• Conviction - mike_vestal69 - Vallejo, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/1/2007 11:33 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/1/2007 11:33 PM PST

    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:15:02 AM): hey sweetie
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:15:06 AM): heya
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:15:29 AM): did u have a good dinner?
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:15:47 AM): yeah it was good what u have?
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:16:04 AM): bbq ribs and peas & carrot
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:16:10 AM): nice
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:16:25 AM): been thinkin bout u lots
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:16:43 AM): aww thanks thinkin what?
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:16:49 AM): I have to be honest with u I am married
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:17:01 AM): but I am cheatin a little
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:17:05 AM): lol oh yeah?
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:17:18 AM): does that bother u?
    Decoy Name (08/25/06 12:17:25 AM): not really no i dont care
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:17:39 AM): ok just wanted to be honest with u
    mike_vestal69 (08/25/06 12:18:13 AM): so just been think how hot u r and some fun i would like to have with u
    Honesty doesn't win you many points with us.

    Mike Vestal spent days trying to groom our decoy into having sex with him and finally succeeded... at meeting Chris Hansen and going to jail. As you can tell by the above, Vestal was very honest, letting our decoy know of his wife and even formulating in the chat what lie he would tell his wife about sneaking away to meet what he thought was a thirteen year old. Not slick.

    Vestal received lifetime sex offender registration, 92 days jail time, three years formal probation, automatic polygraphs at state discretion, weekly mandated sex offender counseling meetings and treatment, prohibitions against pornography, being around minors and against being on the internet.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    It's always interesting to do a chat like this with someone who is paranoid. It's a double-edged sword, you wish to do a good job with the chat, but you also want the guy you're talking with to fear the cops more than want the underaged sex.

    In Mike Vestal's case, not even a repeated drumbeat of expressed fear regarding both police AND his wife finding out would dissuade him from arriving to meet Chris Hansen and police. I even gave him various outs during the chat, cutting off contact a couple of times to see if he really meant it when he expressed his paranoia.

    Vestal even went so far to brainstorm with me about what excuse to tell his wife regarding why he would be gone. Talk about stellar material for a divorce hearing.

    I'm very pleased with yet another conviction out of Petaluma, California. I had seven guys arrive, all extremely solid chat-logs and the \"wise\" of them have already pled guilty. Thanks to the Petaluma police department and the Sonoma County Prosecutor's Office for their work taking this guy the rest of the way.

    This is our 222nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 101st conviction for 2007 so far.