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    File originally posted on 8/6/2010 11:05 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/6/2010 11:05 PM PST

    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:25:30 PM): i collect games
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:25:35 PM): rely?
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:25:42 PM): i want another pokemon 1
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:25:56 PM): mayb the ruby red or the new pearl 1
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:26:10 PM): which one, hope u get it i need someone to battle against
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:26:21 PM): what 1 do u think is best
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:26:32 PM): i have all of them hard to say
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:27:20 PM): mines like stuck i cant seem 2 get it 2 open up any more cities
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:27:35 PM): prolly cuz i cant go wireless w it
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:28:08 PM): ok
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:29:40 PM): i wish i could
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:29:49 PM): maybe i can help u
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:29:57 PM): how?
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:30:23 PM): send u one
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:30:51 PM): send me what?
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:31:06 PM): wireless thing
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:31:17 PM): omg u wud rely do that?
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:31:31 PM): yea i have like 3
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:31:55 PM): wow that wud b rely rely kewl cept my stepmom wud get the mail an get pissed at me 4 given peeps online my adress
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:32:09 PM): ok
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:32:55 PM): :(
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:34:00 PM): whats wrong
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:34:25 PM): wish u rely cud send me that but shed get pissed if she found out
    Decoy (09/21/08 9:35:23 PM): how many pokemon games u got?
    detfreak99@sbcglobal.net (09/21/08 9:35:31 PM): 7

    27 year old male, seven pokemon games. Somethings wrong with that picture.

    Darnay Curry did not show up to a bust house, but was arrested anyways due to the stringent and aggressive enforcement of Michigan law by Attorney General Mike Cox and his awesome office. Curry went on and on wanting every sexual act imaginable, which landed him straight in the crosshairs of Michigan law enforcement.

    Curry received a year in jail and registration as a sexual offender. Hopefully he'll have to give up his pokemon collection as part of the restrictions of being an RSO. Now that would be great justice.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Darnay Curry hit me up in a Yahoo chat room at 9:56 PM. It took him 60 minutes to get in a mere 60 lines of chat, but at that point he decided it would be a fabulous idea to ask a thirteen year old child \"what would u do with a penis\". After that he got right to business. It only took him two and a half minutes after that to ask her if she had a cell phone, and a mere nine minutes after that to ask her, \"have u ever played with yourself\", and then even decided he liked the idea of raping a child with a cucumber and also decided that he ought to suggest to her that he do just that.

    Darnay is rather quite obsessed with vegetables, and not in a healthy way. When you read his chat you will see for yourself that this man was singularly obsessed, singularly disgusting, and now singularly BUSTED in the Great State of Michigan! Darnay didn't show up at our bust house, but he did get a tap on the shoulder from our fabulous friends in Attorney General Mike Cox's office. SUPRISE Darnay! Have a year in jail...and don't think we'll forget about you. Your going to be hanging around on our website for a long, long time to come.

    This is our 512th conviction since June of 2004 and our 12th conviction for 2010.