• Conviction - hungforyung - Marietta, Georgia

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    File originally posted on 10/16/2013 3:24 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/16/2013 3:24 PM PST

    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:40:45 PM): well if you were here I'd take care if you
    janicejstevens (07/03/12 7:40:59 PM): u would? how?
    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:41:31 PM): I'd probably help you get dressed everyday and give a bath once in a while too
    janicejstevens (07/03/12 7:41:51 PM): well i know how to do those things already
    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:42:07 PM): haha true but it's kinda fun when someone else helps
    janicejstevens (07/03/12 7:42:20 PM): it is? how come?
    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:43:09 PM): well, you get to touch them and make sure they are all clean and your skin is smooth
    janicejstevens (07/03/12 7:43:34 PM): how do u tell if there clean by just touching?
    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:43:54 PM): yes and sometimes, if you use your lips it's even better
    hungforyung (07/03/12 7:44:19 PM): then you can also taste if they are clean

    Creeeepy. James Redman was very explicit in what he wanted to do with 13 year old little Janice. He was very smooth, and seemed practiced. As we came to find out, he was.

    James Christopher Redman was already facing federal charges when he contacted our decoy and solicited her for sex. He was pending trial on a charge of 18:2422 (b)COERCION OR ENTICEMENT OF FEMALE.

    Our chats were turned over to the prosecutor in his ongoing case, and were used to revoke his bond for violation of terms of release. Ultimately, Redman was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison and lifetime supervision upon release.

    This is our 559th conviction since June of 2004.