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    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:02:31 PM): btw your pic a so lovely that i started seeing that frequently ;-)
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:02:39 PM): aww thats so sweet
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:02:51 PM): o u didnt tell me if u have a gf
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:03:57 PM): i had one during mycollege days.. in our country girls get married soon..
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:04:13 PM): o realy
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:04:23 PM): like real young?
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:05:01 PM): yes.. parents will find a guy and force girl to marry between 16 to 20
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:05:15 PM): wow
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:06:08 PM): so basically when guys try to find a job to settledown.. girls will get married to someone else..
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:06:25 PM): so everyone is married that u know?
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:06:43 PM): not only married.. got couple of kids as well :-)
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:06:53 PM): wow
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:07:50 PM): poor girls.. now things are chaning in india.. girls study and live independently..
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:08:17 PM): i guess thats good if they dont wanna get married
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:09:19 PM): i agree.. india is a very old country with lot of religions and stuffs
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:09:41 PM): in ancient days.. they wont allow girls to come out of home itself..
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:09:50 PM): wow thats not fair
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:10:12 PM): too bad.. women are meant for cooking and give birth..
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:10:53 PM): it looks centuries for women get freedom from male cavanism
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:11:19 PM): well i can cook lol
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:11:40 PM): hey lol..
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:12:02 PM): in my opinion women should be given with equal importance..
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:12:18 PM): yea
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:12:33 PM): we are human beings.. people should not differenciate that with gender
    ggalemily (01/17/09 4:12:46 PM): thats what i think 2
    teakadai_pandi (01/17/09 4:13:05 PM): that is why i like your country a lot
    I guess it's sad then that you did this, getting yourself removed from this country. Which is kind of unfortunate, it'd be better for you to be in jail here, than in India, where you're free to victimize.

    Sivakumar Jeraraman was arrested in Dougherty County, GA in February, 2009. He was charged with, and pled guilty to, criminal intent to commit child molestation. His sentence is rather irrelevant because he was immediately deported back to India, but it was a token 5 years probation and registration as a sex offender. He is not allowed to return, however.

    Contributor notes from Guerrero Tortilla
    Sivakumar Jeraraman is another example of a dangerous person that preys on young girls. He thought I was a 14 year old girl, and he drove over 3 hours to have sex with me. Now he is registered as a sex offender, sentenced to probation, and was deported. He is unable to ever return to the United States.

    Sivakumar worked very hard to gain the trust of a child and manipulate her emotions and actions for his own disgusting pleasure. I'm glad the only meeting that actually took place was with the officers of the Daugherty County Sheriff Department.

    As I typically do I want to point out the huge contribution of the Content Creators of PJ. The decoy profile I used for this conviction was conceptualized and developed by the incredible volunteers of Content Creators. They work behind the scenes and really put the the life into the decoys. Thank you to all of CC.

    People like Sivakumar Jeraraman almost never get what they deserve. Siva tried to manipulate and rape a 13 year old girl. His conscious decisions and careful planning could have very easily destroyed a young life. While I wish he was sentenced to a lengthy prison term, at least he was deported and has no opportunity to return to the USA. At least now we know American children are safe from him, but I'm still sad for India's children.

    This is our 485th conviction since June of 2004, our 180th conviction for 2009, and our 22nd conviction in Georgia thus far.