• Conviction - Zachery - Jasper, Indiana

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 3/24/2016 1:47 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/24/2016 1:47 PM PST

    Zach: Your going to just let me have you aren't you
    layla: idk
    layla: u dont think i should meet u?
    Zach: We are going to meet.but when we meet and I'm like get on your knees and I pull my dick out and say open your mouth and suck on it you'll do it right

    Anthony J. Temple has a history of sex crimes against females. He was arrested in Indiana previously for attempted rape. He put on a mask, went to the Riverwalk, and tried to abduct and rape a female. Fortunately, she was able to get away before she was harmed and used her cell phone to call 911. That call resulted in Temple's arrest and subsequent conviction.

    Just as Temple finished the monitoring for his previous conviction, he hit up the decoy played by Boris online. He remained relentless and demanding, even when Boris tried to get him to back off a little bit. He didn't care that the female was only 14. He wanted her address, he wanted it now, and he was going to show up when he wanted.

    Temple was convicted and sentenced to 2,190 days in the Indiana Department of Correction, with 729 days suspended. He is to serve 974 days in prison, followed by 487 days on work release if he is eligible. Once he's completed his jail time, he will be on supervised probation for 729 days. The first 487 days he will be on GPS monitoring with strict boundaries and curfews. He will, of course, remain a registered sex offender.

    Notes from the Contributor, Boris:
    Anthony J. Temple (a.k.a Zachery Williams) contacted my 14 year old decoy with no real concern for her age. He was previously arrested in 2012 for the attempted rape of a women in a local park. I guess that's why he was nervous, deleting and creating new profiles often. He didn't waste much time, giving her instructions to delete texts also prepping her for phone sex. Communication stopped for a few months and then he showed up again more aggressive demanding different sex acts and an address. He was uncooperative with meeting in public, wanting only to meet at her home when she was alone. Most likely because he was using a fake picture on his profile (which was a real bait and switch) and so he could control the situation. The Jasper Police Department decided to go meet him. I want to thank Detective Chambers and everyone that was involved in this case.

    This is our 598th conviction since June of 2004.