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    File originally posted on 1/1/2009 1:46 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/1/2009 1:46 AM PST

    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:19:08 PM): who is erin (he is looking at her MySpace)
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:19:17 PM): my freind
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:19:32 PM): where she live
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:20:00 PM): near me
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:20:05 PM): ok
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:20:27 PM): do u every drink
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:20:35 PM): did a cpl times
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:20:37 PM): do u?
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:20:47 PM): clp
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:20:57 PM): she is age
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:21:29 PM): yea shes my age 13
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:21:31 PM): do u go to partie
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:21:47 PM): sometimes
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:22:28 PM): she is 15
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:22:36 PM): na shes 13 lol
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:22:45 PM): u cant b 13 on myspace so she just put that
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:23:16 PM): who is laura
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:23:25 PM): my freind
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:23:59 PM): same age
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:24:03 PM): 13
    me_jeanie (12/31/07 7:24:09 PM): yea
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:24:48 PM): if we have panties with three girl would all come
    willeycoyote41 (12/31/07 7:26:01 PM): three girl know about sex
    For some reason, his screen-name is wildly appropriate.

    Wayne Schneidewind was a pretty busy guy online. Not only did he hit up our decoy profile, but he hit up another law enforcement decoy profile and from the sounds of things, some actual minors too. Fortunately, we were able to use our experience in this area to work with the police and bring him in with our work. Our contributor has the full details in the boxed paragraphs.

    Schneidewind was sentenced to five years in jail, with ten years of supervised release afterward. He will be registering as a sex offender as well.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Wayne Schneidewind chatted with who he thought was a13 year old girl for days, describing the sex acts he wanted to perform with her and asking her to participate in sex acts with other minors. This man was obsessed with organizing a sex party with multiple children. In addition to self-porn pictures, he sent my decoy a picture of sex toys he wanted to use on her, and these same items were found in his bedroom when a search warrant was executed. He plotted the meeting carefully, including how the meet at the park would take place, how he would sneak her through snow to his back door, even making sure her boots were high enough for deep snow. He knew that this was wrong and that he could get into trouble.

    He asked the standard risk assessment questions, such as if mom knows my password and if I would tell anyone. He called this our secret. Anyone who reads this chat can clearly see that although slow, this man was aggressively determined, knew exactly what he was doing, and knew that he could get in trouble if caught. I could tell while chatting with this man that he was not the smartest predator that had hit up one of my decoys. But no one gets a free pass to molest a child just because they are a little slow any more than because they are a smart, wealthy professional. That is not just a PJ standard, but I think most would consider it a standard of any society that cares about protecting their children.

    And yes, I did say multiple children. This individual was planning for my decoy to join in a sex party with other minors with whom he was chatting. It turned out that at least one of these minors was a law enforcement decoy. This does happen occasionally. Men who chat online with multiple children have a chance of running into one of our decoys, or law enforcement, or both. PJ's practice is to at all times fully cooperate with law enforcement. Our intention is to be a tool for law enforcement to use. When one of the men we are chatting with discusses intentions to meet who seems to be a real minor, we report that to law enforcement immediately.

    The main concern and assumption is that a real child may be in danger, in which case the situation is critical and law enforcement will want to investigate immediately to protect that child. In the situation where the other child is a law enforcement decoy, they may want to give us instructions on how to proceed, or not to proceed. In this case, at least one of the other children turned out to be law enforcement in another jurisdiction. The first instruction we received was to stop chatting immediately. So obviously I immediately stopped all contact. The next day, I received a call from our IF law enforcement contact saying that I should continue the chat. He had sent our evidence to the other jurisdiction, and after review and discussion, they said that we should proceed. I believe his words were that after reading the chat the other investigator said something like \"you have all your ducks in a row\". This is just another example of the cooperation between PJ and law enforcement in accomplishing our common goal, which is to protect children.

    At Schneidewind's sentencing, Judge Fiedler stated: \"Regardless of what your IQ is you did this intentionally\" .... \"your goal here was to have sex with a 13-year-old girl\" .... \"There is never going to be a point in time when society is going to say this is OK\". Schneidewind pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years, 5 years of which will be in prison followed by 10 years of extended supervision. Judge Fiedler, Officer Matt Schroedl, and the rest of his team on the Madison Wisconsin Police Department understand what it takes to protect the children under their care. They have my gratitude and it was an outstanding experience working with them.

    Once again, Aloe Vera showed her skill at verifying, and has my gratitude as always for her dedication.

    This is our 304th conviction since June of 2004 and our 1st conviction for 2009 thus far.