• Conviction - pitbulldavid2001 / caliguy4u_2005 - Hollister, California

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    File originally posted on 4/17/2007 10:58 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/17/2007 10:58 PM PST

    caliguy4u_2005 (08/27/06 6:10:37 PM): ok, so im just curious why i cant call u?i mean ill accept it..im just curious
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:11:03 PM): just worried ull call n mom will pick up sometime
    caliguy4u_2005 (08/27/06 6:11:34 PM): no way lol..ill only call when ur home..ur mom is last person i want to talk to lol
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:12:34 PM): i promise to never call unless u say its ok
    caliguy4u_2005 (08/27/06 6:13:24 PM): lol..thats why i wud do for u too
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:13:37 PM): i can use my calling card
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:13:48 PM): its got minutes already
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:13:59 PM): nobody can see wat i call
    caliguy4u_2005 (08/27/06 6:14:46 PM): well, i trust u babe..but ive been burnt b4 and told myself id never do it again
    13-yr-old-girl (08/27/06 6:15:01 PM): burnt how?
    caliguy4u_2005 (08/27/06 6:15:55 PM): let me count the ways lol...my number given out, girls who land up to be guys..so now i dont give out my number at all
    Frank buddy, we don't HAVE to call you. C'mon now.

    There have been some great days in the history of the website, this is one of the very best. We have a long memory. In 2004, three years ago, a guy named Frank David Sierras hit on our contributor, DMO. He was sexual. He wanted to fuck what he thought was a child. No other way to put it but blunt.

    Back in 2004, it was prior to our first conviction. Prior to our conviction machine becoming the big ol' conviction machine it now is. Convictiontown, as we like to call it, hadn't a single resident yet. As such, our credibility with law enforcement wasn't what it is today. Such things take time and work. So Sierras hit on us, we posted the log publicly, and he got fired from his job with the post office.

    Enter his hiring of a druggie attorney who yelled, hooted and hollered about \"lawwwwwssuiiiiittttttssss!\" Hell, we could describe it, but why don't you read it?

    From an article in 2004:
    The man hired Roberts in mid-June after the site posted the entire chat on its Web site, along with a photo and other pornographic images the group alleged he sent via e-mail, and sent at least two flyers to the man's neighbors claiming they lived next door to a pedophile.

    Volunteers with the organization also contacted his employers, who subsequently fired him, Roberts said.

    Roberts said his client is innocent of the accusations, and he's been in contact with attorneys who have clients who have also been accused by the organization and wish to sue.

    He hopes to have the suit filed within a few months, he said.

    \"We're now in the fact-gathering process because there have been hundreds of these guys whose lives have been destroyed by these people,\" he said. \"But trying to get six lawyers together on a project... You'd do better with kittens.\"

    Apparently he's not very good herding kittens, because three years passed without a lawsuit. Not that such mattered to Frank David Sierras. While he gladly took the \"protection\" of a crazed attorney and a pro-pedophile organization and screamed his innocence, we just waited. We knew he wasn't innocent. Hell, anyone who read the first chat-log knew it.

    So three years later we were in Petaluma, California doing a sting operation. Our researchers note that one of the guys is Frank David Sierras. We couldn't believe it. While he didn't show up in Petaluma, he did decide to drive SIX HOURS down to Southern California to show up at the Long Beach sting operation. No yelling of innocence this time, and the crazed attorney had no nutty \"Defense Attorneys Say the Darndest Things\" moments.

    No, the only thing left was the sweet sound of another conviction being logged into our virtual Convictiontown. Sierras also DIDN'T receive the Long Beach Special. His past with us was taken into account. Prior to the sentencings from Long Beach, we internally said that we didn't care what happened so long as Sierras got significant jail time. Today, we're a very happy organization as this slimy creep did get significant jail time.

    Sierras received:
    3 years in state prison.
    He must serve at least 80% of that time.
    3 years probation after release.
    He must submit DNA sample.
    He must Register as a Sex Offender for life after release.

    We hope Frank has a really fun time in state prison. Don't worry Frank, we'll be around in three years to catch you yet again.

    Notes from the Contributor, Irish Rose
    The next time you hear a news report regarding a child that went \"willingly\" with a man she met on the Internet, remember Frank David Sierras. This man demonstrates classic \"groomer\" style. After contacting who he thought was a 13 year old girl on-line, he spent the next three and a half weeks grooming her. He manipulated her, portrayed himself as her trustworthy protector and confidant, offered gifts, working hard to gain her trust and befriend her. During the course of this grooming process he introduces physical contact gradually, attempting to make this contact seem harmless and natural.

    Luckily this was not a real child this time.

    This chat should be a strong warning to parents and children. On-line predators are not always obvious with graphic sexual advances. Sometimes they may appear to be a friend, a good listener, supportive and loving. They work in the sexual nature of the relationship gradually to make it seem normal and non-threatening. This makes them especially dangerous as a child is deceived into trust, and makes the sexual nature of the discussion all the more heinous as it is masked as affection.

    Frank Sierras was chatting with my minor profile before the Dateline Petaluma CA GMB. He showed remorse in the chat for not taking the opportunity to meet on that day. The chat continued, and he eventually rented a car and drove six hours from Hollister to Long Beach CA, getting a speeding ticket on the way in his haste. Frank did not want to meet at a house, so arrangements were made to have law enforcement (and Chris Hansen) waiting for him at a nearby park. He intended to take this child with him in his car. If this had been a real child, she would have been in a very vulnerable position, alone with him, taken away in secret.

    Frank was hesitant about the Petaluma meet, and about meeting at a house, because he had been through this before. He mentions in the chat \"but ive been burnt b4\", referring to his previous encounter with Perverted Justice.

    Van DeCamp, the verifier in this case, has my admiration and respect for putting up with actually talking to Frank Sierras on the phone. He had a very long drive and she was on the phone with him while he was on his way, as well as during the time period we were chatting. She did an awesome job.

    The Long Beach Police Department also deserves thanks and appreciation for their dedication to protecting their community from on-line predators.

    For his actions, Frank David Sierras was sentenced to three years in state prison, of which he must serve at least 80%. Upon his release he must serve three years of probation, submit a DNA sample and register as a Sex Offender.

    This is our 176th conviction since June of 2004 and our 55th conviction for 2007 so far.