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    File originally posted on 10/25/2009 8:23 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2009 8:23 PM PST

    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:12:31 PM): im scared now
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:12:34 PM): lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:12:47 PM): what u scared bout?
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:13:24 PM): cuase i was tlalking with u about sex n i forgot that u was 13
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:13:42 PM): how come that made u scard?
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:13:56 PM): cause maybe u can be cops
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:14:23 PM): me?
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:14:27 PM): yep
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:14:34 PM): lol
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:14:37 PM): lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:14:40 PM): i aint cops
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:14:44 PM): promise!!!!
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:14:58 PM): oh ok thats make feel better
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:15:24 PM): so u dont wanna chat with me no more?
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:15:31 PM): its ok
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:15:34 PM): yep of course yep
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:15:40 PM): ok cool
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:15:48 PM): cause if u dont i understand
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:15:57 PM): i dont want u 2 b scard
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:16:01 PM): i want to
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:16:17 PM): if u dont r cop is nice
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:16:38 PM): huh?
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:16:59 PM): u not cops right
    rubyslippers013 (05/13/08 11:17:05 PM): no
    cheren03 (05/13/08 11:17:11 PM): so we can kep talking
    Blue Bonnet was being honest. She wasn't the cops, she was just working with cops. I do so love how they expect the \"cops\" to be honest in response, though!

    Jose Rene Garcia-Moreira was originally arrested by the police in Iron County, Utah, but due to the fact that he crossed state lines in his attempted rape of a minor, the case was picked up by federal prosecutors. Garcia-Moreira pled guilty to using interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor, and he received 30 months in prison and 36 months probation. He will most likely be deported to El Salvador upon release, an unfortunate thing for that nation.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet

    SOOOOoooooooooooo.... cheren03 just wanted a 13 year old girlfriend. He brought her a purple teddy bear. Twenty-six year old men should not bring children teddy bears to trade for sex.

    Several times in the chat he asked about cops. He was scard. He was afraid of was going to jail. Being afraid of going to jail didn't stop Jose Rene Garcia-Moreira from showing up to meet a child.

    Red Wagon verified him and talked with him on the phone several times. When Red called him on the phone he would get so excited that we started calling him the \"happy perv.\" I don't think he is so happy anymore. He plead guilty to federal charges and will serve 2 1/2 years in prison. When he is released he faces deportation.

    I want to thank the Iron County, Sheriff's Office, especially Cpl. Nik Johnson and Mark Gower. They are absolutely awesome to work with. I want to thank Red for her fantastic work as a verifier in this case.

    This is our 340th conviction since June of 2004, our 37th conviction for 2009, and our 2nd conviction in Utah thus far.