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    File originally posted on 11/15/2007 3:08 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/15/2007 3:08 PM PST

    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:57:05 PM]: hmmm can i come wash your back
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:57:12 PM]: lol if u wanna :P
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:57:25 PM]: hmmm might lead to washing other parts
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:57:32 PM]: oh lik were
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:57:45 PM]: areound tits and other places
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:57:56 PM]: lol cool wat othr places
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:58:01 PM]: pussy
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:58:09 PM]: lol
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:58:32 PM]: u like that
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:58:40 PM]: ya lol
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:58:48 PM]: hmmmm would u wash me
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:58:48 PM]: do u
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:58:52 PM]: yea
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:59:12 PM]: if u askd me 2 i gues lol
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:59:18 PM]: lol
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:59:18 PM]: wat els wud we do
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:59:29 PM]: kiss touch and feel
    decoy name (12/03/06 11:59:36 PM]: k :)
    ccndsu (12/03/06 11:59:48 PM]: maybe a little sucking

    Carl Otto Corkern has a silly name. Of course, that's the least of his problems as now he has a conviction for his silly game of trying to have sex with a young girl. Not smart, Carl, and apparently very not smart to do it in Louisiana as they have... some creative sentencing.

    For his felony conviction, Otto Corkern has been sentenced to two years in prison. But not the usual "watch some TV, avoid your cellmate" prison... but two years hard labor. Wow, very hardcore Louisiana. Of course, on the other coin, while getting hard labor for two years, he's not being sentenced to registration as a sex offender... which we find a little odd, to say the least.

    Contributor notes from Jack Daniels
    While Carl Otto Corkern is my first conviction. He hit up my 13 year old persona after apparently already viewing her profile on myspace. He took what was written in the profile and played my girl's heartstrings trying to win her confidence by having her believe he was understanding and cared about her.

    From the beginning, he seemed to know what he was doing. He knew exactly how to groom this sad and lonely girl into what he wanted. Crafty little devil as he was, he suddenly became more blunt and eventually told her outright what he wanted and even showed her on cam as he wanked. He even wanted to bring her pornography so that she could see what she wanted to try.

    While two years, even hard labor, is not enough in my book for this slimeball, I am glad that justice was on our side. As a parent, I'm very happy that one more pervert is off the street away from our children.

    A big thank you to Amethystcats for her amazing and talented voice. I couldn't have brought him in without you! And a tremendous thank you to Detective Michael Cummings and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office for a job well done in bringing this joker down where he belongs. Also, thanks to my family for supporting me in the work with PeeJ that I love so much, and to the supportive friends that I have made here.

    This is our 235th conviction since June of 2004 and our 114th conviction for 2007 so far.