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    m4pixeleen (9:18:57 PM): what is it that you like about Green Day?'
    greendaychickk (9:19:59 PM): they sing kewl songs
    greendaychickk (9:20:15 PM): and they are hot
    m4pixeleen (9:20:26 PM): ok...writing good songs is not easy...yes, being hot helps ;)
    m4pixeleen (9:21:33 PM): you look pretty hot yourself
    greendaychickk (9:21:42 PM): ;;)
    greendaychickk (9:21:45 PM): ty
    m4pixeleen (9:22:06 PM): are your boobs big or small?
    greendaychickk (9:22:19 PM): 32a
    m4pixeleen (9:22:31 PM): ok...much hair on your pussy?
    greendaychickk (9:22:57 PM): not realy
    m4pixeleen (9:23:05 PM): that's terribly sexy
    greendaychickk (9:23:14 PM): realy??
    m4pixeleen (9:23:17 PM): oh yes
    m4pixeleen (9:23:28 PM): nothing sexier than a bald pussy
    m4pixeleen (9:23:38 PM): that's why a lot of older women shave thier hair
    m4pixeleen (9:23:55 PM): it's always sexy to look young
    Yeah, especially in the eyes of a guy inclined towards raping children.

    Stephen Coates is memorable from the Riverside, California Dateline sting due to showing up, looking to show off his horrible Muzak. It took a long time to get through the system, but Coates was ultimately found guilty via jury trial. He received 36 months probation, 180 days in jail to be served on weekends, nearly $6000 in fines, and he must register as a sex offender and complete counselling and treatment programs at his own expense.

    Contributor notes from Almond Joy
    Stephen W. Coates was part of the Dateline to Catch a Predator in Riverside, CA in early 2006. His case took a while to work its way through the Justice system and is finally resolved. He opted to his right to a trial by jury and it did not take the jury long to convict him on all three counts:

    Attempt lewd act w/child under 14
    Attempt Oral Copulation u/14 unconscious or asleep
    Attempt Sodomy w/child under 14 yrs

    Stephen drove over an hour to the sting house and was very reluctant to speak to Chris Hansen, yet he did admit he was wrong. He was found with numerous condoms, 17 or 19 I think, and he told the arresting officer that he had those in case he ran into anyone that wanted to \"get down\", keep in mind that Stephen was married at the time. He also had Viagra and lubrication, all waiting for his sexual romp he had planned with a \"13 year old\" child. I call it rape, not a romp.

    The wonderful team at Riverside Sheriff and DA office should be proud of this case. Open and shut, just took a long time to march through their courts. It was the first time ADA Philip Greenburg had tried a PeeJ case and he did a very professional job. I enjoyed working with this ADA and the few others that I have come in contact with during the course of the operation in Riverside.

    This is our 399th conviction since June of 2004, our 95th conviction for 2009, and our 108th conviction in California thus far.