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    Report made 11/7/2007 1:09 AM PST

    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:36:41 PM): ok cool but will you give me some head?
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:36:54 PM): i said i wud
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:37:17 PM): ok but i love rough head ok
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:37:43 PM): u show me what that meanz
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:38:16 PM): i grab the back of your head and wrap your hair into a ponytail and push your head down hard on my dick and hold your nose shut for 5 minutes lol
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:38:55 PM): uh bullshit
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:39:11 PM): see thats why i asked if you had ground rules lol
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:39:51 PM): okay herez a ground rule. u cant kill me
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:40:28 PM): ok cool lol wasnt gonna kill you lol its just my dick lol
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:40:36 PM): and u fuckin cant hold my nose for 5 mins
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:41:13 PM): howz that for rulez
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:41:16 PM): can i hold your nose for 1 minute?
    Dadzdoodlebug92 (1:41:29 PM): u leave my fuckin nose alone lol
    TrueSweetGuy69 (1:41:53 PM): see i love you already

    Reymundo Anguiano is an idiot. He wanted to go to trial rather than take a plea deal. The Georgia predators by and large were smart enough to take a plea deal that netted them four to six years in jail. Anguiano hired a goofy looking defense attorney and decided to fight! The defense attorney mouthed off to the media and eventually was handed his lunch in court.

    In a mere 22 minutes, the jury came out and convicted Anguiano. He was then sentenced to 25 years in jail and has to serve seven years before he comes up for parole. If he's a bad boy in prison, he gets to stay in jail for much, much longer.

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    In that story, you can find more hilarious blustering comments from his crappy defense attorney. Nice work, Reymundo!

    Contributor notes from Duncan Hines
    Ray was so creepy, that a Georgia jury only took 22 minutes to bring in a guilty verdict on two charges adding up to a 25 year sentence. The judge ruled he must serve 7 years before being eligible for parole.

    I've seen lots of good juries, but this exceptional bunch truly understood exactly what the evidence meant. The filthy-mouthed defense attorney berated perverted-justice, Dateline, and me personally. He called us media-prostitutes, said we were sleazy and referred to me personally as sleazy and a vigilante. He called the prosecutor sleazy. He said filthy things about the \"child\", describing her private parts in gutter street language. His closing was full of outright lies that were in direct opposition to what was in evidence, including stating that my motive is because I'm now being paid by Perverted Justice. My testimony, of course, was how we are a volunteer organization. I am not on salary as a paid employee.

    When the defendant testified that the penis pictures he sent me weren't really him. He said he had used someone else's pictures because they were bigger than him. He said he had those pictures on his hard disk. That was when the jury almost fell out of their chairs laughing at him. He never answered a question that he didn't stick his foot directly in his mouth.

    My thanks to the Jones County Georgia jury. I also want to thank the judge, and district attorney Mark Post. They are wonderful.

    This is our 234th conviction since June of 2004 and our 113th conviction for 2007 so far.