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    File originally posted on 12/14/2009 3:11 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/14/2009 3:11 PM PST

    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:32:43 PM): do men say u r cute?
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:32:55 PM): not any that i know
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:33:39 PM): do u have a dog
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:33:42 PM): no
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:33:53 PM): go get 1
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:33:58 PM): why is that?
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:07 PM): cuz thy r nice
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:13 PM): n cute
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:19 PM): u culd name it cutay
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:34:32 PM): I could huh, have my own little cutay
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:36 PM): yep
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:40 PM): wuts ur name
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:34:46 PM): Heath
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:34:53 PM): hi heath
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:35:06 PM): now all i gonan thnk about is heath ledger
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:35:08 PM): thanks
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:35:14 PM): lol
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:35:32 PM): i culd thnk about heath bars
    cassiecutay94 (04/16/08 11:35:38 PM): but i dont like them
    thedragonreborn_30 (04/16/08 11:35:44 PM): me neither
    Dumb. Heath bars are great.

    Heath Kramer was arrested as part of IF work done in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Maybe he was arrested by Steven Seagal. He was charged with attempted indecent activity with a child, and he pled guilty without the case dragging out too long. He is now a registered sex offender in Louisiana, and he is on probation with the usual RSO conditions, though the length of his probation is unknown by us at this time.

    This contributor for this chat was Cookie Crisp.

    This is our 489th conviction since June of 2004, our 184th conviction for 2009, and our 3rd conviction in Louisiana thus far.