• Conviction - darkprince666_2006 - Bogalusa, Louisiana

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    Report made 10/24/2013 5:23 PM PST

    thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:05:06 AM): like u would want me to be ur girlfriend?
    darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:05:31 AM): well ur to young
    darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:05:39 AM): and i can go to jail
    thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:05:57 AM): why would go to jail?
    darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:06:08 AM): cause ur 13 and im 25
    thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:06:54 AM): oh
    darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:07:05 AM): would u get naked if i was there

    Wendell should know. He's been down this road before.

    Wendell W. Green, AKA Derrick Green, was already a registered sex offender when he made contact with our decoy profile. His previous conviction, leading to sex offender registration, was for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and Oral Sexual Battery. I guess it's no secret that Wendell likes young girls.

    With this arrest Wendell Green pleaded guilty to Computer Aided Solicitation for Sexual Purposes and received 7 years in a Louisiana State Prison.

    This is our 576th conviction since June of 2004.