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    File originally posted on 10/23/2013 2:27 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/23/2013 2:27 PM PST

    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:21:34 PM): do you live alone?
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:21:40 PM): you right
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:21:54 PM): huh???
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:22:08 PM): lol no i told you im 14 i live with my mom
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:22:46 PM): k. do you have curfew when you go out?
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:23:07 PM): yea when she is home
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:23:17 PM): but she is at a concert so no
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:23:19 PM): lol
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:23:55 PM): brb
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:24:05 PM): what time she usually get back?
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:28:34 PM): ok back
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:29:00 PM): usually like 12 or 1 but she is at the casino at a concert so probably later
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:29:27 PM): you take medication?
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:30:11 PM): lol what???
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:30:36 PM): just asking to know you better
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:30:49 PM): no
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:31:01 PM): well sometimes like excederine if i have a headache
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:32:19 PM): you all alone by yourself?
    darkasnight_nolight (03/03/12 6:33:24 PM): lol yea
    jaguarsd69 (03/03/12 6:34:06 PM): nice. can i see you tonight?

    This may be the first time we've seen \"you take medication?\" as part of a risk assessment. A rather odd question.

    Joel here was not the most graphic predator we've ever busted, but he was clear about his intentions to have sex with an underage girl. He had no qualms about driving from NYC to CT to meet the child when her mother was not home.

    Instead of meeting a child, Joes Ortiz met the Meriden, CT police. He was arrested and eventually convicted of Attempt to Commit Enticing a Minor by Computer (felony) and Attempt to Commit Risk of Injury to Child (felony). He received 5 years in jail (suspended) and probation for 10 years.

    This is our 573nd conviction since June of 2004.