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    File originally posted on 11/21/2007 4:23 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/21/2007 4:23 AM PST

    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:18:59 AM): you have sexi panties?
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:04 AM): kinda
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:08 AM): i got one thong lol
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:15 AM): my mom dont no lol
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:19:28 AM): where you get it?
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:40 AM): from afreind
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:42 AM): ;)
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:19:45 AM): lol
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:47 AM): lol
    Krista (12/26/06 2:19:52 AM): my mom would kill me lol
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:19:58 AM): why?
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:20:06 AM): she wear them?
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:09 AM): idk she jsut would
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:11 AM): omg noooo
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:13 AM): lol
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:20:21 AM): lol
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:38 AM): omg this is fun!
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:39 AM): lol
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:20:45 AM): you like
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:46 AM): ur not just playin me r u?
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:20:50 AM): no
    Krista (12/26/06 2:20:53 AM): ur serious rite?
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:20:58 AM): ya
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:02 AM): ok
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:21:25 AM): what r you wearing now?
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:29 AM): lol
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:30 AM): pjs
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:34 AM): flannel
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:35 AM): lol
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:21:41 AM): what kind
    chrispy967 (12/26/06 2:21:48 AM): nice
    Krista (12/26/06 2:21:51 AM): they got santas and snowmen lol

    He goes on to fantasize about her uncle molesting her. Classy world we live in.

    Christopher McGuire approached our decoy on Christmas day, 2006. In 2007, he would receive the payoff of looking under our tree. McGuire didn't think it was possible that a cop would be trolling as a underage kid on Christmas, and he was likely right. Good thing is, we're not police. We troll all the time.

    McGuire got a complicated sentence, let's break it down. He was sentenced on two charges. The first charge will net him a year in jail with five years probation. The second charge nets him three to six years of a suspended sentence that will hang over his head for a decade. If he does anything wrong, that sentence becomes active and he serves it out. Either way, after release from jail he will register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Chandra Chai
    On Christmas night in 2006, I was in the chatrooms not really knowing if anyone could really be hitting up kids on Christmas. Surely there was only one guy that disgusting, and I had already busted him the year before. But, sadly, I was wrong. Maybe he felt safe because he didn't think cops would be working on Christmas, or maybe he just didn't care. He didn't even care that I told him I was wearing flannel pajamas with Santa and snowmen on them that my gramma gave me. Maybe he even liked that. I don't know. All I know is that it made me sick to my stomach.

    This was the first time I played a child who had been molested before. To say I was sickened by his reaction to that would be a huge understatement. He asked if I wanted to try it again. That will stay in my memory far longer than I would like, I'm afraid. But I suppose that's what we should expect from a man who solicits little girls for sex on Christmas day.

    I called Sgt. Westney on the 26th and spoke to him for the first time. He did not hesitate on setting up the meet. He and the Walpole PD were very accommodating as we had to make changes on the fly, so to speak. This was the first time they had worked with Perverted-Justice, so I'm sure he wasn't quite sure what to expect. They had signed up for our Information First Agreement and I got Chris here before I had even really had a chance to introduce myself to them. These busts usually don't happen from first contact to meet in 3 days. We worked quickly and well together.

    I have said it before and I'm sure I will say it again when I tell you that I am in love with the Walpole PD, Cheshire County Attorney Kathleen O'Reilly and especially Dick Westney. A finer group of people you will never meet. They definitely \"get it.\"

    As a treat, the Sargent Chandra worked with sent in conviction notes of his own. Very cool stuff!

    Law Enforcement notes from Sgt. Richard Westney
    I first heard of Perverted-Justice like most of you, by watching Dateline. I went to the PJ web site and signed my department up to help catch any and all predators in our area. After some time I was contacted by a woman, sorry can not remember her name, and asked if I was still interested in PJ. Unfortunately I had to cut it short because I was planning a cocaine sting, but I told her yes and we could talk later.

    Well, later never came until I was notified by \"Chandra Chai\" on December 26, 2006. Chandra said she had a perp in Peterborough, NH and he wanted to meet her profile. The profile was a thirteen \"13\" year old female out of Walpole, NH. This all started on Christmas night and the perp wanted to come up that evening. We were able to put him off long enough so I could make the proper calls and to assemble an arrest team to take him into custody.

    This perp was later identified by the superior technicians at PJ and he was Christopher McGuire and he had an extensive criminal history. After looking through all of the chats and XXX pictures and videos of him, I felt we had a good case and McGuire made arrangements to meet the girl in a plaza in Walpole. Three officers and I sat in wait and 1/2 hour later McGuire came into the plaza. McGuire was taken down without incident in the parking lot.

    After getting McGuire back to the police department, he was processed on two class B Felony charges. While waiting for his bail to be set, his girlfriend showed up and wanted to speak with him. During my seventeen years of law enforcement, I have let suspects speak with family before. McGuire started to talk to her and tried to explain how he was trying to council this disturbed thirteen year old, until he mentioned his perverted acts he performed over his web cam. The girlfriend jumped up and began to give him the Mike Tyson counseling. I was able to stop her before her KO and escorted her from the department.

    McGuire has since plead guilty to both felonies and is currently incarcerated and faces many years of probation and check ins. I just want to thank all members of PJ for their help in identifying and talking to these people and I especially want to thank \"Chandra Chai\" for doing such a great job on these cases and putting up with their indescribable mindset in trying to lure our children into their perverted web. Thanks again Chandra.

    Now how cool is that?

    This is our 238th conviction since June of 2004 and our 117th conviction for 2007 so far.