• Conviction - aladiesmasseur - Eureka, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/13/2006 5:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/13/2006 5:58 PM PST

    It's the first conviction for the new year. This conviction hails from Northern California James Quittenton got the surprise of his life when police knocked at his door. But police didn't just knock at his door at some random point... the detectives we were working with knocked on his door while he was chatting with our decoy profile. Check out the ending of the chat-log...

    magicfingez (3:55:23 PM): anyone home with you
    baby_breana (3:55:38 PM): no
    baby_breana (3:56:34 PM): u?

    Right as he asked if someone was home to our profile, we asked if anyone was there at his house. And lo and behold, someone was there... the fine detectives of the Humboldt county Sheriff's Department!

    Notes from the Contributor, Pibb
    I want to commend the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force and the Humboldt County Sheriff Department for their swift and effective response to this menace in their midst. Words cannot describe how it felt to be typing to this monster while LE was on the telephone with me and knowing that they were coming through his front door at any moment. Dealing with these predators is never fun, but seeing them face justice is certainly satisfying.

    James ended up pleading guilty to two charges, the first being 311.2(d) PC (intent to provide child pornography to a minor) based on his chat as well as 12020(a)(1) PC (possession of a
    short-barreled shotgun). The shotgun was found during a search of his premises due to the chat. He's been sentenced to 180 days community service, three years felony probation, lifetime registration as a sexual offender and a 1900 dollar fine. The terms of his probation are interesting. They allow the police to examine his computer at any time, no passwords on his machine, no encryption of anything, no access to any type of pornography online and no contact with anyone under the age of 18. If he violates any of these terms, he goes straight to jail.

    This marks our fifth conviction in California, Pibb's third conviction during her tenure here as well as our first conviction thus far in 2006. This comes off our excellent 2005 where we logged 33 convictions across the nation. We're looking forward to a long year with many more convictions to come. Thanks to Humboldt County Sheriff's Department for their pro-active and speedy dealing with Quittenton.