• Conviction - golfboi59 - Wakefield, Rhode Island

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/3/2008 7:18 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/3/2008 7:18 AM PST

    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:42:13 PM): u have a web cam?
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:42:35 PM): no i asked for 1 for xmas though but mom told me no way
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:42:52 PM): im hayley btw u?
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:42:57 PM): Justin
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:42:59 PM): thats a bummer
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:43:18 PM): i got an ipod tho
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:43:23 PM): so that was kewl
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:43:41 PM): cool
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:44:03 PM): what did u get for xmas?
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:44:21 PM): just some sweaters, cloths, wii
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:44:23 PM): not much
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:44:27 PM): u gotta wii?
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:44:32 PM): yea
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:44:48 PM): wow way kewl i wanted that 2 but mom said she couldnt find it anywhere
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:44:59 PM): they are hard to find
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:45:34 PM): ya i kno
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:45:39 PM): i wish i had 1
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:46:00 PM): lol
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:46:10 PM): ur rely lucky
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:46:18 PM): I also have a xbox 360
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:46:32 PM): i only have a gameboy but i got a ds today 2
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:46:41 PM): cool
    Decoy (12/25/07 11:46:54 PM): ya
    golfboi59 (12/25/07 11:47:07 PM): i dont have a gameboy or ds, but i have a psp

    And you won't be playing any of them for a long time, dickface.

    Justin Williams could have been playing his PSP or his Wii or his Xbox 360... but instead, he decided to log into the internet, take up the moniker \"golfboi\" and hit on what he thought was a young girl sexually. Remember that the next time someone decries video gamers... after all, everyone can agree that it's better to have people playing video games than trying to rape minors, right?

    Anyways, this idiot will not be enjoying any new releases for the next eighteen months as he has been sentenced to a ten year sentence and has to serve at least eighteen months of it. Maybe longer, depends how he acts in jail, really. After that, he'll have ten years probation and the always fabulous gift prize of lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    Thank you Justin! But our princess is in another castle!

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Justin Williams hit up my decoy on Christmas Day and moved rather quickly with his intentions of meeting my decoy for sex. While at work wearing his Navy uniform he exposed his genitals on webcam for what he thought was a 14 yr old girl. He showed up three hours late for his first attempt at meeting the decoy, which didn't work out. Fortunately he decided to come again and was met by Law Enforcement.

    Thanks to my verifiers Aloe Vera and E.L. Fudge who gave my decoy their talented voices and to Content Creators that brought my decoy to life with their amazing work.

    This is our 292nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 31st conviction for 2008 thus far.