• Conviction - hk_sf_hi - San Francisco, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/24/2007 7:02 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/24/2007 7:02 AM PST

    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:51:24 PM): lol what u gonna make me do besides nakies?
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:51:50 PM): kiss my body
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:52:09 PM): ok
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:52:18 PM): lol sure thats easy
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:52:27 PM): kiss my butt too
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:52:53 PM): lol like the outside of it or?
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:53:07 PM): outside is fine
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:53:35 PM): lol i aint gonna lose so u gonna be in troubs
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:56:44 PM): ok
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:56:58 PM): if i have to be nakies u need too ok
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:57:08 PM): lol if u lose i gotta be too?
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:57:18 PM): hehe
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:58:08 PM): lol u just want me nakies
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:58:19 PM): :">
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:58:46 PM): lol be honest
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:58:49 PM): be fair
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 3:59:28 PM): u wear anything when u go cuzzi?
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 3:59:41 PM): lol it depends
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 4:00:09 PM): depends on what
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 4:00:20 PM): on the sitauation
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 4:00:36 PM): what sit
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 4:00:38 PM): ?
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 4:00:41 PM): like what
    Decoy Name (08/22/06 4:00:58 PM): lol if some1 is around or w/e
    hk_sf_hi (08/22/06 4:01:09 PM): what bout if me?
    Wrong question, wrong choices, right result: Conviction.

    Wai Kit Cheuk started off the chat correctly, but after that he only did the wrong thing. Continually and aggressively starting conversation after conversation, Wai Kit would not give his 13 year old prey any rest even when it was requested. Not the most explicit chat log ever posted, but definitely one of the most involved.

    Wai Kit showed up at the Petaluma sting operation filmed by Dateline NBC. He was convicted and sentenced to forty-five days in jail, three years probation, lifetime registration as a sexual offender, restrictions from the internet and no contact with minors.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    This is the 14th conviction in the last year resulting from one of the logs I've had with an internet predator and just another conviction rolling in from the Petaluma sting operation. Wai Kit was hitting me up constantly during the sting operation, half the time forcing ME to chat with him while I was more focused on other predators who were more explicit.

    While not the most explicit chat, Wai Kit was one of the most persistent predators I've run across. Constantly, I was hoping he would just do the right thing and go away so I could focus on other conversations rather than his nittering constant communications. Unfortunately, he talked himself right into being arrested despite my efforts to give him out after out.

    The constant Yahoo gaming sessions of Yahoo Pool and the constant harassment to talk to him and his attempts to try to get me to initiate conversation drove me somewhat batty, as you can tell from the comments I put into the chat-log. Of course, what made me really fed up with him was the fact that he's the owner of the best car in the world and still has nothing better to do than to attempt to have sex with 13 year olds. What an asshole.

    Thanks to the Petaluma police department and the Sonoma County DA's office for their work in processing Wai Kit Cheuk and the other six individuals I had arrive at that sting operation. It was a busy time!

    This is our 224th conviction since June of 2004 and our 103rd conviction for 2007 so far.