• Conviction - tofast4yall2003 - Santa Rosa, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/11/2007 6:44 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/11/2007 6:44 PM PST

    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:40:38 AM): do you have your cam on yet?
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:41:37 AM): just bout lemme make sure im in the clear
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:41:51 AM): ok
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:42:50 AM): ok
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:43:07 AM): suuuup!!!
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:43:16 AM): cute
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:43:41 AM): wish you lived closer
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:44:00 AM): aww
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:44:01 AM): well
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:44:04 AM): where u at?
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:44:16 AM): south santa rosa
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:44:30 AM): uhm aint that like 15 min away? lol
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:44:53 AM): thats true but you have school in the morning
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:44:57 AM): o
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:45:04 AM): well i cant leave my house either sooo
    JaffaCree93 (8/24/2006 1:45:05 AM): lol
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:45:16 AM): aww
    tofast4yall2003 (8/24/2006 1:45:42 AM): but you could stick your cock out the window behind you
    Welcome to our world of obsessive internet sexual predators.

    Steven Cartlidge thought he was a smart internet predator. He hit up a teen on Craigslist. He saw the \"teen\" on webcam. No way it could be a sting operation! Well, unfortunately for ol' Steven, neither one of those elements mattered because it was a sting operation at the end of the day. We used an actor during the Petaluma \"To Catch a Predator\" sting to play the kid on cam and cast our net wider than we had before.

    Individuals like Cartlidge quickly floated into it.

    For his disgusting chat and solicitation of what he thought was a 13 year old male, Cartlidge received the following...

    3 years formal probation
    Can not own nor possess a computer
    No access to internet (cell phone text included) for 1 year, will revisit this in one year
    Lifetime registration as a sex offender
    Sexually offender counseling
    No contact with minors
    Must turn over all passwords to his probation officer, can review at any time
    90 days county jail

    Quite the litany, isn't it?

    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    We here at Perverted Justice are always entering new areas where potential pedophiles lurk. For this bust, I placed an extremely neutral ad on the popular website Craigslist. All the ad said was that I was a boy who was looking for friends, along with the picture of the young-looking decoy.

    When I decided to place the ad on Craigslist, I had no idea if it would be successful or not. As it turned out, I ended up nabbing two predators from that one ad. I received many e-mails, but once most of the respondents found out my age, they appropriately ceased contact. Steven Cartlidge, however, did not.

    The sentence that this guy received is by no means harsh, but at the very least he will be restricted from being around young kids and restricted from using the Internet. Many thanks go out to the Petaluma Police Department and all of the other law enforcement agencies involved in this sting. Their hard work and dedication to making the Internet safer for kids is extremely admirable.

    This is our 214th conviction since June of 2004 and our 93rd conviction for 2007 so far.