:37:22 PM): the thing is that I'll be available if you need me but some parents would feel funny if they knew that.

icouldspoilu (6:37:28 PM): but I need the sleep.

icouldspoilu (6:37:36 PM): u don't have to tell me where u live just yet.

clarissabunny91 (6:37:37 PM): have u ever been to morril ave?

clarissabunny91 (6:37:42 PM): morrill

icouldspoilu (6:37:45 PM): not really..

icouldspoilu (6:37:55 PM): what major streets are u between?

clarissabunny91 (6:38:08 PM): its by 65th and Morrill near the cornhusker highway

icouldspoilu (6:38:18 PM): wow that's far away.

clarissabunny91 (6:38:19 PM): um...Touzalin?

icouldspoilu (6:38:24 PM): yes been there.

clarissabunny91 (6:38:28 PM): ya :)

clarissabunny91 (6:38:32 PM): i go to Dawes

icouldspoilu (6:38:36 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (6:38:45 PM): can u paint me a picture..???

clarissabunny91 (6:38:54 PM): i cant paint well

icouldspoilu (6:39:10 PM): just curious about what u are wearing (paint me a picture is an expression)

clarissabunny91 (6:39:32 PM): oh just a pair of gap jeans n my baby blue tank

clarissabunny91 (6:39:46 PM): n flipflops lol

icouldspoilu (6:39:47 PM): i'm wearing cargo shorts and a red banana rep shirt.

icouldspoilu (6:39:53 PM): cool..painted toes?

clarissabunny91 (6:40:06 PM): ya they got stars :)

icouldspoilu (6:40:11 PM): cool

icouldspoilu (6:40:32 PM): i like girls i hope thats cool

icouldspoilu (6:40:49 PM): i don't mean i do nasty things with girls...i'm not like that.

clarissabunny91 (6:40:56 PM): i hope so cuz if u were gay thatd make me sad lol

icouldspoilu (6:41:05 PM): well i'm not gay.

clarissabunny91 (6:41:28 PM): lol i no haha

clarissabunny91 (6:41:32 PM): :-*

clarissabunny91 (6:41:59 PM): im not keepin u up am i?

icouldspoilu (6:42:02 PM): well we could meet to talk if u like.

icouldspoilu (6:42:07 PM): no i stay up late.

clarissabunny91 (6:42:16 PM): culd i call u up on the phone first?

icouldspoilu (6:42:21 PM): sure

clarissabunny91 (6:42:41 PM): want me to call now?

clarissabunny91 (6:42:48 PM): im Clarissa btw

icouldspoilu (6:43:04 PM): sure..will u answer?

icouldspoilu (6:43:13 PM): is anyone else home?

clarissabunny91 (6:43:16 PM): ill call u will u answer?

clarissabunny91 (6:43:19 PM): ya mom is

icouldspoilu (6:43:24 PM): yes call me.

clarissabunny91 (6:43:26 PM): kk

icouldspoilu (6:43:33 PM): 304 6061

clarissabunny91 (6:43:52 PM): do i have 2 dial 402 or is it local?

clarissabunny91 (6:44:12 PM): my dad i have to dial 402 to talk 2

icouldspoilu (6:44:19 PM): it's local..give me a sec

clarissabunny91 (6:44:21 PM): k

icouldspoilu (6:44:32 PM): now

clarissabunny91 (6:44:48 PM): k brb

icouldspoilu (6:52:07 PM): hi

icouldspoilu (6:52:14 PM): was very nice to hear your voice.

clarissabunny91 (6:52:23 PM): sorry my phone died :( fuckin battery

clarissabunny91 (6:52:40 PM): brb i gotta pee real quick k?

icouldspoilu (6:52:40 PM): i know some people that worked at bryan near 48th and south.

icouldspoilu (6:52:43 PM): k

clarissabunny91 (6:55:46 PM): back :D

icouldspoilu (6:55:50 PM): cool

clarissabunny91 (6:56:06 PM): I asked my mom wut hospital it wuz and its mercy where she used to work

icouldspoilu (6:56:15 PM): oh that's in omaha

clarissabunny91 (6:56:18 PM): ya :)

icouldspoilu (6:56:22 PM): wow big drive.

icouldspoilu (6:56:25 PM): did u live there/

clarissabunny91 (6:56:37 PM): ya till my parents divorced

icouldspoilu (6:56:40 PM): i see

clarissabunny91 (6:56:54 PM): lincoln sux. i liked omaha better.

icouldspoilu (6:57:02 PM): do u miss your dad?

clarissabunny91 (6:57:10 PM): u know the humane society?

clarissabunny91 (6:57:23 PM): kinda...he can be a dick sometimes

icouldspoilu (6:57:24 PM): does he visit much..or u go there.

clarissabunny91 (6:57:35 PM): i go there my mom hates bein around him

icouldspoilu (6:57:48 PM): well i'm sure that getting divorced is rough for everyone..even your dad.

clarissabunny91 (6:57:53 PM): ya

icouldspoilu (6:57:59 PM): what u know?

clarissabunny91 (6:58:16 PM): he was the one who made it happen tho, i mean started the divorce

icouldspoilu (6:58:21 PM): i see.

clarissabunny91 (6:58:26 PM): they just always fought

icouldspoilu (6:58:27 PM): do u hate him for that?

icouldspoilu (6:58:39 PM): did one of them drink or go out w/o the other?

clarissabunny91 (6:58:42 PM): no, its better that they arnt together now

icouldspoilu (6:58:54 PM): good..i'm glad u can see the good in it.

clarissabunny91 (6:58:58 PM): no my dad was too busy for partyin

icouldspoilu (6:59:05 PM): i see.

clarissabunny91 (6:59:14 PM): u know mutual of omaha?

icouldspoilu (6:59:19 PM): my ex always wanted to go out w/o me.

icouldspoilu (6:59:23 PM): yes i do

clarissabunny91 (6:59:32 PM): thats were he works

icouldspoilu (6:59:35 PM): i see.

clarissabunny91 (6:59:52 PM): why did she leave you wen she went out?

clarissabunny91 (6:59:53 PM): :(

icouldspoilu (6:59:56 PM): i feel like u are my friend.

clarissabunny91 (7:00:04 PM): ditto :)

icouldspoilu (7:00:20 PM): well she wanted to go out drinking and dancin with her cousin.

icouldspoilu (7:00:29 PM): and i felt disrespected.

icouldspoilu (7:00:41 PM): left at home to take care of the kids by myself and be lonely.

clarissabunny91 (7:00:52 PM): :(

icouldspoilu (7:01:04 PM): so it was no good... she divorced me for getting mad at went on for over a year...

clarissabunny91 (7:01:07 PM): was she cheating on u?

icouldspoilu (7:01:24 PM): she admitted to going to a guys place and making out.

icouldspoilu (7:01:31 PM): but it could have been more.

clarissabunny91 (7:01:32 PM): omg!!1

icouldspoilu (7:01:44 PM): but that was then..

clarissabunny91 (7:01:49 PM): shes a bitch!

icouldspoilu (7:01:57 PM): it's just too bad for everyone..

clarissabunny91 (7:02:08 PM): ya :(

icouldspoilu (7:02:09 PM): want to hear something that'll make u blush.

clarissabunny91 (7:02:20 PM): yes :)

icouldspoilu (7:02:36 PM): she said she really misses my thing

icouldspoilu (7:02:51 PM): but I won't get my heart broken by her again...

clarissabunny91 (7:02:53 PM): what thing?

icouldspoilu (7:02:58 PM): my penis.

clarissabunny91 (7:03:03 PM): lol omg

icouldspoilu (7:03:11 PM): says it was the best sex ever.

clarissabunny91 (7:03:19 PM): well i guess thats a compilimeant

icouldspoilu (7:03:23 PM): yep.

icouldspoilu (7:03:30 PM): every guy would like to hear that.

icouldspoilu (7:03:48 PM): but that's in the past..

icouldspoilu (7:03:52 PM): now it's no sex.

clarissabunny91 (7:03:52 PM): ya

clarissabunny91 (7:04:06 PM): well at least she aint breakin ur heart

clarissabunny91 (7:04:14 PM): lots of boyz had done that 2 me

icouldspoilu (7:04:21 PM): i'm not really horny so much as I just miss affection..closeness

clarissabunny91 (7:04:32 PM): i feel ya

clarissabunny91 (7:04:40 PM): ur one of the good guys

icouldspoilu (7:04:46 PM): i just miss having that internal smile.

clarissabunny91 (7:04:48 PM): unaprechiated

icouldspoilu (7:04:58 PM): knowing that someone is thinking about u...

clarissabunny91 (7:05:12 PM): i totally know what u mean!

clarissabunny91 (7:05:16 PM): god!

clarissabunny91 (7:05:32 PM): its like no one cares about doin that nemore

icouldspoilu (7:05:47 PM): doing what?

clarissabunny91 (7:05:58 PM): thinkin and caring about ppl

icouldspoilu (7:06:01 PM): i see.

clarissabunny91 (7:06:04 PM): thats why i like animals

clarissabunny91 (7:06:15 PM): they love u without selfishnes

icouldspoilu (7:06:15 PM): yep.. i think u are normal.

icouldspoilu (7:06:37 PM): i bet u would find that girl whose parents get divorced turn to animals for comfort.

icouldspoilu (7:06:43 PM): hang on one mine

clarissabunny91 (7:06:46 PM): k

icouldspoilu (7:07:39 PM): i am back

clarissabunny91 (7:07:45 PM): yay :D

icouldspoilu (7:07:52 PM): glad u care.

clarissabunny91 (7:07:58 PM): i do :)

clarissabunny91 (7:08:10 PM): even tho u arent a rabbit heh

icouldspoilu (7:08:23 PM): don't get me wrong .but it'd be so cool to share a bed with you

icouldspoilu (7:08:29 PM): just cuddle and wake up together.

clarissabunny91 (7:08:38 PM): ya i know what u mean :)

icouldspoilu (7:08:45 PM): would u freak out.

clarissabunny91 (7:08:53 PM): no i like to cuddle

icouldspoilu (7:09:10 PM): i mean..if i cuddled u from behind it'd

icouldspoilu (7:09:17 PM): be very obvious that I was hard.

clarissabunny91 (7:09:37 PM): u mean the thing?

icouldspoilu (7:09:51 PM): in the morning if I'm in a happy mood it happens..yes that thing

clarissabunny91 (7:10:04 PM): heh all boys do that lol

icouldspoilu (7:10:14 PM): is it a good feeling for u?

clarissabunny91 (7:10:16 PM): morning wood lolz!!1!

icouldspoilu (7:10:18 PM): sexy?

clarissabunny91 (7:10:24 PM): i never had it

icouldspoilu (7:10:41 PM): would u touch my boxers.?

clarissabunny91 (7:10:49 PM): but i stayed at my friend Jeremys house n he woke up with a woody lol

icouldspoilu (7:10:59 PM): have u ever felt a woody with your hand.

clarissabunny91 (7:11:09 PM): no not yet lol

icouldspoilu (7:11:16 PM): are u curious?

clarissabunny91 (7:11:31 PM): ya kinda ive seen wut one looks like in class

icouldspoilu (7:11:46 PM): is it sexy?

clarissabunny91 (7:11:46 PM): n the boys draw them everywere lol

clarissabunny91 (7:11:53 PM): ya its cute

icouldspoilu (7:12:09 PM): the reason why u see then is because

icouldspoilu (7:12:12 PM): YOU are cute.

clarissabunny91 (7:12:22 PM): lol

clarissabunny91 (7:12:34 PM): such teh smooth talker :P

icouldspoilu (7:12:41 PM): i was not a good lover when i was in high school

clarissabunny91 (7:13:00 PM): i prolly would suck at it

icouldspoilu (7:13:03 PM): i was all in a hurry.

clarissabunny91 (7:13:24 PM): when did u lose ur virginity

icouldspoilu (7:13:26 PM): well the thing is to just do what seems natural

icouldspoilu (7:13:34 PM): i'd rather not say.

clarissabunny91 (7:13:42 PM): thats ok

clarissabunny91 (7:13:43 PM): :)

icouldspoilu (7:13:49 PM): it was at a girls house though.

clarissabunny91 (7:13:57 PM): i wont judge u tho jus so u know

icouldspoilu (7:14:03 PM): k

clarissabunny91 (7:14:15 PM): i hate judges

icouldspoilu (7:14:27 PM): well it took me a while to learn not to jump right to the crotch.

clarissabunny91 (7:14:39 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (7:14:39 PM): and I learned to appreciate kissing a girls neck

icouldspoilu (7:14:47 PM): and looking into her eyes.

clarissabunny91 (7:14:48 PM): ya :)

icouldspoilu (7:14:58 PM): and thinking about what might feel good to her.

icouldspoilu (7:15:19 PM): and when I met someone i wanted to see again i finally gave a girl

icouldspoilu (7:15:25 PM): oral for the first time ever.

icouldspoilu (7:15:43 PM): and she kind of moved in such a way that my fingers touched her in the

icouldspoilu (7:15:51 PM): right places and she taught me.

icouldspoilu (7:15:58 PM): w/o trying too.

icouldspoilu (7:16:29 PM): i tend to stay with the same girl so I haven't had a lot of lovers by any means.

clarissabunny91 (7:16:33 PM): reelly?

icouldspoilu (7:16:36 PM): yes

icouldspoilu (7:16:44 PM): really what?

clarissabunny91 (7:16:54 PM): w/o trying i mean

icouldspoilu (7:17:03 PM): oh yes.. sex is just natural

icouldspoilu (7:17:19 PM): if making out is like walking then sex is like running

clarissabunny91 (7:17:22 PM): i always thoght the first time is weird

icouldspoilu (7:17:32 PM): no the first time can be good.

icouldspoilu (7:18:01 PM): in fact when i lost my virginity..we got naked together and just were very playful

icouldspoilu (7:18:06 PM): and comfortable

icouldspoilu (7:18:20 PM): and we'd touch out private parts in ways that felt good

icouldspoilu (7:18:30 PM): w/o me getting inside of her.

icouldspoilu (7:18:46 PM): so when it actually happened it was very natural.

clarissabunny91 (7:18:46 PM): dont it hurt the first time?

icouldspoilu (7:19:12 PM): well she didn't realize and i didn't either that i was getting into her

icouldspoilu (7:19:23 PM): and she just said \"OH MY GOD THAT FEELS GOOD\"

icouldspoilu (7:19:29 PM): so no it doesn't have to hurt.

clarissabunny91 (7:19:33 PM): hey if i go real quickly its cuz my moms coming and i turned off the computer k?

icouldspoilu (7:19:37 PM): ok

clarissabunny91 (7:19:40 PM): oh i see :)

icouldspoilu (7:19:54 PM): well u could like reboot now.

icouldspoilu (7:19:58 PM): i'll go get a drink

icouldspoilu (7:20:00 PM): and come back

clarissabunny91 (7:20:15 PM): ok :) i want a drink too

icouldspoilu (7:20:23 PM): shut down yahoo to erase all this ok?

clarissabunny91 (7:20:25 PM): c ya in a lil bit k?

icouldspoilu (7:20:26 PM): in case.

icouldspoilu (7:20:28 PM): oik

clarissabunny91 (7:20:39 PM): ok, u want me to erase yahoo and put it back on?

icouldspoilu (7:20:43 PM): yes

clarissabunny91 (7:20:54 PM): k i learned how to do that myself :)

clarissabunny91 (7:21:04 PM): im learning computers well! :D

clarissabunny91 (7:21:54 PM): brb. if i screw it up ill try to fix it.

clarissabunny91 (7:28:14 PM): im back :)

icouldspoilu (7:28:52 PM): me too

clarissabunny91 (7:28:57 PM): when i wuz uninstalling yahoo it asked me if i wanted to delete saved files or something. I said yes wuz that right?

icouldspoilu (7:29:06 PM): that's cool

icouldspoilu (7:29:22 PM): i made another profile

clarissabunny91 (7:29:26 PM): k. i regot it from yahoo after it was erased.

clarissabunny91 (7:29:37 PM): the program

icouldspoilu (7:29:40 PM): i see

icouldspoilu (7:29:54 PM): u seem smart

clarissabunny91 (7:30:09 PM): i gotta go soon but i jus wanted to tell u how nice it wuz talkin to u and i hope we can meet soon1!

icouldspoilu (7:30:20 PM): ok...that so nice

clarissabunny91 (7:30:26 PM): :-*

icouldspoilu (7:30:28 PM): will u call me sometime.??

clarissabunny91 (7:30:45 PM): sure i gotta get another card i think too

icouldspoilu (7:30:49 PM): ok

icouldspoilu (7:30:54 PM): i'm glad u liked my pic.

clarissabunny91 (7:30:58 PM): its cute :)

icouldspoilu (7:31:02 PM): cool..

icouldspoilu (7:31:09 PM): i wish i had the one withmy butt in it.

icouldspoilu (7:31:12 PM): u might like that.

clarissabunny91 (7:31:16 PM): hehe

clarissabunny91 (7:31:21 PM): hugs

icouldspoilu (7:31:23 PM): k

clarissabunny91 (7:31:38 PM): gnight dale

icouldspoilu (7:31:43 PM): i willl have to stare at your pic again when u are gone.

icouldspoilu (7:31:49 PM): ok...thanks for talkgin

icouldspoilu (7:31:53 PM): and yes we should meet.

icouldspoilu (7:31:58 PM): glad u think so too.

clarissabunny91 (7:32:07 PM): yes :)

clarissabunny91 (7:32:13 PM): ttys :-*

icouldspoilu (7:32:20 PM): kisses back to you.

clarissabunny91 (7:32:25 PM): byeeee :D

icouldspoilu (7:32:27 PM): french!!

icouldspoilu (7:32:28 PM): bye.

(Offline message from his new profile that he created posing as a minor boy)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:09:23 PM): I have lent out my cell phone so please don't call it.

( continued on 9/6/2004)
guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:54:35 PM): hi sorry i could hear you.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:54:55 PM): cell phones kind of suck

clarissabunny91 (12:55:16 PM): ya :(

clarissabunny91 (12:55:31 PM): do u have another number?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:55:31 PM): u are beautiful.

clarissabunny91 (12:55:40 PM): i culd call u back

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:55:41 PM): u will be a beautiful woman in a couple years.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:55:50 PM): no that's ok.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:56:16 PM): do u have a cable modem at your house?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:56:54 PM): or do u have to dial in to the internet.

clarissabunny91 (12:56:58 PM): do u want me to delete ur ucouldspoilme name from my list?

clarissabunny91 (12:57:09 PM): my moms got cable

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:57:11 PM): yes..

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:57:18 PM): that's good..

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:57:33 PM): does your family have a landline phone..why do u always use a calling card?

clarissabunny91 (12:58:03 PM): cuz i dont want my mom to no that i called u

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:58:08 PM): oh i see.

clarissabunny91 (12:58:11 PM): she also locks up her callid

clarissabunny91 (12:58:12 PM): :(

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:58:46 PM): under contacts in messenger

clarissabunny91 (12:58:53 PM): it was nice talkin to u agin :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:58:54 PM): go down to \"message archive\"

clarissabunny91 (12:58:58 PM): ok

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:59:10 PM): then find one u want to delete and get rid of it.

clarissabunny91 (12:59:25 PM): k hold on

guy4sweetgirl2005 (12:59:43 PM): if it says \"message archiving is currently disabled\" then u don't have anything to worry about.

clarissabunny91 (1:00:03 PM): ok its sez disabled

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:00:07 PM): good

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:00:21 PM): it makes me nervous..that someone could read all this.

clarissabunny91 (1:01:02 PM): ya i dont want my mom snoopin

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:01:17 PM): do u mind me thinking about how you'd look naked?

clarissabunny91 (1:01:29 PM): lol no :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:01:39 PM): good because u look good

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:01:58 PM): i'd love to see your boobs..i bet they are cute.

clarissabunny91 (1:02:11 PM): awww :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:02:16 PM): should i stop

clarissabunny91 (1:02:18 PM): they r kinna small

clarissabunny91 (1:02:21 PM): no :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:02:21 PM): good

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:02:40 PM): bet it'd feel great for u if i had my mouth right there.

clarissabunny91 (1:02:59 PM): :D

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:03:04 PM): u'd like that?

clarissabunny91 (1:03:13 PM): i think so

clarissabunny91 (1:03:15 PM): :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:03:18 PM): cool

clarissabunny91 (1:03:56 PM): u still wanna kick it sometime?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:04:01 PM): maybe.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:04:05 PM): don't really know.

clarissabunny91 (1:04:30 PM): cool i kinna wana get to no u better first

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:04:41 PM): it'd be cool if u were closer.

clarissabunny91 (1:04:55 PM): ya

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:05:01 PM): if u were two feet away i'd want u closer.

clarissabunny91 (1:05:09 PM): awww

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:05:20 PM): do u want to see me naked?

clarissabunny91 (1:05:30 PM): sure

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:05:39 PM): u already saw my back

clarissabunny91 (1:05:42 PM): ya

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:05:45 PM): almost my butt

clarissabunny91 (1:05:51 PM): ya lol :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:05:58 PM): what about the front?

clarissabunny91 (1:06:05 PM): ok

clarissabunny91 (1:06:07 PM): :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:06:14 PM): r u sure.

clarissabunny91 (1:06:29 PM): yeah

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:06:54 PM): it shows a little lowerthan the other one.

clarissabunny91 (1:07:04 PM): ok :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:07:53 PM): sending

clarissabunny91 (1:08:07 PM): k

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:08:46 PM): didn't work

clarissabunny91 (1:08:54 PM): its not doin it. try again?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:08:58 PM): file must have been too BIG

clarissabunny91 (1:09:03 PM): lol

clarissabunny91 (1:09:14 PM): mebbe

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:09:23 PM): i think it's just right.

clarissabunny91 (1:10:02 PM): it still aint sendin

clarissabunny91 (1:10:11 PM): can u email it?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:10:12 PM): k u will get it eventually.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:10:24 PM): where?

clarissabunny91 (1:10:35 PM):

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:10:39 PM): ok

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:10:45 PM): i will

clarissabunny91 (1:12:30 PM): did u send it?

clarissabunny91 (1:12:51 PM): i gotta go soon but i wana see :)

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:12:58 PM): sending

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:13:13 PM): have u seen a pic of one before?

clarissabunny91 (1:14:04 PM):

clarissabunny91 (1:14:16 PM): ur big!

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:14:34 PM): in a good way?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:14:45 PM): i'm also very gentle.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:14:50 PM): and listen.

clarissabunny91 (1:15:05 PM): yes its cute too

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:15:14 PM): keep going

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:15:19 PM): ;)

clarissabunny91 (1:15:23 PM): lol

clarissabunny91 (1:15:28 PM): im embarased

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:15:35 PM): i think it looks healthy.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:15:40 PM): and eager

clarissabunny91 (1:15:41 PM): :\">

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:15:45 PM): and very clean

clarissabunny91 (1:15:56 PM): yeah it does

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:16:08 PM): wish i could see yours

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:16:15 PM): do u have much hair?

clarissabunny91 (1:16:27 PM): no not reely

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:16:35 PM): well thts ok

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:16:45 PM): i like some.

clarissabunny91 (1:17:01 PM): its kinda wierd but ya

clarissabunny91 (1:17:16 PM): hey my moms yellin at me brb k?

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:17:20 PM): do u feel at all excited to see me.

guy4sweetgirl2005 (1:17:21 PM): ok

clarissabunny91 (1:22:35 PM): god!

clarissabunny91 (1:22:41 PM): i HATE my mom!!

clarissabunny91 (1:22:47 PM): :(

clarissabunny91 (1:23:16 PM): i gotta go to teh store with her to get stuff for her bbq tonite.

clarissabunny91 (1:23:29 PM): i hope i can talk to u l8r kk?

clarissabunny91 (1:23:56 PM): i gtg now. bye for now.

clarissabunny91 (1:24:16 PM): btw, ur reely reely hot n exiting

(From here, I immediately contacted Detective Sexton of the Lincoln, NE. PD Cybercrime unit. He assumed my identity for the purpose of setting an exact time and place to meet. For more of this sick and harrowing story, see the conviction report.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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