• Conviction - gmoney301981 - Killeen, Texas

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/13/2004 7:04 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/25/2005 2:09 PM PST

    When Specialist Eric Granados enrolled into the military, he probably had good intentions. However, those intentions went sour as he decided to use the resources of the United States military to entice what he thought was a 12 year old female.

    Granados was convicted and sentenced to 42 months in prison, a drop in rank from E-5 to E-1, a bad conduct discharge and registration as a sexual offender once he is released from jail. Oh, and the topper? He has to forfeit all pay and allowances. What piece of evidence was used in confronting, prosecuting and convicting Granados? Our posted chat-log.

    Gmoney's case is another example of why we post to the main page of this website even when we do not yet have an active investigator working on a case. Sometimes the right man simply isn't found, or the wrong man answers the phone when we call. Given a bit of a run-around after talking with various busy LE (including military LE), we decided to post him publicly on the website. A military man reading the website then brought the chat-log to CID and a different investigator. Suddenly, everything was in motion with a great pro-active investigator who then interviewed Granados.

    The following italicized text is the commentary of the individual who conducted the chat-log with Granados, site contributor Meister.

    --------- Meister's comments and recollection ---------

    This certainly took some time, but in the end everything worked out for the best. For whatever reason, the CID investigator did not seem overly interested when I first contacted them regarding this case.

    A few months later, however, the chat log was brought to the attention of CID again. This new investigator and CID were definitely interested this time.

    When SPC Eric Granados, Gmoney301981, was confronted by the chat logs the investigators had, there was nothing he could do but confess. He confessed to having the chat. He confessed to making the drive of just over 8 hours roundtrip to meet what he thought was a 12 year old child.

    While investigators had access to every file in our possession regarding this case, they chose to use the front page copy of the chat log with comments showing that indeed, our commentary is understood and appreciated by law enforcement officials as they face the same scum of the earth and sometimes, need a laugh or sarcastic comment to deal with the cruel reality of the fact that this grown man wanted to harm a child.

    I really want to say thank you to Eris, my verifier for this bust.

    Also, a huge thank you to CID and the investigators I worked with. I am very proud to have been a part of this conviction.

    --------- Meister's comments and recollection ---------

    We're very pleased at this most recent conviction, our eleventh in the last ten months. Many thanks to the military man who printed off a copy to give directly to the investigators at CID, the investigators of CID and the military in general for taking a stance against soldiers soliciting kids. They're not representative of the average military man, and yet another prosecution by the U.S. government illustrates that.