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    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:46:29 PM): and would you want to do a 3 some?
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:46:52 PM): um.. idk to both
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:46:53 PM): lol
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:48:23 PM): i mean like what do u want to take pics of?
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:48:27 PM): and
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:48:28 PM): like
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:48:45 PM): what friends? i mean i havent even seen them
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:48:46 PM): lol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:49:04 PM): lol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:49:35 PM): idk would you rather it be a guy or a girl?
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:50:22 PM): idk... girls kinda freak me out like that
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:51:13 PM): like. i mean
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:51:16 PM): idk
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:52:11 PM): whered u go?
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:52:12 PM): lol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:52:34 PM): sorry got booted
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:52:43 PM): its cool
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:54:13 PM): whatcha thinking?
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:54:22 PM): nothin
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:54:53 PM): umm do you shave done there?
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:55:12 PM): i trim
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:55:42 PM): cool
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:57:19 PM): i shave
    I just wanted to copy this because it's been a while since I noticed a predator ask the old classic question. She's only 14, Dave, as far as you know.

    David Wayne Talbot was arrested in the spring of 2008 as part of our first sting with the Michigan AG's office. He was also possibly the first person to plead guilty, receiving a sentence of 18 months to 20 years in jail. We are pretty sure that he is no longer in any kind of hurry to \"try new things\" or to ask minors as to whether or not they shave \"down there.\" Following his release from prison in 2010, he will have to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    Dave Talbot not only wanted to meet and have sex with what he thought was a 14 year old girl, he actually discussed having a threesome and filming it. He realized, however, that filming or taking pictures, not such a great idea.

    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:30:28 PM): then tell me what you want to try
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:30:41 PM): pretty much anything
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:30:54 PM): except stuff with my butt
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:30:56 PM): lolol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:31:01 PM): lol
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:31:06 PM): thats just blech to me
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:31:21 PM): lol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:31:22 PM): ok
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:32:55 PM): what do u want to try?
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:33:23 PM): there isnt much i havent done
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:34:19 PM): lol well then
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:34:51 PM): i havent had a threesome
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:35:20 PM): that might be hard with only the two of us
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:35:40 PM): ah i know
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:36:24 PM): i havent done anal
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:36:48 PM): and prolly wont this weekend too
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:36:48 PM): lol
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:37:05 PM): i havent taped it
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:37:20 PM): me either
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:37:39 PM): i havent taken pics
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:37:52 PM): are those all things u want to do/
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:37:56 PM): like u havent done them
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:38:00 PM): but u want to?
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:38:08 PM): no anal
    dorkasaurus_rex93 (03/02/08 2:38:58 PM): so threesome and the pics or filming?
    davetalbot654 (03/02/08 2:39:12 PM): the rest i think could be fun

    He was sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty. He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I'm quite happy with the sentence, and even happier with our continued work with the Michigan Attorney General's Office.

    This is our 351st conviction since June of 2004, our 47th conviction for 2009, and our 27th conviction in Michigan thus far.