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    File originally posted on 8/17/2008 6:08 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/17/2008 6:08 PM PST

    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:05:31 PM): they other you'll prolly like is doggy style
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:05:46 PM): i heard of that before
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:06:24 PM): u dont get off as easy but its fun
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:06:31 PM): kool
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:07:09 PM): when a woman is on top she does more than up and down
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:07:28 PM): wat do u mean?
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:08:02 PM): she presses hard aganst the guy and rocks back and forth
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:08:25 PM): she dont just go up and down?
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:08:50 PM): that grinds her clit against his pelvic bone helping her get off
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:09:22 PM): wow
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:09:26 PM): u know a lot
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:09:42 PM): old guy remember lol
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:09:53 PM): u aint old
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:10:19 PM): old enough i could date your mom lol
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:10:44 PM): :(
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:11:26 PM): whats wrong
    13 year old decoy (04/09/07 9:11:51 PM): cauz i dont think u r that old
    indianahighroller (04/09/07 9:12:41 PM): i'd get 10 to 20 yrs in prison if i touched you

    They know it, but they show up anyways. What a world.

    Anthony Orangias knew of the consequences, but he didn't care. Just like the rest. He showed up at our Campbell County sting operation in Kentucky and was promptly arrested.

    He received a five year probated sentence (which means that it is basically suspended, pending him doing something else wrong), a year of house arrest with the tracking bracelet, he must received sex offender treatment and will have to register as a sex offender. Hopefully, that's enough to ensure that he'll never molest a real kid. We can all hope.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Predators come from all walks of life. I used to think of scruffy old men in overcoats when I heard the word predator or child molester. That just isn't the case. Predators can be your next door neighbor, your best friend, relative or the most harmless looking person in the world.

    Anthony hit up my persona and had no problem getting right to the sex. I talked to him for a total of 5 days, and he was ready to meet. No matter where the conversation went, he always brought it back to sex. Always.He never told my persona that he was in a wheelchair until the meet was pretty much set.

    I never would have thought that I would end up busting someone that is in a wheelchair. I remember the first time I ever encountered a man that hit up my persona when we were working in a different state. I was a JC and went to Max. I asked her, \"should I continue?\". She told me something that has stuck with me every since. She said \"Rip, just because he is in a wheelchair, does that mean he can harm a child less?\". Max is wise. :)

    That is pretty the bottom line with me. No matter if they are disabled, physically or mentally, does it mean they can harm a child less? The answer for me is no.They need to be stopped. The mental or physical harm that is done will last that child a lifetime.

    Due to his disability he received house arrest, probated time, and he has to register as a sex offender. I can live with that, I just wanted him stopped.

    Kentucky has been one of the best states to work in thus far.They work hard to keep the children safe from internet predators and I am proud to say that I was a part of that.

    This is our 283rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 21st conviction for 2008 thus far.