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    seanemdyoung (12:18:27 AM): what are u wearing now
    bay_billie91 (12:18:36 AM): sweats
    bay_billie91 (12:18:40 AM): its COLD here
    seanemdyoung (12:18:46 AM): lol
    seanemdyoung (12:19:06 AM): u lucky u not my daugther
    bay_billie91 (12:19:12 AM): y
    seanemdyoung (12:19:13 AM): or your mothers bf
    seanemdyoung (12:19:14 AM): lol
    seanemdyoung (12:19:25 AM): i'd make u wear sexy clthes

    We've given many examples of why you don't go to trial... but this one is why you don't go to trial and then be your own aggravating annoying attorney.

    Sean Young hit on us during our Milwaukee GMB+LE sting operation with TMJ4 in Wisconsin. He would later show up with a firearm and directions to what he thought was a minor's house. Young then attempted to be smarter than his attorneys who begged him to plea.

    His \"intelligence\" has been rewarded with ten years in jail and ten years of probation to follow. The ten years was levied for the solicitation charge, he was sentenced to additional years for being a convicted felon with a firearm, but that sentence will run concurrent with the longer solicitation sentence. Great work to all involved in this case. Truly one of the most bizarre in our history.

    Notes from the Contributor, Mickey Finn
    Anyone who still harbors doubts about these men being truly dangerous predators will have those doubts wiped clean by Sean Young. He is, quite simply, a parent's worst nightmare. Sean is an ex-con with several violent felony convictions and years of prison time in his past. In short, he's a hardened criminal with a penchant for kinky sex with young girls. As you can see from the chat log, he wanted to get the girl's family dog involved too. Yes, a dog.

    Regular readers of this site know that predators often show up with items such as condoms and alcohol. Well, Sean didn't bring condoms or alcohol. No, Sean brought something far more sinister - he brought a loaded handgun and spare ammunition. Since he was already a convicted felon he was risking 10 years in prison for simply possessing a gun, and yet he took that risk and brought it to meet what he thought was a 14-year old girl at home alone. I don't like to think about what his real plans were and what would have happened if \"Billie\" had been a real girl.

    Sean proved himself to be a piece of work from the beginning. First, he got very lost trying to find the house despite several phone calls with my phone verifier, Cheyenne White, who did a superb job of being the voice of \"Billie\" on the phone in nine separate phone calls. Several hours after he should have been there we concluded he wasn't going to show. The Waukesha Country Sheriff's Department was wrapping up the operation for the night and loading their equipment outside when they noticed a vehicle cruising slowly by that matched the vehicle he had described to \"Billie.\" Bravo to attentive law enforcement! They pursued and stopped the vehicle and took Sean Young into custody. Along with the gun and spare ammunition they also found a map to \"Billie's\" house.

    Following his arrest, Sean was still convinced he'd done nothing wrong. In fact, he was so convinced that he fired three attorneys in a row who had all urged him to accept a plea bargain and chose to defend himself in a jury trial against the strong advice of the judge. Well, he got his day in court as he wished. Be careful what you wish for, Sean. Cheyenne and I flew to Wisconsin for the trial in October. With a court-appointed attorney to advise him, Sean proceeded to turn a two-day trial into four days with bizarre antics that included refusing to face the judge in court and loudly lambasting his court-appointed advisor. TMJ4 Milwaukee and John Mercure covered the trial. You can watch a short film report of his courtroom shenanigans here Click to watch here

    Following these bizarre antics, the judge prohibited Sean from representing himself further and had his legal advisor take over. That was a smart decision on the judge's part because Sean was clearly trying to cause a mistrial. He even openly said so at one point, but the judge was having nothing to do with that nonsense. She handled it beautifully and Sean Young got a fair and impartial trial despite his best efforts to derail it.

    In the end, the jury took only two hours to convict Sean Young on all three counts. The citizens of Wisconsin apparently aren't easily fooled by people like Sean Young.

    Huge thanks are due to the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department, the Waukesha County prosecutors office, and judge Linda Van De Water who saw Sean Young for the threat he is and handed down a sentence that sends a real message to predators like Sean Young.

    You can also watch a longer film report of the entire operation here that begins with clips of Sean Young's arrest and the discovery of the gun Click here to watch

    This is our 104th conviction since June of 2004 and our 64th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.